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  1. What no game day book with Kerry Collins on the cover!
  2. It won't take much convincing seeing how everyone hated that nfl logo.
  3. Sweet so there is still time to marry that other much more cute reporter that knows route trees.
  4. Shula had a thing about not using the hot hand. We will probably see the same in NYC.
  5. Totally not true and CMC could have a better year than Kamara. Better offense in every way even with the loss of Williams who is less athletic than Moton.
  6. Snake

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    He's already won his super bowl.
  7. Snake

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    Brees barely made it to 30 points. Only reason we didn't dominate you is because we had one WR with one arm. Don't expect such a thing to happen this year.
  8. Snake

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    Scheme is the only reason he is effective. Panthers shut him down in the playoffs because they figured out the scheme. After that he was exposed.
  9. I would like more polish on both sides. I will be really watching DBs and Oline.
  10. I'm more excited what Norv can do with them. We all know Shula would screw it up.
  11. Snake

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    Never said CMC is better did I? The Saints scheme makes him look good just like the Panthers scheme made CMC look bad. Ingram complemented Kamara very well while Stewart was not good at all. This year will be fun because both teams can drop 40 any given Sunday. Only difference is the Saints will be getting talked up while everyone will say we aren't as good as the Falcons.
  12. Snake

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    Kamara isn't as half as good as you think he is. I can see him slumping big time with Ingram gone 4 games.
  13. Yeah and our Dline was worse at that point. We have the potential to have a very potent Offense that could drop 40 on people this year given the chance. With a defense that will at least give up less than 27.
  14. Snake

    Sunday Camp thread

    Yeah it was a absolutely terrible showing no matter how you spin it.
  15. Snake

    Sunday Camp thread

    Birth of Seymour son might explain his performance. I know I wasn't to focused at that point.
  16. Snake


    Yeah let's blame it on the guy who didn't start all this. Taking a knee should only be apart of a kickoff. Funny how you say I want be missed but the NFL has to raises prices to counter the low attendance.
  17. Snake


    I'm sure he can join Kap as a political prisoner of collusion.
  18. Snake


    Simple, players act there age and share their views on talk shows and such not on the field. Politics and immaturity is what has trashed the game.
  19. Snake

    Saturday Camp thread

    Half the team is injured.
  20. Snake

    I Pooted

    Did someone say poot.
  21. All indications are someone is going to sign him cheep but not us.
  22. Snake

    CJ Anderson’s Value.

    I think it would be unwise to do that. Both have receiving skill sets. I think both will be used when they are most effective unlike we did last year. To explain more some games you will need power and others quickness but both can catch so you can send them out on pass plays as well depending on the team.