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  1. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    I wonder if we will be trading back and he will announce our first pick.
  2. Micro fracture surgery is a 3 year rental at best. When you get that surgery your knee is already shot.
  3. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    It's probably sitting in the shitter.
  4. Norman was not a production of a system

    That CB is blitzing if you exclude a DE or LB. Putting him in man would create a mixed coverage. That's usually used to target a slot WR. The LB would come out to cover the zone left by the CB. When a DE drops in coverage it's 99% of the time a overload.
  5. Norman was not a production of a system

    Sorry but it really is... :-/ There is a reason why it's called Zone Blitz.
  6. Tom Bradys 4 game suspension REINSTATED

    But what if I'm looking for high quality?
  7. It should be a much worse crime to cut people off and drive 55 in the passing Lane. That's the poo that causes wrecks. You would also eliminate most cell phone dangers if those two laws were enforced.
  8. This is just fluff, Norman fired his agent because he fuged up and wanted to get the best deal. He still could have signed with us but everyone knew he wanted big money. That's exactly what he got too.
  9. If it was Cam the media would have him on the exempt list right now.
  10. You didn't evenrealize Dwill shared being a starter with Jstew. Smh if anything Dwill was a starter here till he was cut. This was a big discussion about that but let me just stop because this is becoming a beat down.
  11. Sideswiped

    You pay me 50 mill and I will say more than that.
  12. That's laughable. For one munnerlyn was not released, second Dwill is a backup RB, and 3rd Hardy does not even have a team and just proves my point. As for Smith that everyone wants to point out he was released because ofattitude. He was also getting old and even broke his arm while playing flag football. But now let's just ignore the facts and bitch about how terrible the team is.
  13. An outlier among teams with the most cap space

    A good bit of that will go to signing KK and Star. But at least we will have the money to do that.
  14. That was my point. Old people get injured and really no one Dave has cut really did better than they did here. Well maybe Lafell and it took deflated balls.
  15. Blueprint on why we pay pass rush and not coverage. That throw not hurried would have been a TD.