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  1. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    He might fill nickle well. 
  2. J.Jones.... Karma is a bitch

    Guess you have not read some of your own post. It was clear Hardy did not go kraken on us. 
  3. J.Jones.... Karma is a bitch

    Honestly, Hardy was a case of a player not wanting to destroy his former team.  The Cowboys fans were right he didn't play like the crazy man we have seen. Dude still misses Carolina and bleeds black and blue. 
  4. Colin Jones in the slot...

    Most Safeties in the league would struggle with slot WRs. It's a mismatch for sure. 
  5. Norman on Dez Bryant

    Welcome to Lake Norman. 
  6. Romo

    The problem with Tony Romo is he is Tony Romo.  Dude is probably done forever because of that injury. Separated shoulders never heal and just get worse. 
  7. We are starting to cut our own path and the media is taking notice. Like Cam giving the ball to kids in the stands and him breaking records. Everyone talks about Brady but he is consistently in the playoffs and wins super bowls and that's why he gets that treatment. If we want that treatment we have to keep up our end.  We have to show upup in prime time and we have to pummel opponents. 
  8. Simply put we are going to put on a show for Thursday. I would be so thankful if we beat the cowgirls by 21. 
  9. I hate the cowbitch fans.  Had a dude shove his cowboy phone cover in my face at subway and say 4-0 with Romo. I laughed and said 10-0 and get ready for that Cam Newton Smile. 
  10. CJ will start and Allen will rotate in.  It will keep both of them fresh. 
  11. Redskins Rally in Charlotte

    His Dad should be ashamed. fug skins fans and fug Dale. 
  12. I just steal my from motels.  I can't afford those classy prints you talk about. 
  13. Paris..

    They talked how they moved with military precision. Well no poo they were trained by Israeli forces. Isis is here so we can break up the Muslim world in the middle east and control that black gold.  If you also don't think government's want send there own lambs to slaughter you don't know much of military history. 
  14. Paris..

    Kinda hard when isis is trained by the CIA. Looks like France was not doing what Langley wanted. 
  15. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    Completely wrong but don't let me stop you.