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  1. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    Hot take guy! Nobody is forcing you to stay.
  2. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    Hey look another NFC contender doing whatever it takes to improve. We bout to franchise tag Gano though!!!
  3. Special Agent Peanut

    What are you
  4. You Byrd and Fred Ross
  5. Someone hurry up and pie me ITT and get me to 11k. got some quality material up there
  6. Have been wanting a young playmaker at the safety position on this team for as long as I can remember.
  7. IDK. A Ron Rivera strong safety is required to be pushing 40.
  8. TD’s replacement?

    Boulware sucks
  9. TD’s replacement?

    Agree Clemson fanboys salivating over Boulware is nothing new. He sucks.