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  1. Vicious Circle

    It's about time to put sanjay in timeout
  2. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    I'm concerned about Kalil long-term...but excited for Larsen with a week of first team reps under his belt.
  3. Olsen injury a blessing in disguise?

    Nah I can't figure out a way to spin this into a good thing.
  4. Engagement ring advice? (looking for custom ring)

    There's pros to both options we had issues with her ring early on the one of the stupid little pave diamonds in her halo would fall out so it was nice to be able to take it to the jeweler and have them fix it with no cost...it happened twice and no charge. plus free deep cleaning for life
  5. Engagement ring advice? (looking for custom ring)

    Just avoid the chain jewelery stores at all costs
  6. Engagement ring advice? (looking for custom ring)

    I went back and forth on buying online vs face to face in a jewelry store and ended up opting to go with a local jeweler.. i was able to negotiate down pretty good by having the online price for a similar diamond and it just felt more personable going with the local jeweler. i know friends that have bought from bluenile and were pleased with it, but I just couldn't do it personally. just my two cents.
  7. Good stuff...in this thread before it spins out of control
  8. They walk around here hating on cam for no reason. It is awful.
  9. If he's from a Columbia or has any ties to the university he's just another upset Gamecock over the greatness that is cam
  10. Please do. I live in Columbia. Have been here for over 10 years and am an USC alum. Would love to visit your "class"...no fee for undergrads to attend OLLI right?
  11. Class at USCB eh? Please provide some additional information. My brother attends USCB and I'd like to let him know.
  12. But he's one of Jerrys boys
  13. Not a bad idea actually
  14. I'm not all that concerned about Cam. Kalil though, I am.