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  1. All I took from this image is that Peppers might see a snap or two?
  2. mjligon

    Should I swerve and hit him?

    currently on the run
  3. mjligon

    Should I swerve and hit him?

    I Huddle while driving on the regs
  4. mjligon

    Should I swerve and hit him?

    Took it while driving. he filed in behind me at stoplight when I was about to post
  5. Currently behind me at stoplight. I can let off gas and allow him to pass me then give him a friendly tap. Thoughts?
  6. I feel like we will see that combo this year those silver pants need to be retired. Throw them on the Jr statue
  7. Hopefully this is why they’re looking to hire a new beat writer.
  8. Lots of good material in this thread.
  9. What? Seymour is a Rivera guy and almost certainly garuanteed a roster spot. Rivera will also blindly start him as the #2 CB. he definitely isn’t getting cut.
  10. Not disagreeing, but it’s never stopped us in the past.
  11. I highly doubt he’s worse than Keyvon Seymour but whatever you want to tell yourself
  12. Even more of a reason to sign him. We are worse off at corner, sadly.
  13. Maybe we can re-sign Michael Griffin lol