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  1. Jerrick McKinnon is much, much better than Fozzy.
  2. Nothing you can do will make that guy any brighter. He is clueless.
  3. I’m just gonna let you handle this moron again
  4. Cam has never had the weapons needed to become a “receivers dream”. We haven’t provided him with ANY legitimate talent other than maybe 2015, and those results speak for themselves. Keep beating that idiotic drum of yours though. He sure did help Ted Ginn out in a big way. Go ask him how he feels about Cam. He wanted to come back here, but you know, we don’t need him. We have forced Cam to get by with mediocre talent at best at the position for far too long, then we get fans like yourself critiquing every missed throw.
  5. I’m excited. And I’m also going to be worried if we don’t get an official announcement today.
  6. Exclusive Rights. the Browns are not trading him.
  7. Yep it’s definitely the offseason.
  8. For some reason @Teach_Panther can’t seem to grasp that little factoid.
  9. And everyone who is bashing him will be pissed when he doesn’t wind up coming here. Just the way this thing works.
  10. @Teach_Panther the fact that you don’t understand that Cam Newton has already run the Air “Croyell!” offense makes it really difficult to go back and forth with you. Stand and scream about how Norv Turner is awful though.
  11. You are absolutely correct, Minnesota will indeed be hosting the Super Bowl this year. Who plays in it, however, is to be determined.
  12. Yeah I mean weed was definitely an issue for him, but it sounds like he was/is just an addict. I do believe he has turned the corner and wish him the best. I’m realistic though, we won’t go near him.
  13. Was just about to say this. Yall acting like the Browns are just going to up and trade Gordon for whatever we offer them. They are probably looking to cash in on this HOF talent they’ve been so patient with. They don’t need the picks. They stockpile draft picks every year but to no avail. They will hang on to Josh Gordon until the very end.
  14. Josh Gordon’s problem was way more than weed. Cocaine, alcohol, codeine, etc. Watch his little documentary.
  15. We are wasting our time discussing Josh Gordon. He probably actually has turned the corner, but sadly, we won’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. That’s just who we are as a franchise. So let’s discuss the realistic options, even though they’re significantly less talented than Josh Gordon, they are better than what we’ve got on our roster. Marquise Lee Donte Moncreif Taylor Gabriel John Brown Paul Richardson all appealing to me