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  1. Sanjay is somewhere crying in the corner
  2. raiders don't care about drafting?a
  3. Should have read “it’s about time”
  4. Not reading through this thread but how did my guy @*FreeFua* react? @t96 ?
  5. Who is best TE available
  6. We need to move up and get this kid
  7. mjligon

    The Draft Menu Thread--what u eatin'?

    I’ve missed you idiots probably eating leftovers
  8. mjligon

    The Draft Menu Thread--what u eatin'?

    Lolol my mans still going strong
  9. mjligon

    The Draft Menu Thread--what u eatin'?

    Captain Morgan dethroned you bruh
  10. mjligon

    Draft Day Chatter

  11. mjligon

    Draft Day Chatter

    Can anyone tell this old man approximately what time we’ll be picking tonight? Don’t they have estimated times available? I know we have in the past.
  12. Realize I have no control over the decision making of this team and go on quietly with my day to day life
  13. That explains that
  14. Is this new? Feel like I’ve already seen it?
  15. mjligon

    Holy fugnuckle

    Miss you my Indian brethren
  16. mjligon

    My one and only mock draft

    Fail. None of those players will be available by the time we pick. Everyone will be selected.