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  1. Hardy 911 call

    Whew. Release the Kraken.
  2. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Haha I like where your heads at.
  3. Greg Hardy Arrested

  4. Greg Hardy Arrested

  5. Greg Hardy Arrested

  6. Greg Hardy Arrested

    .... @josephperson: Arrest warrant alleges Hardy grabbed victim, threw her to the floor and bathtub, slammed her vs. a futon and strangled her.
  7. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Basically this is boiling down to 1 crazy bitch and an unfortunate set of events. Regardless, Hardy needs to get the hell away from her and the nightlife in general.
  8. Greg Hardy Arrested

    So he calls 911 and he gets arrested.
  9. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Smith is a little angry prick. That is all
  10. Greg Hardy Arrested

    This pisses me off tbh. Hate hearing about our players doing dumb poo. Two from the same position in a matter of days.
  11. Greg Hardy Arrested

    Can't edit. My post was sarcastic. I do not condone hitting females.
  12. Greg Hardy Arrested

    I'm sure she deserved it.
  13. So awesome man glad you had a great trip. It's a great time to be a Carolina Panther.
  14. Farewell to Jon Beason

    So bittersweet. Jackie needs to hold on to #52 for a couple years.
  15. Hey Offense, You're Up

    Why can't I get excited for this game?
  16. Yes...this is essentially Wing King. I think the owners split or they got got bought out. Wing King in Rock Hill and York is now called Wing Bonz. Again, these are great.