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  1. That’s funny. Breeland with an amputated foot is still a better corner than him.
  2. Dickson to Seahawks

    Eric Ebron come on down
  3. I don’t think anyone is disputing it was a terrible pick. He can’t help he was over-drafted. Might as well ride it out at this point.
  4. The only reason he ever got into the starting rotation is because Amini went down.
  5. What exactly does that have to do with talent not being able to supplant a veteran? You just proved my point.
  6. It’s Rivera lol. Is that a serious question? Took Norwell an injury to get on the field. Norman had to scratch and claw his way out of the dog house. Who knows if Moton will ever see the field. Etc etc
  7. We are getting much better than that.
  8. Hurney 2.0 is drafting a stud safety to make up for years of stopgaps and abysmal play. Mike Minter step aside. Hurndawg 2.0 about to draft this young franchise’s GOAT safety.
  9. Why not go after Eric Reed for Safety?

    Hurney 2.0 can go back in time and right all wrongs.
  10. Why not go after Eric Reed for Safety?

    Because we are going to draft his brother.