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  1. mjligon

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Probably the Eagles because their fans are trash. I mean this is a tough one...Saints, Falcons certainly up there. Cowboys...Patriots...etc
  2. This thread in a nutshell is why I went on huddle hiatus
  3. mjligon

    No UDFA Hype this year

    You can’t
  4. mjligon

    No UDFA Hype this year

    Cause our roster is stacked bruh. UDFA gonna have a hard time making it. unless of course they can play OT
  5. mjligon

    Burberry Bradberry

    im still lurking bro. work got ridiculously busy for a while
  6. Not really sure what OP was going for with this thread.
  7. mjligon

    Mike Rucker

  8. Y’all hating on South Carolina when we got some booming cities like Charleston and Greenville on the come up!!!
  9. Did you really expect anything less? This is Rivera we are talking about.