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  1. Packers Upper Level Tix Available

    He was trying to rape us for Viking tickets too. This is ridiculous smh
  2. Packers Upper Level Tix Available

    @TheCasillas get him
  3. Not sure any thread is worth all that. maybe some of Igor’s rants
  4. Trai in concussion protocol

    He was drafted in 2012 and has shown indicators of continued suckage in 2013, 2014, 2015, and most recently, 2017. In this case, no.
  5. Trai in concussion protocol

    Preseason? Really? That’s your barometer for a player to not suck? There are countless players who perform well in preseason and end up sucking it up when the real bullets start flying. We have all seen him in enough regular season action to know he sucks and is a huge liability when he’s playing. Luckily, he’s sandwiched in between a former All-Pro center and a young RT who has hit his stride recently so his magnitude of suck-age just might be masked a little.
  6. Smh. why would I read the article when I can make a knee jerk reaction based on the thread title?
  7. Lol man. Why are you so defensive over this?