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  1. To start, you're missing the whole tackling aspect of punt coverage.
  2. Morris Claiborne....

    This is gonna be Fun-fun.
  3. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    Aw, cute, you told on me! 
  4. Glad Jansen is ready. Is it possible Aiken is cut before the plane boards? That would be funny. Sounds like maybe the signing took place last night before any news on Jansen came out.
  5. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    The problem is you offered no input whatsoever other than being a complete dumbass. News like this is worthy of posting in the main board. I, for one, never check the NFL forum so stfu?
  6. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    Prayers up for a speedy recovery. Sad to hear this.   oh, and fug you electro's horse...you're absolutely nothing.
  7. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Honestly thought this was a bumped thread.   Oh well. It's been underwhelming, Frank!
  8. Wes Horton Suspended 4 Games for PEDs

    This won't end well.
  9. Horton suspended 4 games

    There was already going to be an open roster spot for CJ with Amini going to IR.
  10. Lol really? S.Cam Newton?   SMFH.
  11. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    Hm. Interesting move indeed.
  12. We're a top 5 defense again

    And we are getting a healthy, hungry Charles F'ing Johnson back.
  13. Normans Take on Cam

    Need video of this asap
  14. Rhonda Barber and Chris Myers

    What is going on here