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  1. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    Hurney will give him a contract next week
  2. Panthers to raise ticket prices again

    Going to BOA just isn't worth it anymore. More bang for your buck going to your friend's house, a bar, your couch, etc..
  3. Well, Gantt is saying someone's screwed

    Can't stand Gantt.
  4. I don't like Hurney either, but I wouldn't wish false claims of harassment on anyone. Especially seeing as how this conveniently happens when he gets his big job back.
  5. Andy Benoit: Eagles based gameplan off Panthers win vs Pats

    This makes me feel worse...
  6. I believe it. From personal experience, my interest is way down. I just don't care like used to. I was totally into it for awhile though, I had NFL Network and everything. The fact that the Panthers can't close the deal doesn't help.
  7. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    Haven't seen a Bengal tiger in Cincinatti in a long time either haha
  8. XFL Announcement at 3

    Then Steve Smith will come out of retirement. Vince and Shane will fight over him until he announces he's come back to "Team NC".
  9. NFL Report states Cam had "substantial" knee damage

    Even if we had a good run game, Cam would still run. It's just part of his game.
  10. NFL tinkering with the outcomes of a game?

    Yes. We had to give Peyton Manning his walk-off Superbowl so he could ride off into the sunset
  11. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Will the Superbowl be in Foxborough anytime soon? Cause that's the only way there will be a home team in the championship
  12. Instead of Watching the SB....

    Same reason the NBA sucks. Same championship every year
  13. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Would be epic
  14. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    I don't care who wins this next game, the Patriots are getting another championship.