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  1. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    I wouldn't really say that what he stated was arrogant considering when it was said. If he would have said that today then I would have to agree but since it was back in January it shows excitement, at least to my opinion that is.
  2. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    I wouldn't mind seeing him get a second chance, not here of course, but somewhere else in the league. I'd much rather allow him another shot to prove himself than say giving Johnny Manziel multiple attempts. He seems to be really passionate about trying to get back into the league and I haven't heard of any stories lately of negative behavior from him so he could be worth a shot for some of the teams in the league.
  3. Man this recent sports season has been both great and terrible for Carolina teams. Clemson makes it to the NCAA Football National Championship game and then loses, our Panthers make it to the Superbowl and then lose, and now UNC makes it to the NCAA Basketball National Championship and loses as well. Hopefully the next seasons will account for championship wins instead of just visits.
  4. NFL players compared to WWE superstars.

    After the show tonight I would have to agree. Roman Reigns is a champion and like him Cam and the Panthers will be too after this season ^_^!
  5. Found a slightly interesting article on NFL.com that compared NFL players to current WWE Superstars. With Wrestlemania coming up and it being the off season I was kind of curious as to everybody'sopinion on this and who they would compare some of our guys to. Two of our own are already on the list. This is my first time creating a topic on here so I apologize ahead of time if this turns out horribly lol. http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000649348/nfl-and-wrestlemania-2016
  6. Who is your March Superbowl winner?

    So far if we are being serious, I personally believe that the Panthers have done the best in free agency. Look at it this way we have re-signed most of our big players that helped contribute to our trip to the Superbowl. I know we haven't signed any big names or anything but right now we have kept a team together that went 17-2. As for losers, I'd say Denver and potentially Houston. Denver because they have picked off piece by piece so far and I haven't really seen them pick up anybody to compensate for the amount they have lost. Houston is in the race simply because how much they spent to sign Brock Osweiler from Denver. I watched some of Denver's games while he was starting (I have a friend that is a Peyton fan and thus was a Bronco fan, he knew not to try and trash talk me during the Superbowl though lol) and I just didn't see enough from him to warrant the contract he got from them but who knows I've been wrong before.
  7. I work in an electronics section of a store. I have to see the NFL Networks top 5 five plays of the Superbowl multiple times per day. Number one being the strip sack touchdown. The more I see it the more I'm convinced a flag should have been thrown >_<......
  8. Rank your Top5 sports team you root for

    1. Carolina Panthers: Self explanatory. 2. Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats: Always loved them when they originally were the Hornets. I hated when they moved to NO and lost a lot of interest in the NBA. It took me a few years to come back to the NBA once the Bobcats became the new Charlotte team but eventually came around and started following them. I love that they were able to get the Hornet name back from NO. 3. Minnesota Vikings: I know some people will crucify me for having a second NFL team , much less another NFC team, on my list, but hell you like what you like. I liked them before then but when Favre joined the team I really thought that was going to the SB season. Another thing that fuels my hate of the Saints >_<. Make no mistake though whenever the Vikings play the Panthers its Panthers all the way. 4.Atlanta Braves: "Local" Pro baseball team and to be honest if the Carolina's were to ever get a Pro team then I would more then likely jump to them. 5.Florida Gators: I don't have a clue why I like them to be honest.
  9. Oh no, even if we do win SB51 the media will find a way to downplay Cam and our guys victory. Carolina never has been a team that the media likes to say good things about, and that was even before we got Cam lol. Oh well, they had better get used to it since I see our team being front runners for many upcoming years.
  10. I pose this question to all Huddlers...

    I think he might have made some of the catches that were dropped but in the end I still don't see us winning with him. The offensive line played poorly so Cam never really had time to throw the ball most of the time. Not to mention the refs probably would have found some stupid reason to call back some of those catches >_<.....
  11. To me the running part doesn't come after since it is such a key part of Cam's game compared the rest of the guys mentioned. But to each their own really. I compare players one way and others have their own way so it really just depends on who is doing the comparisons.
  12. But then you can't fairly compare their playingstyles to each other since they are completely different. Big Ben has the build like Cam and is great at extending plays outside the pocket but he doesn't run. Now both Brett Favre and Eli Manning are even harder to compare Cam with since neither of them have the build he does, though Favre was one tough S.O.B., and they don't run.
  13. I like the answer he gave to be honest. He is telling the truth, he doesn't have anybody that he can be compared to in NFL history. With him being a black QB he would be compared to other players like himand the closest decent ones at the time were Warren Moon,Michael Vick, Steve McNair, and Donovan McNabb,and to be honestnoneof them area good comparison for Cam. Now when another good athletic QB with a large frame and can run the ball as well as he throws comes into the league they can say, "This guy's play style reminds me of Cam Newton." as opposed to caparisons that just don't fit.
  14. Now that this forum is where it belongs, BLM is a group that the more I hear about them the less respect I can have for them. I mean they, as in the organization, claim that Black Lives Matter too and yet I only hear them speak up when it is a white officer against a black suspect. Plenty of cases have been of a black officer and black suspect that were questionable and yet they gloss over it like its nothing. They also are so unorganized that every chapter of the group is doing whatever they want. This is the same group that interrupted a Bernie Sanders event by forcing their way onto the stage and even trying to call him racist. I mean really, you have your choice of political conferences to try and interrupt and you choose the one guy that has been openly in favor or changes being made to help? The guy marched with MLK Jr. and yet they claim he is racist. They also haven't made any efforts to correct the factions of the group that are just plain anti-police in general. Remember this group has been recorded plenty of times when an innocent officer gets killed in the line of duty saying insensitive things about them. TheMinneapolis branch chanted "Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon" about an officer when was brutally gunned down in Texas. They don't even have respect for black officers that are trying to do their job going so far are to berate them with insults like "Uncle Tom" and calling them pigs.
  15. No, what is being said is that this forum has a place for political topics and the football section is not the place for it. You should probably save your sarcastic remarks for something else since they don't apply to what Crazie said. This topic should have never been posted on the football forum and should be in the tinderbox instead.