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  1. A think Carr just demonstrated why most players keep the ball in the arm that is closest to the sideline when they make those dives. I could be mistaken since NFL's website decides to highlight Lynch yelling at the ref for the call and getting flagged as opposed to the actual play though. It would make sense though, I mean with the ball in that arm, should you fumble it it has a higher chance of going out before the endzone instead of out of it than if you had it in the other arm. In the end though Carr just doesn't have the hand strength that Cam, JStew, and a lot of other players have that make those dives and it showed quite clearly with that touch back (I hate that rule btw since I fail to see why the ball should be rewarded to the other team). I can't say I blame them. Every review they showed of it seemed like you could see space between the pole and the ball and thus no 1st down. I'd have been pissed if it happened against us.
  2. IF they were to somehow move.......then to be quite honest it would be hard for me to keep them as my #1 favorite team. I would likely go back to cheering on the Vikings while following the Panthers. I was excited when the Panthers came into being since I finally had a local team to cheer on and call my own. They move I'd lose that. I'd still like them, I mean obviously after so many years now, but it would hurt.
  3. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    I don't think you would be prepared to see how many empty seats you'd see in the stadium if you took out all the SC fans of the team. Whether people like it or not the team is the CAROLINA Panthers. Both states as one. Any "Potential Owner" who would try to change that (by making it NC Panthers or moving them from the Carolinas) may as well sit at home and not even try to apply.
  4. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    Hell no. Now if Steph Curry wanted to get together with Smitty and Jordan then that would make a hell of a local influence lol.
  5. Cam "Caucasian Invasion"

    Eh, don't see a problem with it. Really it is all about how it was said and given it was Cam, even without having seen it, I can say that I'm 100% sure it wasn't said with a negative connotation. Then again..........it IS the media in general that loves to create and stoke fires and then claim they played no part of it.
  6. I understand the ruling though if it had happened to us I'd be pissed. Honestly it has the same feel as that incompletion in our game against the Vikings, except in this case when the ball moves it touches the ground and thus is incomplete.
  7. Game ball, who gets it?!!!!

    Cam, Greg, Bryd, or Bradberry to be honest. Big games from the 4 of them so a tight race for the game ball!
  8. Cam Newton PIE

    Cam and Bradberry shined brightly today (Greg as well got to love having him fully back)! Great game all of them!!
  9. Victory Pie

    fug those refs! We win despite all of their BS (though that butt TD was close lol)!!! 10-4 Sweet Caroline, Keep Pounding the rest of the season!
  10. Sweet Caroline fug these refs we are now 10-4!
  11. That is clearly a catch and fumble. They call this poo incomplete then the game is for SURE fixed!!!!
  13. Of course they picked up the damn flag. They scored so they had to pick it up.......what a load of BS from these garbage ass refs!!!
  14. I hate when they throw late ass flags like that.