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  1. ichigo1057

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Best of luck and prayers to Gman. Regardless of how you feel like he did as our GM you don't revel in another person being diagnosed with Cancer or an other serious disease.
  2. ichigo1057

    Mike Adams for LT to TE?

    Sure, bring him in and give him a try to see what he can do. This is kind of the time to be trying things like that anyhow with the "camp body" roster spots. Who knows he might have reinvented himself into a star TE or something and it wouldn't hurt to check him out at this time.
  3. ichigo1057

    Kicking with Cam

    Thanks, I was pretty sure it was him but I'm not the best at matching names and faces sometimes lol. I love the star power Cam has to draw in all these people from all forms of careers for event like these. I mean what better way to get out the house, see a ton of celebrities, have a ton of fun, and also being helpful to other people by ways of charity as well!
  4. ichigo1057

    Kicking with Cam

    So since I can't find a confirmation for it, who is that @1:24 ? Is that the wrestler R-Truth? Looks a lot like him but just can't find a reference to him being there online.
  5. Can this just be thrown into the Tinderbox where it belongs. This might be NFL related but it is certainly not Panther related and clearly isn't going to end well for anybody.
  6. Not bad to be honest, not much of a rap fan overall, but pretty enjoyable in my opinion. I already knew the video itself would be good since it was made by lilsmitty09. Can't go wrong when he is weaving the video clips together!
  7. Yeah even on NFL.com they gave us an A rating which was the highest rating of our division actually (Saints: B, Falcons:B+, and Bucs: A-). Overall, I think I'm happy with our draft especially having a new WR and TE to work into the offense hopefully!
  8. You know, this kind of makes me wonder what kind of experience the mascots have as well. How much are they paid or if they are paid. I'm only thinking of this since many times the various mascots will perform alongside the cheerleaders at events and on game day.
  9. Honestly, I think he will want to stay since he seems pretty proud of what he has accomplished here as well as the chemistry he has built up in the locker room. The team seems to have a lot more fun such we have had Cam. Having said this, you never know what will happen in the NFL over the years.
  10. ichigo1057

    The Saints humiliation...

    I'm guessing this would only take effect in the playoffs? I mean isn't one of the tie breaking procedures based on points scored? If so and this is a part of the regular season rules then it could possibly screw over some teams looking to sneak into the playoffs.
  11. ichigo1057

    Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    Charlotte, Raleigh, somewhere here in SC, who cares as long as we are still located somewhere in one of the Carolina's and called the Carolina Panthers.
  12. If we did sign him I'd be fine with it. He is talented however I think he and a lot of other people are putting too much weight on the whole kneeling thing as to the reason he hasn't been signed yet. I mean look at how many other players that participated in the protests that have been signed or are still on a team. I put more weight on the theory that he has only played 12 games out of the last two seasons as to why teams are a little up in the air about him. Like I said, I wouldn't mind him on the team however I do think we might be better off signing a safety that doesn't have quite the injury record he does. On a side note, I have noticed a few people saying to sign him despite the injury history that were also ones saying to cut Ryan Kalil because of his injury history as well.
  13. ichigo1057

    One Carolina

    That pretty awesome. You don't normally see this type of solidarity between college teams and pro teams. Hell even in different sports the Carolina's are united with the Panthers since I remember the Hornets page posting a picture of them waving a Panther banner.
  14. Why is that dude wide fuging open all the damn time. Come on defense.