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  1. Yeah, obviously I was talking about what she said since the article was all about her comments. OBJ has wisely kept quiet about it to the media. He likely isn't too happy with this lady speaking with the media about it as well.
  2. With some of the extremes I've seen from OBJ it doesn't surprised me one bit to see somebody splitting up some powder with him. The weed is a whatever story, the other drug however is a serious thing and ESPECIALLY since he was stupid enough to let it get filmed and spread around online. Now in terms of the lame ass excuse, really, you couldn't think of anything else? I mean one, pizza don't look like that and two for your excuse to work you had better have another pizza around since that one on the bed sure looks like it is pretty whole to me. If you are going to make an excuse at least make it a somewhat believable one lmao.
  3. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Hmmm, don't know exactly how to feel about this trade. I'm optimistic about it though the contract is a little rough. Maybe once things become fully clear and all the details come out we will see a reason to eating that contract instead of waiting until FA.
  4. Hmmmm, very interesting overall. I'd say for the right price by all means bring him back if he gets cut. I was fine with letting him go to the Redskins considering how much money he wanted (though I'd rather it have been after the tag ran out) but I'd be glad to have him back if he is willing to take a lower price contract to come home. Now if he doesn't get cut, I say no thanks since I don't know about taking on the remaining contract that the Skin's got robbed on.
  5. The Jerry Richardson statue

    Some of the guys you have a point about however I really do think we have players that respect him enough that they would be bothered a great deal and view it as "Disrespectful" of them to remove the statue. I personally don't care what they do with the statue since I don't have to have a statue of him to honor the good things, however I do want to keep the two panthers in the very least. I have a Texan fan as a friend and he thought those panther statues were simply amazing.
  6. The Jerry Richardson statue

    Considering how many players on the team were on board with the Thank you Mr. Richardson view, I wouldn't remove the statue. Many of them have a great deal of respect for him and to remove/destroy his statue might not sit too well with them. Last thing we need are a bunch of guys pissed off at the new ownership.
  7. I could see picking somebody up though I'd really like to see what Gilbert can do against the 2nd string during next preseason and maybe even sneak some time in against the starters if we can. Of course that is once Cam has gotten his work in and worked out the rust that comes from the off season.
  8. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    True, though he did just prove that with a strong team around him, and coaches of course, he can do well. It would end up depending on what Foles shows up. The Foles of old or if he continues to be the Superbowl MVP Foles. It will certainly make for some interesting offseason talk though either this season of next.
  9. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Yeah, I get the feeling they will either trade him or keep him as backup until the end of next season where he will go into free agency. I can't see them re-signing him and paying what he will likely want giving he has the capability to start somewhere else in the league. It'll be interesting seeing where he goes and for how much when the time comes. I just hope it isn't in a certain spot here in the NFC South (Saints).
  10. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Man, if I'm the Eagles I'd start pulling key starters to avoid any possible injuries. I mean it is 38-7 in the 4th a comeback is NOT going to happen
  11. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Eagles fans getting a little too cocky. No need to taunt the already embarrassed, upset, and dejected Vikings fans by taking the Skol can't and mocking it. Shaun Peyton learned that the hard way last week, just in this case it won't be the Vikings dishing out the Karma.
  12. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    True the Viking secondary is better but not tonight for sure. I've seen too many times tonight where the Viking defender is just standing there as the Eagles receiver makes a cut to get wide open and even then it takes the defender a moment to notice as if they had no clue where the WR was in the first place.
  13. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Welp, this hurts to watch. This season has been pretty brutal. First our close lose to the Saints, then my second favorite team Vikings miracle to beat then Saints, and now whatever you want to call this performance from the Vikings tonight. Man I'd swear our secondary could cover these guys better than what the Vikings are doing right now.
  14. Definitely should have been a penalty and the ref that picked up the flag should be ashamed of himself. Thomas saw the player coming, had the chance to avoid the player and/or make the hit have heck of lot less impact, but instead decides to unload on him full force. If could understand if neither person saw each other but Thomas for sure saw Sendejo and made ZERO attempts to not hit the defenseless player in this case.