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  1. To me the running part doesn't come after since it is such a key part of Cam's game compared the rest of the guys mentioned. But to each their own really. I compare players one way and others have their own way so it really just depends on who is doing the comparisons.
  2. But then you can't fairly compare their playing styles to each other since they are completely different. Big Ben has the build like Cam and is great at extending plays outside the pocket but he doesn't run. Now both Brett Favre and Eli Manning are even harder to compare Cam with since neither of them have the build he does, though Favre was one tough S.O.B., and they don't run. 
  3. I like the answer he gave to be honest. He is telling the truth, he doesn't have anybody that he can be compared to in NFL history. With him being a black QB he would be compared to other players like him and the closest decent ones at the time were Warren Moon,Michael Vick, Steve McNair, and Donovan McNabb, and to be honest none of them are a good comparison for Cam. Now when another good athletic QB with a large frame and can run the ball as well as he throws comes into the league they can say, "This guy's play style reminds me of Cam Newton." as opposed to caparisons that just don't fit.
  4. Now that this forum is where it belongs, BLM is a group that the more I hear about them the less respect I can have for them. I mean they, as in the organization, claim that Black Lives Matter too and yet I only hear them speak up when it is a white officer against a black suspect. Plenty of cases have been of a black officer and black suspect that were questionable and yet they gloss over it like its nothing.  They also are so unorganized that every chapter of the group is doing whatever they want. This is the same group that interrupted a Bernie Sanders event by forcing their way onto the stage and even trying to call him racist. I mean really, you have your choice of political conferences to try and interrupt and you choose the one guy that has been openly in favor or changes being made to help? The guy marched with MLK Jr. and yet they claim he is racist. They also haven't made any efforts to correct the factions of the group that are just plain anti-police in general. Remember this group has been recorded plenty of times when an innocent officer gets killed in the line of duty saying insensitive things about them. The  Minneapolis branch chanted "Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon" about an officer when was brutally gunned down in Texas. They don't even have respect for black officers that are trying to do their job going so far are to berate them with insults like "Uncle Tom" and calling them pigs.
  5. No, what is being said is that this forum has a place for political topics and the football section is not the place for it. You should probably save your sarcastic remarks for something else since they don't apply to what Crazie said. This topic should have never been posted on the football forum and should be in the tinderbox instead.
  6. Exactly my thoughts. Sadly we seem to be getting ignored. My request still stands to move this stupid thread to the tinderbox where it belongs. I don't come into the football forum to see political stuff, I've got other places for that.   Damn it, now I'm sad. I wasted my 100th post on this thread >_<. Oh well, hopefully my next milestone will be on a good topic.
  7. Okay, really? The Pathers are in to the damn Superbowl and all of you are arguing about this poo. Move this to the damn tinderbox and just enjoy the exciting build up to next week -_-....
  8. Wait... what?

    Oh jeez, apparently I'm not any good at spelling names either lol. Thanks for that.
  9. Wait... what?

    I'm not very good at remembering names so I'd probably be a person labeled as bandwagon by some of those people. Though I can list, Matt Moore, Vinny Testaverde, Jimmy Clauson, Derrick Anderson, I know of a Carr but can't remember his first name lol, Jake Delhomme, sorry if I butchered his last name, and of course Cam. Damn it why didn't I think of Weinke. My friends used to bust out laughing when I said his name so I don't know how I forgot him.
  10. Peyton appreciation thread

    I've appreciated Peyton for a while, he's a hell of QB and certainly will be in the Hall of Fame. When I was celebrating the win I posted on facebook, Peyton manning I respect you and you deserve another ring however this year the Carolina Panther's deserve it even more.
  11. Peyton Manning HGH allegations

    According to this article from CBS sports, they are doing a "comprehensive review" but results won't happen before the Superbowl. I saw on the NFL's main site but it seems to have disappeared pretty quickly from there lol. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25463270/nfl-conducting-investigation-of-the-peyton-manning-hgh-allegations
  12. One Carolina

    That pretty awesome. You don't normally see this type of solidarity between college teams and pro teams. Hell even in different sports the Carolina's are united with the Panthers since I remember the Hornets page posting a picture of them waving a Panther banner.
  13. I would post my response but everyone here has pretty much summed it up for me. She wants to whine and say Cam disrespected their community but really member of her "12th man family" did that already. Tons left before the half and a lot more left their stupid little flags laying around the stadium when they lost. If these were such a big symbol them why leave them on the floor of the stadium and why leave before the game was over.
  14. Why is that dude wide fuging open all the damn time. Come on defense.
  15. Didn't think the decision for a FG would come back on them that quickly O_o.