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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    Man I know it is Peterson but jeez, if he can run that well with the Cardinals on TB then we had damn well better have some sort of running game when we play them.
  2. So I think this is an interesting topic to discuss. What do you guys think of how the NFL have done with replays at this point of the season I think they still can't seem to get their poo together myself. Taking our game as an example, Cam's Superman dive that was ruled down on the line. By all accounts of the replay it showed that the ball crossed the line before any part of his body touched out and as a result should have been reversed to a TD. As we all know the officials ended up letting the play stand citing "Not enough evidence to over call the ruling on the field.". A bunch of BS personally but whatever we scored the next play. Compare that with what happened in the Jets vs. Patriots game where the runner briefly has the ball come loose but secures it before going out for what is ruled as a TD. The replay officials go back and look at this and from all replays shown there was no clear evidence to overturn the TD however they end up ruling it a fumble out of the end zone and as a result a touch back and Patriots ball. I know by all means every replay is different but jeez these guys need to be more consistent with their rulings. If there was no evidence on our call then by all means there should have been no evidence on the Jet's call as well.
  3. 49ers looking to trade Carlos Hyde

    It is an interesting idea though I'd likely pass. I personally don't think JStew is shot so much as our OLine isn't too great at run blocking. Well that and 90% of the time we give Stew the ball it usually from a shotgun formation so he ends up having to run like 7-8 yards just to get back to the line of scrimmage. So basically to me the issue is bad run blocking and poorly designed and predictable play calling that is killing us.
  4. Shula and Rivera WTF

    Ill be honest, if we were to get rid of Ron and Shula, I'd like to have a Coach like Dabo from Clemson. When they lost to Syracuse he was the first to come out a say that it him and the coaches fault for them not being ready. He took responsibility where it was needed and get an honest feeling that things are going to get worked on because of it. That is something we haven't had from a coach in as long as I can remember and it is refreshing to see even though Im a Florida Gators fan.
  5. Pretty much man. I know most of us likely think like this just the coaching decisions in this last game is still festering in our stomach and it makes it hard to see the bright side. If we can get our guys back then we should be fine with some modifications. Honestly I kind of wish we had our bye week a couple of weeks sooner instead of all the way in Week 11 so it would give us a bit of time for guys to rest and heal up but what can you do. Just glad we aren't like Miami and Tampa who were forced into a week 1 bye week. I'm sure that will bite them down the line.
  6. Matt Kalil's abhorrent run blocking.

    I just wish we would give Moton a shot at one of these positions on the line that keeps crumbling faster than cookies in milk. Can't be any worse but Ron wants "familiarity" or whatever words he described it, I think last season, when he made excuses for the poor play. I don't see how it would hurt to try starting him in place of some of the other garbage blocking I've seen so far. All I can say is that I don't know what to say about Kalil. One game he plays terrifically and makes people talk up his performance and then the next he reverts back to being terrible. He is better than Remmers I'll give him that but he has the same issue as he does.
  7. That Final 4th and 1

    Lol that interception was already explained by the broadcast announcers. With no safety back there Benjamin was supposed to run a certain route and Cam threw it to where that route would be, however Kelvin didn't do the right route so nobody was there except for a defender who came off his man and sprinted over for the pick. So in that play it is either a miscommunication or Benjamin's fault for not doing the correct route.
  8. This is gorgeous...

    All I can possibly think of for this terrible looking play is maybe the play call got mixed up between........well.......everybody pretty much. Something had to be up for pretty much everybody to just run past all those defenders into the second wave on a run play........
  9. Luke needs to retire

    I hear you. I didn't see the hit so I can't judge based on that since I was at work. I'm just going on what has been said and everything. Personally I think he will be fine and come back but my statement was on the off chance that in the future he was ever forced to hang them up.
  10. Luke needs to retire

    All I know is that should he eventually retire due to concussions I hope our team will be smart enough to talk with him and possibly bring him in for a coaching job. The thing about Luke is that he is incredibly smart and has a load of football knowledge. We've seen that during his previous injuries on the sideline. He can be a tremendous asset even if not on the actual playing field. you would always see him on the sideline with a clipboard and usually with a headset as well.
  11. Steve Smith Calls Out Mike Shula On Twitter

    Honestly I'd take your HC even if I don't like the guy that much. He may have made a blunder by not running with Lynch but at least you guys got a ring the previous season. Ron only seems to want to do anything once his job is on the line and even then he can't get out of his own way, like keeping Shula around for instance. We would most definitely have dumped Shula by now if not for Ron.
  12. Steve Smith Calls Out Mike Shula On Twitter

    He wasn't the only one. LOADS of people have laid into Shula after this garbage of a game. https://car.247sports.com/ContentGallery/Mike-Shula-lit-up-on-Twitter-after-questionable-game-plan-108823794/3#
  13. 4th and fuging 1 and 3rd and fuging 1 where a run would be good and we throw........fug these coaches.........
  14. 3 down the field shots when we had time.......WTF KIND OF PLAY CALLING IS THAT GARBAGE!!!!!
  15. No flag? Of course not, why would I expect for them to throw a flag on a hit to Cam.