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  1. We have Frank. Time to nickname the trio

    I'm a fan of The Ragin Caucasians
  2. Official Frank Kaminsky Selection Poll

    I honestly like the pick. Sure Winslow would have been the more glamorous pick, but I feel like he would die in our offense. If freaking Clifford will actually run a real offense where more than a handful of plays are designed for the PF, then I think Frank will shine. This also allows us to play Biz more in my opinion without losing the production/defense of having Marvin out there. 
  3. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    I haven't kept up with the Hornets the last few weeks and just saw that the Hornets drafted a PF on ESPN and I almost died of laughter. Then I saw that we traded Vonleh and got Batum as well as Lamb...sooooo now, it actually seems like a good move to me. 
  4. GDT: Pistons @ Hornets

    Once MKG/Zeller comes back I'm ire Lance will get some minutes. He was actually one of the bright spots the last few games he played.
  5. GDT: Nets @ Hornets

    Great game. Borderlands, that is.
  6. GDT: Nets @ Hornets

    Can we just stick Biz on Lopez or what?
  7. Hornets @ Bulls

    Perhaps we should start actually bringing one of the point guards off the bench instead of going small for 20 minutes of the game with Kemba, Mo, and Henderson/Stephenson...
  8. Hornets @ Kings GDT

    Mo is 0-10....wut
  9. Bulls @ Hornets

  10. Kings @ Hornets

    Yeahh...McLemore could not miss tonight. 
  11. Kings @ Hornets

    It's unfortunate that it takes Al to get hurt for Biz to get solid minutes. 
  12. Kings @ Hornets

    Let's go MKG!
  13. Kings @ Hornets

  14. Kings @ Hornets

    The Kings just can't miss right now, but you can really see the lineups meshing. Even Lance looks like he belongs out there, I like his energy right now. 
  15. Hornets @ Nuggets 1/31

    If he continues to have 10+ assists, then I'll take 3 TO