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  1. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    Imagine if Ginn caught those easy passes? He runs crisp routes and is fast as crap, he'd be a 1000 yard receiver probably with Cam
  2. Panthers 7-0 PIE

    I don't think we haven bwe tried so hard to lose a game. And that's saying something for the panthers 
  3. Stephen A. Smith believes we should apologize to Steve Smith

    I'd be all in if there is a clause that says Smith can't talk to anyone in the locker room. Trash talk it up on the field. 
  4. NFL Coach calls McDermott to compliment TD

    Just spam voted for like 8 panthers
  5. Funchess losing snaps weekly

    Giving him less snaps will impede his development. If you watch him during games he is running good routes and run blocking far better than Ginn and Brown, so he is an asset in that regard. We need to give him more chances for YAC because that is what he was known for in college. Throw him some quick outs or crossing routes. 
  6. Panthers Roster Projection Update

    Two things: I think it is hilarious how everyone on the Huddle has all of the sudden taken up favorites and say that they MUST be kept when probably a fraction have even attended training camp. On another note, ESPN's current depth chart is pretty awesome. Check out the weakside linebacker position hahahaha
  7. Kelvin Shines in Camp Debut

    And Kelvin can't jump...ohhhhkay
  8. Carolina Panthers 2015 Roster Projection

    ​Okay I see now he was out of the league last year. Also, how has Melvin White been doing? He showed some potential in 2013 but I think he lost a bit of confidence last year. 
  9. Carolina Panthers 2015 Roster Projection

    So is Teddy Williams>Chris Houston?
  10. Rookie Camp Notes

    It appears like nobody wants to answer this question. 
  11. Rookie Camp Notes

    Go up with both hands?...nah
  12. Rookie Camp Notes

    Like someone mentioned earlier, how did Boston look?
  13. Corey "Philly" Brown a name to watch

    I dunno...if we are looking for straight line speed then Underwood is our guy. He ran a 4.4 official at the combine while Brown ran a 4.5 official. Not to say that is the only credible time though.
  14. Hardy 911 call