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  1. luke maye's last second shot against kentucky last year was pretty hype
  2. "we followed the process with Mike and due to some missed opportunities we decieded to leave him on the field"
  3. A Moment to Remember

    relaxing on my day off and trying to find a silver linging to get me through the offseason a low and behold one presented it self
  4. Pie For ALL

    and just like that the depression of losing in the WC is gone.
  5. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Im honestly in disbelief...im actually speechless
  6. So since we all know there's no getting rid of RR or Shula in the off season maybe there is one coaching position we could change that would benifit Cam which would be the quarterback coach, for those that dont know our QB coach, Ken Dorsey played for the University of Miami and was a finalist for the heisman trophy a couple of times, and while having great stats in yards, and in his TD/INT ratio, one aspect he seemed lacking in was his completion percentage averaging in at 57.9 through his college career. Moving onto the NFL he was drafted in the 7th round by the 49er's and only started in 7 games playing 9 in total, in 2005 he was playing back-up to Tim Rattay and Alex Smith, after the 2005 season he was released and picked up by the browns from 2006-2009 where played second fiddle to our very own Derek Anderson in 2009 he was released by the browns bringing his nfl career as a QB to a close with a career stat line of 2,082 total passing yards, TD/INT ratio of 8/18, and a completion percentage of 52.5 thus starting his career in the CFL where he played back-up for a year and was then released yadda yadda yadda years go by now he's our QB coach. With that being said it does worry me that we put our QB into the hands of someone that couldnt even start in the CFL, because while Cam is a monster, as a traditional "QB" he's more average than anything, now i know when you talk about Cam you have to talk about his running which is what put's him above a lot of other QB's but if we want to be more consistent on offense it starts with Cam being more consistent with his throws, his sitting under 60% completion percentage (which is the average since Cam's been in the league) in most of the seasons that he's played in the NFL except for his 2011 and 2013 season where he had a 60% and 61.7% completion percentage respectfully, right now this season he's sitting at 59% (which is surprisingly close to average considering who he's throwing to) while that might not seem to bad there is no way we are going to win a championship with Cam being just below average while being great at something most other QB's dont do, while the running does help open the offense up and has helped us win games in the past, it's also why we seem so stagnant on offense sometimes because when Cam's not on neither is the offense, but im not going to say "get rid of Cam" because while being mediocre in the passing game he is a monster on the ground and is a big reason why we even have a ground game to begin with, and only Defense's that know how to make him one deminsional are generally the one's that he has the most trouble with. Now with all that being said I think we should find someone at the QB coach position that can get rid of Cam's bad throwing habit's (such as throwing off his back foot/throwing across his body) and turn him into a legit passer, mind you I dont want him to become a pocket passer I still want superman to be superman, we do need him to evolve and become a more complete passer, and i believe if he can achieve that then we can have a Cam who has multiple 2015 MVP seasons. I would also like to acknowledge who Cam has to throw to as this is the worst recieving corps. we've had during Cam's tenure and a lot of that fall's on the GM which I completely understand, but in the falcons game there were a lot of missed throw's that Cam should have made in order to give these guys a chance, but one of two things have to happen if we hope to have a chance during the playoff's or in the seasons to come, either cam has to become a good enough passer to account for the little to no seperation our reciever's get, or our future GM needs to help Cam out with more talent, despite our recieving situation I would still like to get Cam a better QB coach because just imagining having a QB who can throw like Brees, Rodgers, or Brady with Cam's running ability just send's shiver's up my spine. tl;dr: I think we need a new QB coach to help Cam learn to throw the ball more better. (I also believe we are gonna smoke the Saints in the wild card game, fight me.)
  7. Hmmm, we only have 1 legitament starting wide reciever and our RB's havent been producing a whole lot this season anyway yet we've somehow managed to stumble to 11-4 (possibly 12-4 this weekend)...bump it give me the saints in the dome and let's walk all over them on our way to the Superb Owl!