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  1. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    Gotta think any long term deal would be structured like what the 49ers did with Kaepernick, something that looks good on paper but that the team can get out of in a couple years with a minimal cap hit. Failing that I cant see Gettleman letting even Norman eat up 13 mil of his salary cap on a franchise tag. He's a front seven guy who I think would rather get by with a mid-tier secondary helped by a dominant pass rush.
  2. I could listen to a 24 hour loop of Gettleman talk roster building. Interesting even when he's intentionally vague.
  3. They thought he made a fair catch signal.
  4. Hell of a season, crash and burn ending. Sucks but the future is still bright with this group. Gotta believe they'll take the next step and close the deal in 2017.
  5. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    Panthers 37-20 Luke gets his hat trick pick six and I clean up in my squares pool.
  6. The lineman that clocked him over one of his slurs was Norberto Garrido. Never heard about the thing with Moose till now.
  7. Training Camp Photos and Observations - Day 4

    So glad I wasn't the only one. How the he- oh. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle