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  1. That's what happens when Cam gets time in the pocket. Hats off to the O-line the past 2 games.
  2. Thursday injury report

    Good to know KB is fine. Was a little scary the way he went down.
  3. But damn Ereck Flowers comes real close. He looked terrible last night and from what I heard this is every week with him.
  4. KB and Funch came to play today
  5. Luke's new chunky soup commercial

    As someone who is going through this exact situation right now, trust me it is hard work.
  6. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Funchess has arrived.
  7. Steelers vs Pats Game Thread

    You know I love what D-Will is doing. Props to him for getting 100 yards. Let it go people. Somtimes it takes getting out of a situation to make yourself better.
  8. Mad respect for Newton for comforting Brown. That's what a leader does.
  9. Daryl Williams vs Charles Johnson

    When Gettleman coined the term Hog-Molly this is what I had in mind. Can't get more Hog-Molly than that,
  10. Panthers Offensive Tackle Martin Wallace

    But is he left handed?
  11. UDFA

    Cam Worthy may be worth a look
  12. How? all we gave up was a 3rd and 6th. We still our 2nd, a 4th, couple of 5ths, and a 7th IIRC.
  13. Gettleman going balls deep he don't give a fug