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  1. Philly Brown is a daddy

    Can't wait 20+ years from now for that Chosen Newton to Chandler Brown hook up.
  2. Draft or Hornets?

    I wanna watch the draft just to she how it unfolds and who would be the best pick for us. But at the same time the Hornets come on tonight. It's rare to see Charlotte playing ball this late in the season, much less having a chance of beating the Heat to go to the 2nd round. I'm a much bigger football fan, I'm a huge Hornets fan. I can't decide.
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    This tells me Star is gone after this year
  4. According to my wife I can't cook either
  5. 2016 NFL Schedule Release - Leaks, Rumors, Etc

    Isn't Talib suspended for this game?
  6. Rams trade to Number 1

    I mean they could had just stayed were they were and draft Paxton Lynch
  7. Rams trade to Number 1

    I think there going for Goff. Cal kid in LA is gonna sell tickets.
  8. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

    I beg to differ. He should had went to at least 2 pro bowl in that time span but he kept getting sunbbed. While he wasn't as good as his contract, it's not like he wasn't close.
  9. Outside of "a kid's game" everything is true. Football is a man's game, still a game but a man's game.
  10. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Funchess has arrived.
  11. Steelers vs Pats Game Thread

    You know I love what D-Will is doing. Props to him for getting 100 yards. Let it go people. Somtimes it takes getting out of a situation to make yourself better.
  12. Mad respect for Newton for comforting Brown. That's what a leader does.
  13. Daryl Williams vs Charles Johnson

    When Gettleman coined the term Hog-Molly this is what I had in mind. Can't get more Hog-Molly than that,
  14. Panthers Offensive Tackle Martin Wallace

    But is he left handed?