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  1. First Take- Disrespecting the #3 Scoring Offense

    Good job Skip Bayless. You just gave the Panthers even more ammunition. Literally called them the most overrated 10-0 team ever. 
  2. Saints game flexed

    My heart almost stopped and had flashbacks of 2013 when I read the thread title. LOL good thing is 4:25 and not 8:30. 
  3. Idk I still like the 2008 offense better
  4. Game ball, Who gets it?!!

    D-line. If it wasn't for Allen (I think it was Allen) for backing up Green Bay's LT into Rodgers, then we would probably be going into overtime seeing Adams was wide open for the TD. 
  5. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Funchess has arrived. 
  6. Summer League Thread 2015

    I'm really impress by Harrison . I really like him. He drives, decent shooter, gives you some size at the PG position. We should keep him.  
  7. Hornets Acquire Ridnour for Barnes

    I think reading that just made my brain hurt