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  1. ENC Pantherfan

    Watching The Game In Eastern NC

    Yeah I'm here in Greenville where we didn't get hit that badly. Wondering the same thing. For some reason last week when i use hulu it picked up Raleigh's fox. Hoping it does that today.
  2. ENC Pantherfan

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    But can he play LT?
  3. Yeah. Morton held up really well and if this continues we need to bench Kalil. Even the RT looks decent.
  4. I'm impress by Morton. Holding up well on the left side.
  5. Can't read so much when Matt Kalil is your LT
  6. OMG MATT KALIL! Get destroyed tonight.
  7. ENC Pantherfan


    TO me it's like this, you had pre lockout Richardson and post lockout Richardson.
  8. ENC Pantherfan

    Where to watch?

    Should be able to watch it on local tv.
  9. Shoot I like this new Cam Newton. I feel Jerry's influence got to him. With Jerry gone Cam is being more real.
  10. ENC Pantherfan

    It's a boy!!!!!!!!

    I guess he's taking the Lebron approach. I know he was with his girl for a minute before they got married recently.
  11. ENC Pantherfan

    Rate this trade

    http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y87pktus Basically it does this, Charlotte pretty much sheds a year off of Batum's contract for getting Deng while at the same time gets Lonzo and Danny Green. Say what you want about Lonzo but there was a reason he went #2 overall. He can play and he just needs time. Also if Lavar wants to get involve let Jordan G-check him. Hornets effectively starts over and trys to build again. Spurs get a young player in Ingram who seems to be improving (maybe not to superstar levels like we once though), and they get Batum who fits the Sprus system perfectly and would probably get the Boris Diaw treatment. Lakers not only get Kawhi but now gets Walker as well. This will more than attract Lebron to LA which will then form a new super team and will still have Randle and Kuzma to booth (but realistically one of them probably will get traded).
  12. ENC Pantherfan

    Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Funchess has arrived.
  13. ENC Pantherfan

    Steelers vs Pats Game Thread

    You know I love what D-Will is doing. Props to him for getting 100 yards. Let it go people. Somtimes it takes getting out of a situation to make yourself better.
  14. Mad respect for Newton for comforting Brown. That's what a leader does.