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  1. Plorin = typical play the victim against a black guy Southern white woman who feels like her unjustified boo hoo'ing will compel the rest of society to come running and stop something she doesn't like because she thinks the world revolves around what she likes or dislikes. 
  2. Genius: Laugh of the Day

    Not sure how to embed a tweet. Even funnier with the sound off. 
  3. RG3 not built for the NFL

    Zod was late since I was saying it before RG3 was drafted.
  4. Patriots-Giants Thread

    If the Bengals don't lose on Monday, they're losing next Sunday night in Arizona. 
  5. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    Of course everyone on this board "can do without" the celebrations. If he scores 7 and doesn't celebrate is anyone here any less happy? Answer: Not unless they're a fool.  Cam "celebrating" is not a requirement in football.  You being "less entertained" without the celebration won't make you any less happy about a 1st down or TD.
  6. You know you have a pretty good QB when....

    2 + 2 = 4 <-- FACT --> Cam Newton had one very good half on Sunday and one good enough half.
  7. You know you have a pretty good QB when....

    Nearly all of it came in the 1st half, so no, he didn't have a great game. A great game is two halfs since a game is two halfs. 
  8. What Packers Fans Are Saying

    I don't know what they're saying right now, but this is what they were saying the other day: 
  9. Prevent Mode: Dear Ron Rivera...

    Throwing the freaking ball doesn't mean that you aren't just trying not to make a mistake! I've seen plenty of games where Cam throws the ball on 3rd & 2 late in the game and doesn't get it, and yes, they were actually playing more conservative overall.  What you're suggesting is Green Bay's defense got infinitely better in the 2nd half and held the Panthers to only 10 points, not that the Panthers also took their foot off the gas to try to limit their mistakes more. Keep believing that.  "Prevent Mode" like I said in the beginning does not mean I'm talking about "Prevent Defense." I'm talking about the Panthers persistent problem of easing up on offense with a lead. 
  10. Prevent Mode: Dear Ron Rivera...

    You have a limited definition of "prevent." I don't give a fug about the defense dropping back to keep everything in front of them. WHEN THE OFFENSE SWITCHES FROM ACTUALLY TRYING TO SCORE TOUCHDOWNS TO JUST TRYING NOT TO MESS UP JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A LEAD, that is also, prevent, and shouldn't be called any less. 
  11. Prevent Mode: Dear Ron Rivera...

    So what you're saying is the Panthers were still ACTUALLY TRYING to score touchdowns with a 27-7 and 37-14 lead instead of just trying not to make a mistake? I don't care how much they passed, the mindset was just not to screw up, like it always is when they have any kind of a lead.  I didn't say anything about run versus pass. I'm talking 100% about mindset.  Oh, and the reason they RELUCTANTLY moved from 27 to 30 to 37 is because they saw they were going to have to score something else. 
  12. Prevent Mode: Dear Ron Rivera...

    When I say "Prevent Mode" I'm not talking about the defensive side of the ball. When your whole approach to offense changes from what's working just because you're ahead, you stop pounding. 
  13. Prevent mode is the opposite of "Keep Pounding." You literally stop pounding. The only purpose "prevent mode" serves is to give Panthers fans a heart attack as you try your best to hold on for dear life.  -ThinkAboutIt
  14. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    After that 3 & out. That's why you should've been up 41-7. Who do you think you're playing against? BYE.
  15. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Go up 34-14 and they'll quit.  Too bad the Panthers are more likely to turn it over.