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  1. Here are some gifs from the game yesterday. Kurt Coleman picks off Romo and takes it to the house Josh Norman makes Dez Bryant dance on his puppet strings Luke picks off Romo and runs it in for a score Luke gets another pick while Coleman lays down the hammer Cam Newton runs in for a touchdown and dances for the camera Typical Cowboys fan celebrating 20+ years of mediocrity Cam Newton puts a nail in the Cowboys coffin with a 1st down run Also wanted to upload this moment from the game yesterday.
  2. Romo

  3. Norman on Dez Bryant

    Best part was how he had Dez dancing on his puppet strings while Kurt walked into the endzone.
  4. SQUAD

    EA Sports posting Jeremy's pic and the caption for the pic without giving credit. Not that surprising considering they hold the NFL video game license and he's a NFL 2K fan.
  5. 11-0 Pie

  6. Game ball, who gets it?!! Turkey edition!! 11-0

    Luke motherfuggin Kuechly
  7. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Heads up play by Marlowe
  8. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Nice catch by Olsen while being mauled
  9. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Kurt Coleman deserves to go to the Pro Bowl
  10. Panthers Get SI Cover

    I think this was the last time we were on the SI cover. Back in 2005.
  11. GIFs from the Redskins game

    Almost forgot Cam's run on our final drive of the first half. I still don't understand why we wasted a good opportunity to really demoralize them by getting another TD before the half, considering they get the ball back in the second half, but at least we got some points after Cam took matters into his own hands.