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  1. Trump vs Sanders

  2. How much are the Keyarris Garrett jerseys? Might have to get one pretty soon.
  3. Trump vs. Hillary

    Maybe instead of the #FeelTheBern hashtag, we'll see #FeelTheJohnson
  4. Trump vs. Hillary

    I'm gonna have to vote 3rd party. Looking at Gary Johnson.
  5. Battlefield 1

    It actually looks pretty fun. I know most, if not all, of the footage they showed was from campaign, and cinematic moments in their game to make it look awesome, but even a sliver of those graphics are better than some of the games we see these days and a next generation game finally surfaces.
  6. Next Call of Duty includes CoD 4 remaster but

    Here's the trailer. If you didn't know it was Call of Duty you would have thought it was Star Wars mixed with Destiny. The trailer was released on May 2nd and has a massive amount of dislikes on the video. Compare that to the new Battlefield 1 trailer that just came out a few hours ago, Battlefield 1 already has more likes than Infinite Dogpoo.
  7. Battlefield 1

    The reveal trailer for what most people thought was going to be Battlefield 5 was released today. Going back to World War 1.
  8. how do i change my user name

    I heard it was 100 posts before you could delete your account and register with a new name.
  9. Gettleman is a genius

  10. Hopefully this is the six pack of Michelob Ultra talking and not the cheap tequila shots.
  11. Hopefully they aren't thinking about picking up Torry Holt or Ronde Barber.
  12. Metal Music favorites

    Looks like I'm starting to show a bias. How about this one.
  13. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    Cam and crew have faced him enough in practice and the coaches know how to gameplan around him after trying to gameplan for him for the past couple years. This won't be as interesting of a matchup as it's being hyped up to be.
  14. The only way for sure we can measure Josh Norman's value is if we go into the season without him and see if we still dominate with backup/random/drafted corners or if we start letting WRs fug us like they did a few years ago.
  15. Get to meet Ted, Kelvin and TD tonight

    Of course not, that's one of the things that gets them into Dave's doghouse.