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  1. Keep Pounding Drum

    I dont care who bangs it...   I just want them to make sure that Drum is in the locker room at half time... and someone bangs the hell out of it around the 25min mark of the half time show....   i want us to come out at half time PUMPED!!!!!!!
  2. More signs that the squad is loose

    looks like TD is putting weight on the arm just fine ;)
  3. Coach Rivera just chillin

    lol... i was so expectinging to spot the nipple-shorts somewhere in that photo... 9/10   Is that KB's arm wrapped arund Trai Turner?
  4. Panthers Nation

     i guess shes a thug ... *shrug*
  5. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    why does it feel like no panthers fans made the trip lmao...
  6. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

  7. What day would the parade be IF we win the belt?

    Hypothetically if i was a fan of the super bowl winning team.. i would by myself a replica super ring.. you know cause i helped with home field advantage.. yeah
  8. Super Bowl MEMES

    $49.15 is the score of the game...
  9. For the fallen

    KB probably could suit up.. hes a freak.. damn IR rules lmao..
  10. Broncos to Wear All White

    I need a Source on this...
  11. Caption This Photo

    Thanks for the correction..i knew it was a TE.. and only here abot Fells
  12. Caption This Photo

    CJ2K: "I rememeber when I use to run like that" Fells: "Is this really happening? coach said they didn't have recievers and all we had to do was contain Cam and Double Olsen" Hoodie\w cup: "I wonder if my W-2 has come yet?"
  13. RIP Meek... god bless the deceased....  should not be assocatied with the Panthers.. we are WInners!      
  14. I Miss Shaq Thompson

    I would love to see more Shaq... but the second the offense saw him in the game  they would put Brown in the slot (Shaq is not playing outside) and he would get ROASTED in the seams...    not what i want to see.. 
  15. why not host these things on Saturday?? when peopl ecan actually be there...