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  1. and in other news: Deangleo Williams tweets some 1st grade opinion..
  2. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    where are the mods to ban these spoilers
  3. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    and there goes dodd...
  4. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    so many picks ahead of us... ....
  5. MVP Posts

    •shôwMĚàGÖÖDlôsér• •àndILLshôwŸÖÜàLÖSÊR•

    so twitter just ruined... this LT draft status... smh
  7. I like it... Poor OBJ.. gets to see him twice a year now...
  8. 4.19 40 (OK, laser time of 4.32)!

    ppl still believe this unicorn exists?
  9. Voth: CJ open to coming back

    Just dont come back to the employer asking "Is that $80,000 still on the table?" cause its probably looking like $65,000 cause you wanted to bet your leverage on the open market...
  10. either a 1st this year and next year.. or a 1st and 2nd this year and a 2nd next year
  11. Gotcha I mut of gotten Non-Exclusive and Transitional Mixed up... so there for i think i'm the idiot.. Thanks...
  12. Where is the link where we used the non-Exclusive tender vs the normal Franchise tag? nfl.com just says franchise tag... or am i just an idiot and they are both the same.
  13. Jonathan Bullard, DT/DE, Florida

    I live in Shelby and never heard of this cat... only Shelby NFLers i've heard of areBrandon Spikes and Tony Scott...So this guy intrigues me.. where did he go to highschool?