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  1. I feared once Muncheck(sp?) declined his 2nd interview that Wilkes would be next.
  2. i would comment on topic but don't want to offend any overly sensitive people... so i'll comment on the cold.. everyone keeping warm?
  3. definitely took some time to watch the vid at the bottom of the article... ...... some personal time..
  4. Hopefully .. it becomes one of those Win one for richardson seasons ... *shrug*
  5. Can the fans buy the team like Greenbay..
  6. Which Cam Handshake Is Best?

    Ryan Kalil's handshake was best ... so choregraphed.. even the look back by Cam. Best hands down
  7. I would love to see the stats on this.. How Many Top-10 Picks were ProBowl Rookies in the last 5 years? WHo can work those numbers for me.
  8. But this would go a long way in saving face and giving him some good PR.. and also in the best interest of NFL as some of the fire they been under would go down... im sure someone at the league office is whispering it to him
  9. Damn that sucks,... Kid was BALLING!!! my thoughts and prayers go to his recovery... sidenote: is it horrible my second thought was... CMC got a chance to get back in the running for OROTY?
  10. Complicated Blocking Scheme.. Instead of Blocking the man in front of you.. we want you to block a guy 3 man down the line.. worry about the guy in front of you after... SMH... Simplfy Simplfy Simplfy
  11. Up by 10 with less then 2 minutes.. and i'm a nervous wreck... #NEVEREASY
  12. THe Love shall be givin ... and the Panthers Tickets shall be mine!... Powerball gods owe me...
  13. Did we check to see if Clark Kent registered? some sperstars dont register under there giving name for privacy... Remember Ron Mexico?
  14. DOwn by Contact should override Rule catch rule...
  15. wtf going on with fox right now... constant comericals