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  1. I would love to see the stats on this.. How Many Top-10 Picks were ProBowl Rookies in the last 5 years? WHo can work those numbers for me.
  2. But this would go a long way in saving face and giving him some good PR.. and also in the best interest of NFL as some of the fire they been under would go down... im sure someone at the league office is whispering it to him
  3. Damn that sucks,... Kid was BALLING!!! my thoughts and prayers go to his recovery... sidenote: is it horrible my second thought was... CMC got a chance to get back in the running for OROTY?
  4. Complicated Blocking Scheme.. Instead of Blocking the man in front of you.. we want you to block a guy 3 man down the line.. worry about the guy in front of you after... SMH... Simplfy Simplfy Simplfy
  5. First I need to apologize for mistaking you as the OP, i kinda skipped to the last page. Simplifying the blocking scheme is definitely a start to the solution. I don't know how many times i saw our tackles providing uneffective help (shoulder rubs) to our Guards only to be out of position to block their own assignments. if i'm coach i'm screaming BLOCK your Man.. and trust the guy next to you to do his job. also We can't run I-Formation because we haven't had a legit FB since Hoover(Tolbert was used as a BIG HB here).
  6. Feel free to enlighten us on how to use CMC correctly? And as for Oline sucking Overnight... 3 out of the 5 Offensive line have never played a snap together until this year.. and those TOP tier Guards you speak of haven't played with them either... All Plays start up front with PROPER blocking... if the play isn't blocked right nothing after that will take place efficiently or effectively. So no matter WHO is taking the handoff the play is already in the negative if the Oline is not doing it's job (Which it clearly isnt doing)..
  7. not to mention $$ and what we would have to give up...
  8. Force out maybe? i dont know... i got nothing...
  9. You would think we lost by 12... smh. it wasn't an explosive performance but it got the job done.. My only concern is ST penalties.
  10. One cut day = bad football

    I like the change.. but i guess i'm in the minority;
  11. Don't Forget .. No Wofford. .. I like that depth chart.
  12. I'd give a 3rd Rounder but his $11m cap hit says that wont happen
  13. I could agree with that.. as he seems lost alot or just doesnt have the ability ... Heart can only do so much...