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  1. Yea and 1st round DEs rarely make an impact anyway in their first year. I’d rather splash for one in FA even if it means giving up star
  2. No one seriously thought he was any good even if they said it
  3. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    A vet that can actually win a game if need be
  4. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Anybody but the vikings
  5. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    We have young WRs already. We need to go get someone like Jarvis Landry. I’m ok with drafting a WR but not 1st round
  6. Are we in a Window situation?

    The worst part is not the old players but the fact that we haven’t drafted well the last 4 years. The next 2 drafts are crucial
  7. Vikings because I live in minnesota. Eagles fans are dirtbags. Tennessee I can’t really explain. I think it’s the whole mom letter to Cam thing a couple years ago
  8. Honestly the only team left that I don’t hate is jaguars
  9. TD Last Season 2018 Per Rappaport

    Yep I think after 2018 Kalil and Pepoers to if not before
  10. REPORT: Panthers will hire Norv Turner as OC

    I don’t ever want to see Clay lined up at WR again. I’m ok with him as PR but that TD drop was horrific
  11. Butler to replace Star?

    Gettleman is in charge. DT is the most important position
  12. Hurney on WFNZ

    We have 2 thirds tho
  13. For a guy that cares nstantlt talked about you can’t “reach”. Everyone of his first rounders were a reach except star. I love CMC but even he could have been had later
  14. Need a vet to add to that mix and it would be fine. I’m concerned with Byrd and Samuel possibly bring injury prone