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  1. Positions we need to upgrade

    Yes but we need another DE
  2. Do you trust Gano?

    Yes we need an upgrade to this position
  3. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    We need a new kicker in the offseason.  Gano sux
  4. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    I'll have 3 heart attacks if this happens
  5. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Another crappy punt
  6. Practice

    Have the cardinals flew in yet?
  7. What was the spread the first time we played Seattle this year?
  8. todays practice tweets

    Seriously. Somebody asked him this?
  9. Seahawk fans respond to Cam getting All Pro

    Exactly.  If you want to think Wilson is better fair enough but to say Cam is average.  LMAO
  10. Seahawk fans respond to Cam getting All Pro

    Shouldn't they be more concerned with the Vikings?
  11. DEFENSE?

    Adrian Peterson says Hi
  12. New England and Pittsburg get beat also

    The part I don't get is only scoring 13 on a worst 5 defense. What the hell was the game plan today?  
  13. 2nd String Team

    No.  The offense would put up sone points but I couldnt see a win
  14. Your November Win-Loss Predictions

    2-2..  Cowboys rarely lose on thanksgiving and Romo will be back.  Plus the oline injuries really concern me
  15. Trade Deadline Moves, News, and Speculation

    Lol I doubt we would get more than waffle fries at chick-fil-a for him