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  1. Hell no. Wouldn’t this cost us like 8 or 9 mil? He’s worth nothing close to that
  2. Camp Fodder

    Trai has a concussion

    Wow he looks to have improved a bit
  3. Camp Fodder

    DB depth is looking scary

    Yea. It’s like Rivera and Hurney still thinks they work for Jerry
  4. Camp Fodder

    Pick Your Poison

    Opt 2 hands down
  5. Camp Fodder

    Playoff caliber offense?

    Yep and 7 of those 20 were a Norman pick six
  6. Camp Fodder

    Panthers sign OT; IR Williams

    No kidding I had forgotten about him
  7. So we are all in agreement that Amini is not an NFL player. However is it really all Ron? Does Norv or Matsko not have a say in who starts? I would think Ron would be a lot more influenced by their tjoughts than when Shula was here. To me it appears that 4 people, including, Hurney are content with Amini starting.
  8. Was Claussel really worse than Amini?
  9. And we can’t overcome Amini
  10. At least year 2. Amari cooper was good in year 1 though
  11. Camp Fodder

    Sunday Broadcast Map

    I still don’t get why that small part on NC doesn’t get panther game I dont care that it’s closer to DC
  12. Smokescreen all along