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  1. Voth: Time to draft a mid-round QB

    You are really worried about replacing 3.4 ypc? Even if we don’t sign or draft a RB I would think you could get that out of CAP.
  2. Voth: Time to draft a mid-round QB

    If Cam is counting on a single mid round pick to help him be successful we have bigger problems. Hopefully his receiving group has been improved before then. I like the idea of filling the backup QB position on a rookie contract. Cheap fixed cost for four years. Best case you flip him for some a draft pick in the future. And I'm not sure what cutting Stewart has to do with it. That might be a sign they are looking to improve the RB position.
  3. Stand corrected, same idea though. You don't normally franchise receivers who aren't #1s I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just saying sometimes pride causes people to do stupid things. Hopefully it doesn't this time.
  4. Because they traded for him and would look stupid for letting him walk. Pride gets in the way of common sense sometimes. When they traded for him they probably didn't expect Cooper Kupp to be the player he is. Now they face the possibility of having to franchise a receiver that could be considered their #2. I hope they let him walk, I would prefer to overpay him then pay market value for some of these other free agent receivers. It might be a bit of a gamble but I just think he might flourish in our offense. I've been saying for awhile we need an outside receiver with deep speed and I think he fits that mold. I think he would help us more then someone like Landry and drafting one of these smaller, fast guys in the first round.
  5. The case for Billy Price....

    If we are also looking to address LT would we be better off drafting a LT in the 1st and a G/C type in the third? You might have a better chance of getting 2 good players doing that instead of G/C in first and LT in third. A lot of people are saying this year is heavy on quality interior linemen in the draft. In some ways this pick is going to be heavily influenced by the coaches. If they believe Moton has the potential to play LT and Larsen can play center then it would make sense to draft a guard prospect. If they have faith in Kalil and expect Moton to play guard then a center prospect makes sense. If we don't have faith in Kalil or Lasen but do have faith in Moton to play guard we need a LT and a center. I've thought for a while that ther eis a very good chance we end up going RB or guard/center type in the first. I'm not saying we should I just think there is a good chance that the board falls that way and it lines up with our need. Kirk might be redundant with Samuel, Sutton might be redundant with Funchess, and not sure if there will be a DE worthy of that spot. I wouldn't mind a safety but our coaches seem to like "experienced ones" and I'm not sure if the right one will be there at 24. Maybe CB will be in play? Either way RB, Guard, or Center seems like a very safe pick for where we are picking, especially since we might have a GM on a one year trial if new owners are coming in. If I was in Hurney's shoes I might want to play it safe and draft safe guys that could help quickly.
  6. I would prefer to throw that much at Robinson or less for Watkins or Lee. Also I wouldn't have to trade for them if their respective teams don't tag them.
  7. Steve Smith's Take

    Personally I'm hoping we don't sign a WR in the first round because we added a quality a vet in free agency. If we do add a receiver I hope it is someone with the potential to play on the outside. I still think the slot might be the best place for Samuel and Byrd. Also if we draft a traditional RB (which I think we might), we might see CMC in the slot more. What I'm hoping: Starting outside receivers: Funchess and Vet Back up outside receiver: draft pick in the 2nd-4th round range Slot receiver: Samuel, Byrd, or CMC Running back: Rookie, CMC 3rd down back: CMC Somebody will end up finding a quality receiver in the 2nd-4th round, hopefully it is us. I'm a fan of Gallup but he might end up gong higher then I originally thought.
  8. They have a few players that they could cut or restructure.
  9. Predicting the Tag

    If he gets cut he won't get anything. The $2.8m is dead money from a prorated bonus that would was paid in a previous year. He has already received that. That cap hit is going to be there regardless if he plays or not. According to www.spotrac.com this is what he can make this year: Salary - $4.5m Roster Bonus - $1.5m per game bonuses - $1.25m Total that could be earned in 2018: $7.25m When talking about a pay cut the easiest way to think about it is you cut the player and resign him at a new price. At that point it is about leverage. If we were to cut Kalil how much would he get on the open market? Between age and injury history last year I would think around $3-4m maybe? You have to be careful because the lower limit he might decide its not worth playing anymore and just retire. Personally I could see them offering him around a $3m salary and keep the $1.25m in per game bonuses and lose the roster bonus. That means the most he could earn would be $4.75m which would save the team $3m in cap space or even more if he doesn't play all 16 games. Or they could cut him and save a lot more. I keep thinking though if we let Norwell walk the coaches might want to keep Kalil for another year, but if we resign Norwell we might cut Kalil just to help offset some of the extra cap for Norwell.
  10. Predicting the Tag

    Option A: Sign Norwell, draft a receiver Option B: let Norwell go, draft a guard, sign a receiver in free agency Option C: Sign Norwell, Sign a receiver, and maybe have to let Williams go next year and/or have less cap space to spend on other positional groups. For whatever reason I feel like we can find a decent guard in the draft easier than a decent receiver so B might seem the way to go.
  11. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    True, and that is why some teams stay away from "low value" positions in the first round. Elliot's cap hit next year is $6.8m which puts him 3rd among RBs. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/cap-hit/running-back/ I think most people would say he is a top 5 RB so his cap hit is inline but he isn't really adding value over his cap hit. Ramsey who was picked one spot later has a cap hit of $6.4m which puts him 26th. The third CB has a cap hit of $15.5m. Dallas is getting a $6.8m player for $6.8m. Jacksonville is getting a $15.5m for $6.4m. That is cap space that you can allocate elsewhere. You could almost go 1/2 drafting CBs in the first round over 2 years and be in better shape then going 2/2 in drafting RBs in the first round over 2 years. There is a reason why positions such as QB, WR, OT, and CB tend to be over drafted.
  12. I'm not sure who our GM will be even matters. I would guess on any big deal the owner has to ok some of the huge signing bonuses and your upper tier free agents are the types that get those contracts. Free agency starts in March, I'm just afraid we are going to be a "lame duck" organization until a new owner is in place.
  13. I know we all get excited over free agency, and I personally think we need to add some quality free agents, but I'm afraid we might not spend like most of us want this year. Two reasons for this. First of all we have several of our own free agents that we might not resign and therefore could get comp picks for, high comp picks at that. For this to happen we would have to limit ourselves in free agency. We really would need to concentrate on players cut by other teams. Another reason is that the team is for sale. If I'm not mistaken free agency starts in March. Why would the current ownership write large checks before they sell the team. Wouldn't that cut into their own profits? I know you could guarantee salary and such and that would effect them but what about any signing bonuses that have to be paid? If somebody can remember past examples of this with other teams feel free to remind us how it went down.
  14. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    No I'm not a big fan of taking a RB anywhere in the first round actually, even though it can be tempting at times. You just have to be disciplined. I understand why people get excited over RBs, they score, you see their highlights on tv, they seem like safe picks that can contribute early. Nobody gets excited over a guard or some DT that might take 2 years to develop. I think coaches and GMs are guilty of this also. With that being said I could actually see us taking a RB this year, I have a feeling the draft might fall in such a way that one will be one there at 24 that our GM and/or coaches can talk themselves into. Namely Guice or Michel.
  15. Of course Kalil's salary will prevent us from signing someone at some point but if we really want to resign our free agents this year we can. We have several players that we can cut to increase our available cap space and we can also back load some contracts. Actually Peppers might be our biggest cap hit of our free agents this year. Norwell or Star would probably be long term contracts that can be back loaded, whereas Peppers will probably be a one year deal. The question is as simple as what is the best use of cap space, 10-12 million a year for a guard or use that money elsewhere. 10 million a year for a DT or use that money elsewhere. As far as compensatory picks go this could be a very good year to go in that direction if we wanted. We could easily end up with 3-4 extra picks next year. Two of them could possible be 3rd or 4th round. Only problem is that it would severely limit the possible UFAs that we could sign in free agency. Would really have to look at players that are cut or really cheap guys. Not sure how many people would be happy with us "wasting" a year in free agency.