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  1. He is one of the few players in this draft that is actually as fast as Ginn. I can't see his hands being worse.
  2. I was a Zay fan but this feels like a spot to take a safety. WR one of next 2 picks.
  3. I think Westbrook is a logical fit for Ginn's old role but I'm not convinced he is on our board.
  4. What is everyone's prediction for our next 2 picks, 40 and 64? You can go with what you really want or what you think the team will do. I'll go with Josh Jones at 40 and Taywan Taylor at 64.
  5. Seems like there is enough talent left that we shouldn't have to trade up with our pick 40.
  6. I've been saying for months that a lot of people were so caught up in the Fournette vs Thomas vs Adams discussion that there was a good chance none of them would be there and our pick would actually be from that next group of players such as McCaffrey and Howard. Of those three I felt like Fournette had the best chance of being there when we picked but Jacksonville kind of ruined that for us, which a lot of people thought could happen. I'm just glad we didn't do something stupid and trade up for him.
  7. Outside of a few offensive lineman (a position that normally doesn't rotate) the only other players on offense that played more than 90% were Cam and Olsen. KB was around 70%. This idea of an "every down back" is a bit overplayed around here. Elliot is kind of thought as the epitome of a 3 down back and he was at 67%. So under the "90% rule" we should have only drafted lineman or a player to replace Olsen or Cam? Maybe he will play slot on 2nd down some, running back on 3rd down, and return kicks. If they want they can easily get him enough snaps to justify the pick position.
  8. One year of starting and no off-season workouts because of injury. Also a lot of hype among fans because of some highlight plays.
  9. Now that we know who DG had available to choose from, who would have you picked? Might be interesting to look back in a year, especially when people start "claiming" who they would have picked. Also going the "should have traded up/down" route is weak since we really don't know the offers they had. Based on who was left on the board I probably would have gone McCaffrey also.
  10. Is it just us or do most teams have McCaffrey over Cook?
  11. This is the dilemma they have. Picking Garrett first then taking a QB at 12 is the logical decision, and they probably know that also. The problem is there is no way for them to guarantee that the QB they like will be there. They could move up to 3rd and still miss out on their guy. Now if they like 3 of the QBs equally there is a better chance of one of them being there but I would guess they have decided one of them is the better prospect. Personally I would just be patient and let the board come to them. If their guy is there so be it, if not there are plenty of other players to consider or maybe a reasonable trade up scenario happens. It is such a QB driven league teams end up doing crazy stuff. When you think about it a good QB will win you as many games as a great player at any other position.
  12. When you have too many smokescreens they start to lose their effectiveness.
  13. Not that I can tell. Not sure about in college.
  14. I've thought for awhile it is something like: Tier 1 Garrett Tier 2 Fournette Adams Thomas Lattimore (maybe, might value need a bit over BPA) consider trading down Tier 3 McCaffrey Howard Conley (maybe, might value need a bit over BPA) Ross (Ginn was actually a big part of our offense when it was doing well, Ross fills that role better than anyone in the draft)
  15. So from just an offensive prospective, we are willing to give up potential combinations such as: McCaffrey, Engram, and Henderson Howard, Kamara, Westbrook or we could even trade down a little with our 1st round and use that capital to trade up some with our 2nd and end up with something like Ross, Njoku, and Hunt I'm a fan of Fournette but there are definitely some other players in the first 3 rounds that could really help us also.