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  1. Panthers Clinching Scenarios

    Maybe the Seahawks could win their divisions at 11-5 and Cards could also be 11-5 and go over us?
  2. Interesting Cam stat I just saw on NFL Network If you look at the last 5 drives we had, and not counting the very last drive which was an obvious running situations, here is the run/pass breakdown. 6 runs, 9 passes Hardly the epitome of shutting it down. I know people like to blame the coaches, but I don't think it was a case of us "letting up".  We failed to get first downs and kept giving the ball back to a very good QB.  
  3. Carolina Panthers #4 Scoring Offense

    The 3rd down conversion percentage is a bit concerning.  As we saw in the second half of the Green Bay game the inability to get first downs can give good teams the ability to come back.
  4. Cam's short throw accuracy: Should we be worried?

    I'm not sure why this is so hard for people to understand. Cam does some things that maybe no other QB in the league can do but that doesn't mean he doesn't have things he needs to work on. Does he consistently throw the slant as accurately as some QBs in the league?  probably not Can those same QBs throw the ball 60yrds downfield, off their back foot, with a defender draped all over them?  probably not Hopefully Cam is more honest with himself then some of the people on here.