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  1. AU-panther

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    When a team says "we plan on releasing player x" that is code for we haven't and we are taking offers for trades. All of this talk about signing him to a cheap deal is pointless. He is already on a very cheap deal that will end up getting traded. If any team was willing to give him a cheap contract as a FA then they would also be willing to give up a late draft pick for him to insure they get him. This is a risk/reward situation. Best case you get one of the best WRs in the league when he is right, or you could easily lose whatever asset you are willing to give up. I'm guessing a lot of teams will be wiling to give up a 6th or 7th. Who here would be willing to give up a 3rd or 4th? Also I'm sure someone will say "I would give a conditional pick", no kidding. Most of the teams in the league will probably be willing to give a conditional pick
  2. AU-panther

    Bitter sweet?

    ^This. Running the ball and playing good defense can win you a lot of games during the regular season. Especially if you keep turnovers down. Also when you have Cam it is a bit of a crutch because he can get you points on his own almost. but... At some point you are going to play the better teams, the better quarterbacks, the better schemes and you are going to have to score points.
  3. AU-panther

    Cameron Artis-Payne inactive

    We are carrying 6 on the 53 right? If so 4 seems ok. Where else would you cut?
  4. Sometimes doing nothing is the right choice but this fan base would have had a fit. I think sometimes owners, GMs, and coaches can fall in the same trap of trying to force something. I seriously doubt this decisions was purely Gettlemen's. He might have the final say (outside of the owner of course) but decisions like this I would think would have heavy input from several parties. Namely the HC, OC, and line coach. As far as the other 4 choices (Okung, Whitworth, Beachum, and Reiff) I'm not sure any of them were perfect. My favorite was Whitworth, I figured even if he declined some because of age he would still be better than average. I would love to know if we even talked to him. All things being equal he might have preferred West Coast. I would have over paid just to see if he would have changed his mind. Next guy I wanted was Reiff but from what I understand he has played about the same as Kalil and he makes just as much. Okung never really seemed on our radar at all and ended up going for the most of those 5. https://overthecap.com/position/left-tackle Beachum was the steal of the bunch at $8m a year. Purely guessing here but I would think the team, for whatever reasons, decided Kalil was their guy. I don't think teams sit there and try to negotiate with all 5 of the LT free agents at the same time. With regards to Oher that was a high reward, low risk situation. Financially it wasn't near as risky as Kalil's.
  5. All you are doing is spreading that 10m out. Lets look at the cap hits under both scenarios, we can assume June 1st cuts: 2019 release: 2019 - $4.9m / 2020 - $9.8m / 2021 - Zero 2019 pay cut with 2020 release: 2019- $8.9m / 2020- $4.9m / 2021 - $4.9m As you can see all you are doing is spreading that $9.8m over 2020 and 2021. You would actually lose cap space in 2019,relative to just cutting him, by asking him to take a pay cut.
  6. Him getting hurt or signed to start with?
  7. Unfortunately though it looks like 2019 is guaranteed for injury at the time of signing https://overthecap.com/player/matt-kalil/1793/ Depending on what happens with the injury those numbers could be higher but best case that looks like correct. If it wasn't for the injury they could actually cut him this year and his cap hit would decrease by $750k but his cap hit next year would go up by $1.8m More times than not when you hear about a player taking a reduced salary it is a restructure and they are just converting salary to signing bonus. Another scenario would be if they reduce their current salary and the team guarantees some future money. There are a few cases when players take true pay cut but that is usually when the team has some leverage. An example of this would be an older, declining player who has a large base salary coming up. Lets say hypothetical player is due $12m in salary next year but the but the player and his agent know if he is released the market will probably only pay him $4m. If the team offers him a reduction rom $12m to $6m he might take that because he knows that is the most he will probably get any where. With Kalil, why would he take $1m in 2019? He can easily go to another team for $2m. There is no leverage there for the team. Also according to the link above that $7m is guaranteed for injury so its really a moot point right now.
  8. I’ve been preaching this for awhile. We are a “stop the run” and “keep everything in front of you type of team.” Even when we do blitz we tend to play it safe on the back end. Every coach has an identity and Ron definitely seems to be a front 7 type of guy. Personally I think the NFL is moving away from that. I was a bit surprised we only kept 4 CBS but in the short term it might not really matter in a practical sense. I would think on a lot of game days the 5th CB isnt active anyway. Once you get past the injured players there are certain positions you fill your inactives from, 4th RB, 4th TE, 9th OL, 10th OL, 5th WR, 6th WR, 5th DE, 6th LB, 7th LB, 5th CB. The last 7 guys you keep on your roster aren’t kept because they are needed on game day. They aren’t kept because you think they have potential and are afraid they will be poached. With all that being said though I personally thought we wrought have kept 5. Maybe we add one from the cuts.
  9. AU-panther

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Antonio Garcia from the Jets is interesting. Alot of people were high on him in the draft 2years ago. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2011/profiles/antonio-garcia?id=2557938 Drafted 3rd round by Patriots. Apparently had some blood clots that caused him to miss entire first year.
  10. AU-panther

    In defense of socialism

    Still trying to grasp how this would work in today’s times. Let’s say you have a national retail company, maybe a grocery chain, how would this be strucured? Or would there be no companies? Reminds me more of a time where everyone just had a trade. One person was a blacksmith, a tailor, a baker, and everyone just worked for themselves. Once you start forming companies you end up with owners and such.
  11. AU-panther

    Looks like Chris Manhertz made the team

    ^This, he isn’t competing with Byrd or Barner. I'm not sure this is the case with Manhertz but with a lot of teams your TEs and LBs play a lot of special teams so it’s normal for teams to carry 3-4.
  12. Seems like it. I thought he had a chance I just figured we would keep one of the OT types.
  13. AU-panther

    Do the Panthers have a pass rush?

    I'm not sure if it will matter as much as some people think. If we don't trust our secondary enough to press some, good teams and good QBs will dink and dunk us to death like we saw some in the preseason. I don't care how great of personnel you have on your Dline, unless the o-lineman totally whiffs it takes 2-3 secs to get to the QB. Our overall sack numbers might look ok but I'm afraid it is going to hurt us in games that matter.
  14. AU-panther

    Efe Obada

    I wonder how much of the Efe love is based on the story and a few splash plays. I'm guessing the coaches are looking at all of the snaps and looking also at things like keeping contain on run plays and such. I'll be honest I haven't really took time to watch the game and just focus on him every play.
  15. CAP, Byrd, Clausell, Mahon, Johnson, Vander Laan, Barner, Hall, Cox, Smith, Norris, Doss, Gilbert, Heinicke Of those 14 guys you are probably looking at 7-8 making it.