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  1. Key Factors in the Loss

    You can't pin this loss on any one person or play.  This was one of those games that it seemed a lot of people took turns making mistakes. Missing open receivers, dropping passes, personal fouls, allowing pressure, not seeing pressure, fumbles, missed tackles, missed fg, confusion on punt coverage, and I'm sure I'm missing something. We couldn't seem to get out of our own way. Hopefully we can build on this year.  
  2. Tolbert getting resigned?

    I don't think salary will be the big question mark with Tolbert. It will be roster space,.  Some of the same people saying re-sign him are probably some of the same people complaining about us leaving certain RBs inactive on game day.

    Actually we have allocated more cap space to the offense the last 3 years (maybe more but I was too lazy to go back that far). Aa far as the draft goes if you look at the first three rounds for the last 3 years we have picked more on offense. 2015 2 of the first 3 picks were offense.  Both of them we actually traded up for. 2014 2 of the first 3 picks were offense. 2013 1 of the first 3 picks were offense. I fully understand that the first round has been heavy on defense, but forcing yourself to pick a particular side of the ball in a particular round is a risky proposition .  I would much prefer to hit on a defensive player then miss on an offensive one.   If you factor in all of the rounds in the last three years it is split evenly (8-8) if my memory is correct. Either way, this idea that the team allocates all of its resources to the defensive side of the ball is a myth that continually gets perpetrated around here.

    If the offense would have converted more 3rd downs the Falcons wouldn't have had the ball as much. Both sides played poorly.  We couldn't stop them on 3rd down and our 3rd down conversion percentage was terrible.  I think I saw somewhere that Cam was 0/7 on 3rd and 4th down passing.  This was a total team effort. 
  5. Was this Luke's worst game as a Panther?

    What was our 3rd down conversion %?
  6. Defense has an achilles heel...

    I would be curious to know how many of those sacks were because of us bringing extra pressure. The OP seems to be making the point of "can we get pressure against the better teams/QBs with just our front four?".  Having to consistently blitz good teams to manufacture pressure is a risky proposition against the better quarterbacks. To win a Suoer Bowl we could potentially have to beat Wilson, Palmer, and Brady in three straight games. Fortunately for us our offense is playing at a level that might allow us to win a game in which our defense doesn't play well.
  7. Contrary to what some believe on here, I do think some people actually have a pretty good idea of how the picks work.  While the league doesn't release the exact formula, a little reverse engineeing can give you a pretty good idea of how it works. Also some teams have consistently shown an ability to acquire extra pics and I would seriosely doubt it is because the league is playing favorites.  They have a good idea of how the system works and the approach free agency accordingly. In the case of Tillman I would be surprised if we were playing the "compensatory pick game" in the middle of an undefeated season while trying to keep home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  If we were 1-7 when Tillman was hurt that might be another story.  
  8. Panthers Clinching Scenarios

    Maybe the Seahawks could win their divisions at 11-5 and Cards could also be 11-5 and go over us?
  9. Interesting Cam stat I just saw on NFL Network If you look at the last 5 drives we had, and not counting the very last drive which was an obvious running situations, here is the run/pass breakdown. 6 runs, 9 passes Hardly the epitome of shutting it down. I know people like to blame the coaches, but I don't think it was a case of us "letting up".  We failed to get first downs and kept giving the ball back to a very good QB.  
  10. Carolina Panthers #4 Scoring Offense

    The 3rd down conversion percentage is a bit concerning.  As we saw in the second half of the Green Bay game the inability to get first downs can give good teams the ability to come back.
  11. Cam's short throw accuracy: Should we be worried?

    I'm not sure why this is so hard for people to understand. Cam does some things that maybe no other QB in the league can do but that doesn't mean he doesn't have things he needs to work on. Does he consistently throw the slant as accurately as some QBs in the league?  probably not Can those same QBs throw the ball 60yrds downfield, off their back foot, with a defender draped all over them?  probably not Hopefully Cam is more honest with himself then some of the people on here.  
  12. Drops

    I'm sure every QB deals with some drops.  You can't just zero out the drops and compare him to other QBs because you would have to zero outs theirs also.  Now granted Cam's receivers probably have a higher percentage then others but the others would still have some.
  13. I'm sure Detroit thought the same way when the gave him that crazy contract.
  14. Opinions: Was the last FG a wise call?

    Disagree with what? I said i would probably kick it. My point was that statistically the decision was probably closer then most people realize. 90 yards in 20 secs with no timeouts isn't something you see "all the time", and that doesn't factor in the chance of actually converting the 4th down.
  15. Opinions: Was the last FG a wise call?

    What is more likely to happen? Blocked FG that is returned for a touchdown. or Go for it on 4th down and fail and the other team go 90 yards in less then 30 sec with no time outs if I remember correctly. I would have kicked it but it would not surprise me if the other decision was actually the better choice statistically.