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  1. AU-panther

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    There is a lot of truth to this. A lot o people around here confuse percentage of offense with playing well. They aren't necessary the same thing. I understand David's point, he is just basically Cam has less excuses now. With some people there will always be some type of excuse, short of Cam having 10 pro bowlers with him on offense and Sean Payton as his coach. Personally though I do think the franchise could have probably helped Cam a little more over the years. With all of that being said though I think it is a bit drastic to say Cam is on the "hot seat". If anything we will hear the "still learning new system excuse" for a good bit of the season if we end up struggling on offense. With a new owner everyone might be a warm seat.
  2. So what is the answer? Here again in typical Tinderbox fashion you have a lot of people trying to prove the other side is wrong, but very few people actually suggesting practical ways to fix a problem, myself included. Personally I think it is terrible children are being separated. but i don't know how we fix the immigration issue as a whole. I'll admit I don't keep up with politics as much as its seems most people here do but what should we be doing?
  3. Depends on what your definition of an average CB is. If your secondary consistently has to play a soft zone to cover up their deficiencies you can have the best dline in the game and they will still have trouble getting to some of the best QBs who excel at the short passing attack.
  4. While I agree that having a good d-line is important I’m starting to think having great corners can be as effective. There is a physical imit on how quick even the best defenders can get to the QB. Unless an o-lineman totally whiffs on a block it still takes them how long to the qb? 2 secs? 2.5 secs? 3 secs? Either way there are qbs in this league who can get the ball out that quick, especially if you are playing a soft zone. I’ll take a good D-line and 3.5 secs of coverage over a great d-line and 2 secs of coverage.
  5. AU-panther

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Hopefully they don't get in a hurry to rebuild and use Kemba just to shed bad contracts on the team. I understand the concept of using a quality asset to get rid of a bad contract to free up cap space but that seems to be a vicious cycle for a lot of teams. Basically these teams give away good players to free cap space so they can overpay the next overrated FA. For some teams, like the Lakers, it makes sense, for the majority of the league though the chance of them getting 1 of the few quality free agents each year is slim so they end up overpaing second and third tier FAs. If you really want to tank, eat the bad contracts for a few years and accumulate draft picks. Hopefully you hit on one.
  6. AU-panther

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    What if you plan on tanking for 2 years? Does the move make more sense then?
  7. But should they separate it? the off the field stuff can contribute to the winning and losing as much as the on the field stats
  8. What is there to elaborate about? There are a lot of people around here that thought the team did a disservice to Cam by getting rid of Smith. According to some (speculation) Smith did a disservice to Cam. If you are a fan of Cam how are you also a fan of the person who made Cam's life harder?
  9. There is more to winning and being great than just stats. The Madden crowd has trouble understanding that. The irony is a lot of the biggest Cam apologist around here are also some of the biggest Smith worshipers.
  10. AU-panther

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    The wealth gap exists in every income group. The racial problem exists separately from the income gap problem. Yes both need solving but to derail a wealth gap for African american discussion with a completely separate issue is harmful. I'm not trying to derail anything, I said several times that there is a moral aspect to reparations that a overall income redistribution wouldn't address but the fact is both in theory could achieve some of the same goals. I'm just thinking out loud trying to foster some discussion on how to fix a problem. This thread is 10 pages long and how many people have actually thrown out a solution. In classic Tinderbox fashion most threads aren't focused on fixing problems but instead everyone is just trying to prove a problem exist or show how smart they are, hence the reason I'm guessing you reposted the graph to me. Overall white people have accumulated more wealth then black people and that is directly tied to the fact that black people started as slaves in this country. I think most reasonable people understand that, how do you fix it? I understand that to fix a problem you have to admit the problem but to not take the next step and talk about how to fix the problem is also harmful.
  11. AU-panther

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

    Would 30k really solve the problem? Would everyone be happy then or should it be more? What about giving a larger lump sum to the oldest generation in each family and they can pass the money down how they seem fit? For example if your grandparents are still alive it would go to them, if grandparents aren't alive it would go to parents. Would that seem more like reperations than a handout, would people view it different? Personally I think the income gap in this country is probably the single biggest issue we are facing right now. A lot of our other issues, would start to fix themselves if you fix the income gap. I wish I could find the article but someone was suggesting a lump sum payment to everyone based on income level when they turned a certain age (can't remember if it was 18 or 21). That way everyone could have some money for school or a down payment on a house. I would think that would help a large percentage of black people but that doesn't really address the moral aspect of what reparations would represent. Whether you agree with it or not, there are a lot of white people out there that didn't' really start with anything and live pay check to pay check so its hard to convince them they need to give up more to give others something. Because of this I really can't see a politician pushing the issue because they would lose too many votes over it. A lot of these graphs and articles talking about the wealth gap in this country would look different if you removed the top 10% of each group. Reparations might be the right thing to do but an income redistribution might be easier to get passed.
  12. The Norv hiring reminds a bit of the Kalil signing.. People want to get excited because of the name and pedigree but nothing in their recent history really suggest success. If you didn't know his name and only looked at the last 5 years I'm not sure people would be as excited. With all that being said I was ok with the hiring because of two reasons. I think it will benefit Cam to be around a coach that has been around other great quarterbacks. Also I think he one of the few coaches we could have hired (maybe the only one) that would have got some freedom from Ron to coach like they want. We could have hired the most progressive, successful OC of the past few years and I'm not convinced Ron would give them the freedom they need.
  13. I’m sure I’m being biased as a crazy fan but it seems to me we run a large percentage of plays that really seem to have no chance of being successful. Not just our run players, pass plays also. 3rd and 8 and we throw a four yard pass and there are 3 defenders around our receiver. It's normal to complain about personnel but in some of these situations I don’t think it it would matter who we had out there. Im Hopi g that our players are put in a better situation to succeed.
  14. That just furthers my point
  15. ok, ok....maybe not Bug....Bersin then seriously though my comment was less about Bug earning a spot but more so the fact that 5 of the 6 receivers everyone is listing are rather short and similar. If Funchess goes down who takes his spot? Who is our possession receiver? Our jump ball receiver? Just seems like we are a bit similar. Maybe we just keep 5 because of that.