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  1. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    Better and who projected to have a bigger impact this year are two different things. With a healthy Olsen the first round TEs would have had limited roles, even in their current systems their production isn't really any greater the CMC. With us signing Kalil to the contract we did it almost forces you to use him. This place would have had a meltdown if we used a first round pick on a tackle then sat him on the bench. I'm not saying that CMC was the best pick but it I understand why they did. They viewed him as someone who could add a dimension to the team. That doesn't necessarily mean he is the better player. Honestly our offense has changed some. Part of me was nervous that Fournette would fall to us and we would become even more conservative. Cook should have been a top-15 draft pick but I'm guessing he wasn't even on our board. I also doubt anybody on this board would have took Kamara in the first. You also campaigned for Ross, which I did some also. He might still turn out to be better but for this year CMC has been more productive. I can't blame the FO for taking CMC instead of Kamara in the first when in fact nobody on this board would have took Kamara at 8. With that being said though both players though are perfect examples of looking at the draft in its totality and seeing how your needs line up with what the draft has to offer. Probably my biggest complaint with our FO was that we seemed to "fall in love" with certain players, hence all of the trading up. Going into the draft I thought we would take a PR/KR/slot type and/or a 3rd down back. I think you could have had CMC in the 15-20 range. Samuel was a similar type player that would be available at the beginning of the second, I was shocked when we drafted both. With the off the field issues Cook was a possibility at beginning of second. A lot of people thought Kamara would go in the 2-3. Cohen and Logan were 2 mid round players who fit the profile that we were looking for. Speaking of Samuel I think at some point we are going to have some redundancy with him and CMC which doesn't seem wise with a 1st and 2nd rounder considering their pay scale. I've never really had the feeling though that our front office looked at player acquisition though the draft on an asset allocation basis like some teams. For a team that likes to preach BPA we sure seem to reach at times and not take what the draft gives us. The 2015 draft felt the same way when we drafted Shaq then traded up a lot later in the draft to fill needs and last years draft when we backed ourselves into a corner with all of the CB picks.
  2. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    I'm not a huge fan of RBs or situational players in the first. Also I'm not convinced that he will ever be the type of RB that some people expect but I do think he can help a team a win. For the sake of discussion what other 1st round offensive player would have had a greater impact? Like I said in another thread I think we chased need and probably could have approached the draft a little differently.
  3. I would guess not but everyone is entitled to their opinion. What if we traded Cam and Shula for Payton and Brees? Do you think our offense would be better or worse?
  4. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    I think coaches and GMs can be guilty of that at times. Some of it might not be admitting failure but more of just being greedy. If you convince yourself that Worley had good moments and could possible continue to improve you can more easily justify not taking Lattimore. You stand the chance of getting 2 players instead of one. Very true, this place would have had a fit. I think the front office started to think like the Huddle. Personally I thought drafting CMC felt like a short term need pick. If you were determined to go offense in the first round you can understand why they picked him. Look at the other 1st round offensive players, I'm not convinced any of them would have a much greater impact on the offense in the short term(this year). John Ross - no Howard, Njoku, Engram - with Olsen here their contribution would have been minimized. There is no way to predict Olsen getting hurt and you don't draft expecting people to get hurt. Bolles and Ramczyk - OTs usually take some time to develop and we just spent a fortune on one. At that point you are somewhat pot committed to playing him. Before someone says "I wanted Fournette" he was drafted before us. Under that logic I'm going to fault the team for not drafting Clowney a few fears ago. I'll admit I was guilty of the "need to help Cam" mindset. I was hoping Thomas or Adams would fall but once they didn't I was ok with the pick and understood why we did. If anything I thought he might force the coaches to "evolve", which might be more of a commit on what I think of the coaches and not so much CMC. The range that we picked at really didn't line up with our needs or wants. If we were determined to take offense I wish we would have traded down until one of CMC, Ross, Howard, or Njoku were left. Normally I'm not a fan of taking RBs in the first round or situational players, both of which we have been guilty of the past three years. That along with our tendency to trade up is probably my biggest complaint about DG. You have to factor in the pay scale when looking at first rounders. From an asset allocation standpoint certain positon make more sense. Look at the Cowboys and Jags in 2016, a top 5 CB (Ramsey) is worth more then a top 5 RB (Elliot) if you look at the replacement cost of those positions considering they are on a fixed rooked pay scale. Looking back if we weren't trading down Lattimore made a lot of sense. Maybe they did have more injury concerns or maybe they chase "need" more then they admit.
  5. The people that are the most disappointed in CMC are those that expected something that he probably isn't. I never thought of him as Stewarts replacement, but more of Fozzy's replacement. Whether or not we should have spent a top 10 pick on a 3rd back/slot receiver/KR/PR type is a different discussion.
  6. Its not like the Saints have a bunch of top 10 picks or high dollar free agents at their skill positons. I'm not saying we couldn't use some upgrades, but our problems are deeper then just who is playing at the WR position. Hypothetical question, if the two teams were to swap skill position players would their offense really be much worse? Would our offense really be much better? I would guess their wouldn't much difference in what we see right now and people would be saying Brees has better weapons.
  7. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the game today. How much of the passing struggles were on Cam and how much on the receivers? Cam’s completion numbers looked terrible but it sounds like their were some drops.
  8. but he was good in college...and was drafted high....and I recognize the name I agree. I wonder what is most peoples definition of a #1. Is it just the ones that get 1400yrds a year? How many of those guys would actually do that in our system with how much we run and Olsen? Personally I think most receivers are a product of the offense that they are playing in and the QB that is throwing to them. The Julio Jones and Calvin Johnsons are far and few in between. Our offense definitely needs a speed threat. Going into the draft I thought we might draft a potential outside receiver such as Jones or Godwin. I'm pretty sure Samuel was expected to be the Ginn replacement but that is a lot to ask out of a rookie especially since he played a bit of a hybrid role in college. Also we seem to like our niche receivers. We have had fast guys, tall guys, guys with good hands, and guys that can run good routes but don't seem to have one that can do it all. I keep waiting for us to draft or sign that all around receiver. Fast enough to go deep but also strong enough to catch in traffic. Big enough to compete to break a tackle but quick enough to get some RAC also. Good enough hands to make a QB look good and can run the entire route tree. Maybe a just described my definition of a #1. Either way I think sometimes we are a bit predictable based on our personnel, some versatility would be nice.
  9. I'm not saying our receivers are great, just pointing out that that resources were used to help cam. As it turns out some of those resources might not have worked out like we wanted but hindsight is always 20/20. What do you think we should have done? I think you liked Dorsett when he came out, what has he done? You were really high on Ross this year, how many catches does he have, and to be honest I liked him a lot also. The year we took Shaq I was considering Perriman at that point. That really hasn't worked out either. There is this narrative that our passing attack is bad because we have bad receivers. Is there any chance that our receivers are bad because our coaching, scheme, or QB play is bad? Could we have better WR play? of course, but I think it is more to it then just that. I don't think improving our passing attack is as easy as we should have drafted Ross or signed Jeffrey. There is more to it then that.
  10. Should have drafted Phillip Dorsett, right? Or Ross hindsight is easy Or JuJu, but maybe if he was here he wouldn’t be doing as well here and people would be complaining about Cam not having any decent receivers. We spent a top 15 pick on one receiver, traded up to top of second for another, second on another this year, one of the highest paid olines in the nfl, one of the highest paid backfields. The Cam has no resources is severely overplayed around here. The only thing we really haven’t tried changing for Cam is coaches. Is Pittsburg passing attack good because of Brown or is Brown good because of Ben and the coaching staff there. You could put Desean Jackson, Julio Jones, and AB on this team and I have my doubts our production would be much different.
  11. Buffalo Reached Out to Us

    What kind of salary do you think he would receive on the open market? last year $9-10m range received a third rounder https://overthecap.com/draft
  12. Considering I though we might draft one last year and didn’t I would say “yes”. i just hope we don’t reach for one. Resist the temptation to draft one in the first round.
  13. ...and we become more predictable. I know everyone seems to be caught up in talking about our predictability based on downs but I’m thinking our personal groupings might be contributing to it also. Would be really interesting to know what other defensive coaches thought about us.
  14. CMC is not a RB...he is a WR

    Did anyone really think he was going to be the next AP? I always thought he would be a slot receiver, 3rd down back, PR/KR type of player. His hands are actually even better then I expected. Did we overdraft him? maybe In a vacuum there are players that were available that might have been rated higher on most teams board. Lattimore was a really good prospect at a high value position, would have been hard for me to pass on. I'm guilty of buying into the pick based on the fact I felt he had the potential to help change the offense. Not even from a production standpoint from him but an overall change in scheme that might help Cam. Also it is a bit early to decide if he is worth the pick. Even if he doesn't turn into Marshall Faulk he might have a Julian Edelman type of career. Also people severely overvalue first round picks. They act like you can get a Julio Jones type of talent at each spot and history tells us otherwise. Everyone likes to whine about Cam not having any help but the fact is the organization has made a lot of decisions to try and help them. Whether or not they were wise decisions is another story. Got rid of Steve Smith to help Cam "grow" according to some. Drafted a tall receiver (KB) with an early pick to help Cam's overthrows. Traded up for another tall receiver (Funchess). Overspent on a LT. Traded up for another linemen. Spent a top 10 pick on a hybrid player (CMC). Resigned one of the best TEs in the league. Have one of the highest paid centers in the league. You could put Desean Jackson, Julio Jones, Joe Thomas and Le'veon Bell all on this team and I have my doubts our offense was be much different. What is the one thing the organization hasn't tried to give Cam to be successful?
  15. Did anyone else find this odd a few weeks ago?