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  1. What's the chance of a 6th round pick really becoming a quality starter? 10% maybe? What's the chance of a kicker drafted in the 6th round of becoming a quality starter? probably more than 10%? Total 4 year cap cost of a 6th round pick, around $2.5m. One year cap cost of Gano, $4m. Last year you could have drafted the 2nd kicker in the 6th round or the 20-27th WR.
  2. Smokescreen while we plan on drafting Ross
  3. There is a lot of truth to this. We already have one of the highest paid O-lines in the league. If we end up with Norwell, Turner, and both Kalils on large contracts we might have the highest in the league. Not sure if they want to allocate that much to one position group. As a LT or RT? Enough of a steal that you would consider him one of the top 8 players in the draft? I do agree that he might have been a bit over devalued by the board. He might not be the top LT tackle prospect in the draft but he could still turn out to be a very good pro even at RT.
  4. Different players and different rounds. Jones could be an outside receiver that I expect to go somewhere around first half of second round. Switzer will be a slot that will have to find the right fit. I could see him going from the 4th-6th. I would expect him to have a really wide range on different teams boards.
  5. I think most people would. Not to be a "won't be there" poster but I would be shocked if half were actually there when you picked them :) but most aren't far off so who knows, maybe I'm a pessimist.
  6. He seems to be a very safe pick with a very high floor. Worst case you get a quality #2. Every season this board complains about Cam not having receivers that can catch but then at draft time we tend to devalue that and focus on height and weight type of measurable. His hands in college weren't just good they were great. I wouldn't have a problem with him in the second and someone like Taywan Taylor or Switzer later for the slot.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me either. A lot of these people that expect him to last to the third round probably don't realize how many receivers tend to come off of the board early.
  8. Seems that way. I hope we don't do something crazy and try to trade up in front of Jacksonville. Would be a very expensive proposition.
  9. Fournette in the 1st and hope Njoku falls to our early second. Or Howard in the first and hope McCaffrey falls to the second.
  10. I'm not saying we should draft him or that he is worthy of the 8th pick. My point was when you look at our current roster you could make the argument that he could make the largest immediate impact of the people I named relative to who they would replace.
  11. I'm not sure he makes it to the end of the second. How many receivers do you see going before him?
  12. If you are talking about immediate impact you have to consider who they are replacing. Dickson > Howard Stewart > Fournette Mike Adams > Jamal Adams Charles Johnson > Ross you can easily make an argument for Ross
  13. I think there is a very good chance we draft a WR in the first 4 picks. If that's the case I don't see us spending much on a FA.
  14. The reason Jones has moved up in the draft process is because he has shown better athleticism than a lot of people were expecting during the Senior Bowl and combine. i wouldn't consider a electronically timed 4.45 as slow. Also he did well in some of the quickness drills. That second round pick seems like a spot we could take a receiver.