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  1. I wish we had Clowney instead of Ealy. Even if we did have Fournette instead of CMC would our record be better, worse, or the same? I'm guessing it would be about the same.
  2. Didn't Fournette get picked before us? To listen to people around here it is like we passed on him. Fournette might turn out to be the best running back in the league over the next 10 years, I said that during the draft. I'm just not convinced that he would have made that much of a difference so far this year. Our problems seem deeper then just who happens to be the running back. Personally I think Cam's running has been a crutch for years and gave us the identity of a running team, whereas we struggle to run in traditional ways. There are other teams that have QBs that scramble at times but how many call as many designed running plays for their QB, power running plays at that. Calling a running play for Cam is just like other teams running the wildcat. The blocking numbers change. Our wildcat QB just happens to be a really good traditional QB also.
  3. That was my initial thought also. We seem to be predictable based on down and distance but I decided to see if I could find any stats to go along with this. I found this and if I'm looking at it correcty there might be more to it then just what down it is: https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/rushing-first-down-pct Needles to say we are one of the league leaders in rushing on first down but the difference between us and other teams isn't as great as I thought it would be. For example: we are third at 36%. KC is 13th at 29%. So we run 36 out of 100 times and they run 29 out of 100? Doesn't seem like a big enough difference to totally explain the lack of production. Maybe its a combination of down and distance along with formation and/or personnel groupings.
  4. That is Stewart's rushing total for today. Is it Stewart? is it the line? or is it coaching? Personally I think he is too good of a running back to have those kind of totals. Very rarely do I think to myself that another player would have actually got more out of a play then he does. If anything, some of his two yard rushes are impressive and other backs might have ended up with a loss. I often hear announcers talk about how complex our running attack is but I don't see our RBs getting that many "easy" yards like other teams.
  5. For those that just want to fire Shula and keep RR, how much influence does Ron have on the offense? Head coaches who call their own plays are always easy to blame. Personally I think we play offense in a way to help our defense. This is one of the reasons I think our defense is overrated at times. I know some people are really down on Cam, but personally there is no way I would give up on him yet. Franchise QBs are too hard to find. If you surround him with proven offensive coaches and he continues to struggle you face that problem later.
  6. Cam's Reads and Pocket Awareness

    There are definitely times here lately that he seems to be predetermined on where he is going with ball. I actually went to the game today and found that was more noticeable from the upper deck then even from watching on tv. Also when people talk about going thru their "reads" its just not looking at each receiver in order it can also be watching certain keys on the defense and therefore knowing which receiver should be open. I just wonder how much of this is on Cam and how much is play design and coaching.
  7. Have we played a good offense or QB yet?
  8. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    Everybody talks about how old he is but they were quick to want to give TD an extension. And so what if he regress a little in his "old age", he goes from a top 3 LT to top 10? As far as guaranteed money goes, I would prefer to give $30 million for two years to someone who has been a top 3 tackle in the recent past (last year) than $24m for someone you are "hoping" can become that.
  9. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    I would have overpaid Whitworth. As far as team friendly goes how much would it cost to cut him after 2 years?
  10. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    ...but pride isn't The whole contract felt like an overreaction to all of the pressure Cam received in the 2016 season, which is surprising because DG was always so conservative and disciplined with his other FA signings.
  11. Dalvin Cook

    Maybe the reason they had a better rushing attack is because of the RT not the RB that was drafted... Seriously though, Cook was a very talented prospect coming out of college who apparently had some off the field issues that pushed him into the second round. He might turn into one of the best RBs in the league, or he might not, but we are only one game into the season so its a little early to say. Also I don't understand this need around here for other draft picks to do bad to make our own seem better.
  12. I think the team would be happy with those numbers. To put it in perspective Marshall Faulk averaged 70 and 40 for his career. http://www.nfl.com/player/marshallfaulk/2500601/careerstats With that being said Fournette might end up as the better traditional running back but he was actually drafted 4th and we picked 8th. Throughout the draft process people on this board were focused on Fournette vs Adams vs Thomas and some of were convinced that our pick would come from the next tier of players. If you want to compare CMC to the other options we really had you would be better off looking at players such as Cook, Ross, or Howard.
  13. One was at a pro day and one at a combine
  14. Outside of a few offensive lineman (a position that normally doesn't rotate) the only other players on offense that played more than 90% were Cam and Olsen. KB was around 70%. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/car/2016-snap-counts.htm This idea of an "every down back" is a bit overplayed around here. Elliot is kind of thought as the epitome of a 3 down back and he was at 67%. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/dal/2016-snap-counts.htm So under the "90% rule" we should have only drafted lineman or a player to replace Olsen or Cam? Maybe he will play slot on 2nd down some, running back on 3rd down, and return kicks. If they want they can easily get him enough snaps to justify the pick position.
  15. Very true. Almost any team can get pressure if they want, just depends at what expense. Problem with the that is the type of QBs that you end up facing in the playoffs will make you pay if you blitz too much.