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  1. I'm one of Kuechly's biggest fans but unless his wins a super bowl or multiple he will not be the best. Super Bowls count more than stats. Also Wills made him look like crap this year. You don't blitz Luke that's not his specialty. He is better at watching qb and going to make the tackle. Hopefully the defense will be different and better than last year.
  2. Yeah and I read that Shurmer said that him and Gettleman are on the same page and agree that it all starts with the offensive line. Yeah Gettleman didn't never work on that for Cam. Giants are going to suck for awhile!!!!
  3. I totally agree. I thought it was pretty obvious with that guy from the saints head going down and not even getting near Diggs.
  4. Relive the moment

    My favorite part looking back on it now, and I don't know if anyone remembers but I do is after Taints make the fg to take the lead Payton is going Boom, Boom and looking at the crowd at the same time. Then Vikings scored and made him look like a little bitch!!!! Then I wanted to get that broom he handed Ginn and say Boom, Boom. How u like that bitches sweep didn't matter. Then I would pop a wine bottle over sorry ass Cam Jordan's head.
  5. I love you motherfuggers

    Yeah I bet Payton bent him over and gave him the stick. Nasty ass saints, and can wait to see y'all at the bottom again next year.
  6. 24-23. Sorry saints u thought u won lmao. Saintsforlfeagain ur team is garbage!!! We know who loss dat!!! Panthers will come back and win the division and then the super bowl next year!!!!
  7. He has not been hired yet guys. There is a reason it hasn't happened yet and I think everyone will be surprised when he doesn't come here.
  8. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Yeah and Fournette looked so great. He only looked good for a couple of weeks all year. I bet u was one that wanted us to trade up for him and give up all of our other picks.
  9. Panthers giving Ron Ron a two year extension

    I want to know what coach all of you think we could get that is better than Ron. No college coach is out there worth a crap and your not getting some of the top ones. Plus college coaches that come to NFL always suck. So I'm guessing y'all want a coach that is getting fired from the other sucky teams. This site has become garbage, and needs to be changed to fake fans of the Panthers.
  10. Panthers giving Ron Ron a two year extension

    Katrina as well!!!
  11. Get ready cause u probably about to here a bunch more after Sunday's game. NFL wants him to come back and make the playoffs.
  12. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    I've noticed the last couple weeks they have been taking him out when we get inside the 10. He should be in there every play inside the 20. That's another player the defense has to be aware of. Don't understand that at all!!!!
  13. I looked at the schedule and to me Panthers pretty much have to win out just to make playoffs not worried about division. If we finish in three way tie with falcons and saints we are out. If we finish in three way tie with Falcons and Seahawks we are out. So not looking good. Wish falcons would have lost last night!!!
  14. Who do we root for thursday night?

    Gb is going to lose one more game. I like our chances