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  1. Dallas, at home, week 1

    He wants to go to another nfc east team so he can play them twice. Instead of playing for a ring on a good team he wants revenge on the team that let him go. Glad we aren't showing any interest in him, he is all about him that's it.
  2. Yeah you sure you didn't mean Saints schedule will be easy to start off with? At least there last 6 or 7 games look brutal.
  3. We got mothers problems week 1

    We don't play TB on Monday night
  4. Holy fugnuckle

    Thought you said we had a good start to schedule to start fast. We have to play falcons week two on the road
  5. Yikes we struggle with all the primetime games
  6. Holy fugnuckle

    I read they are playing Giants week 1 so not them. Plus Giants will have Dez so that will probably be snf
  7. Holy fugnuckle

    A late Sunday home opener has that ever happened?
  8. Holy fugnuckle

    Probably week 1
  9. Holy fugnuckle

    Where the schedule at? We getting an home opener or not?
  10. SOME 2017 STATS

    Don't really get your logic because they both scored over 30 points?
  11. SOME 2017 STATS

    What about 2016?
  12. Brandon Marshall Released

    But you have been saying sign Dez?
  13. This will help us stay fresh and get a bye week. I hope the bye is near the middle. I don't want week 3 or 4.
  14. SOME 2017 STATS

    I said couple years. I wasn't including that. Look at last two super bowls nobody scored under 28 points.