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  1. This week...

    Falcons should be 1-4. Chicago had 4 chances to beat them inside the 5 and refs gave them the game against the Lions. Falcons are terrible we don't have to worry about them. Matt Ryan is garbage that was a fluke last year.
  2. Eagles injury updates

    It's not going to be raining lol. There is nothing even on the radar. What damn channel y'all get ur info from. Lmao
  3. Playoff picture, NFC

    Dilly Dilly!!!!
  4. So Who You Got? Panthers @ Lions

    If Can would have kept his mouth shut on a stupid question then I say after last week we come out of there with a W. Now with all this distraction it will affect him and the team, so we will lose bad. We only lost to the Saints because of the distraction caused by Trump. U could tell the players didn't know how to handle the protest and it affected them on the field.
  5. Please quit throwing the quick pass to the side. IT NEVER WORKS!!!! We can't block for that play, never use it again. Only player that was ever any good at that play was Smith and it wasn't because we could block for him, it was because he had one of the best stiff arms EVER!!!!!
  6. Please I hope all of u that said oh no this season is over we are finished to please say we still suck and will only win like 2 or 3 more games. Panthers are at their best when the media and all the crappy fans are down on them!!!!
  7. Man of can't help autocorrect. All I know is we Beat Patriots!!! Is that better for ya!!!!
  8. Whatever dude. Patriots are going to score at least 24 points no matter what. No one probably including you predicted we would win. I said we would win all week, I really care what y'all think!!!!
  9. Yeah I told all these whiny people we would win all week!!!!
  10. What Patriots fans are saying...

    Looks like a recipe for a win for us just because all of y'all are so down in the dumps over one loss. We are at our best when everyone says we will lose. I love it when u all so called fans give up. Panthers win Sunday, u heard it here first!!!
  11. To think any of this crap had anything to do with the way we played Sunday is ridiculous. I think my 7 year old is smarter than half of u dunces on here!!! We got our ass's kicked because we wasn't ready for a hungry winless team PERIOD!!!!!
  12. Is this really a Panthers fan forum?

    I agree with u man. I also thought u was right when u u said we needed another TE. Look now when ur only one goes down hurt ur stuck without garbage.
  13. Is this really a Panthers fan forum?

    Yes a bunch and most of them was guys saying after we went 2-0, how much tds u think we will beat Taints by. Now those same guys are like oh no we are done. We are going to lose the rest of our games, our season is over. Please go pull for another team ain't nobody got time for that.
  14. Is this really a Panthers fan forum?

    Thank u!!!! I wish this forum was like it use to be. It's turn into a bunch of whinny ass women. Maybe all these guys wives have took over their account!!