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  1. I read it looks if Elder will be starting for Jackson. Idk but this injury bug is killing us on both sides of the ball
  2. Where has the blitzing gone so far this year. We just let Ryan pick us apart and no pressure. I'm so tired of seeing Munnerlyn go around the edge he is never going to get to the QB that's a damn waste. Also I have not even noticed Poe on this team yet, he has been very quiet.
  3. Yeah when Andy Dalton comes and demolishes this defense because we are playing Colin Jones, Gaulden, and Elder because looks like Jackson will be out you will be on here whining as well. Guess what we will be on here to tell ya about it.
  4. So your saying use CJ? Because I haven't seen that yet and have no idea why we are not!
  5. Omg not another damn thread started from u about sorry ass Hardy that got all his sacks in two games in one year against Atlanta. Dude this is getting old!
  6. So I'm going to say we have the third tie in 3 straight weeks. 33-33 both kickers miss extra points.
  7. Not sure Jackson plays with the hamstring issue. If he doesn't play wow this defense will be in real trouble on the back end. I feel like this could be like last week with Ryan. I think they are very similar qbs
  8. Yeah that's what everyone said about falcons defensive guys and Freeman being out last week. How did that work out?
  9. Yeah no catches till that one. Looked at game stats and he didn't show up on receiving stats against cowboys.
  10. So he had 10.5 sacks last year. Peppers plays way less and is like almost 40 but had more sacks. Your not really making a great point, look pretty stupid to me.
  11. Yeah where was Mack last year for the Raiders that's right nowhere to be found. Luke has never gone missing for a whole damn year. One game, all great players have that not a whole damn year go on with ur stupid poo!
  12. So your saying we should have just starting punching guys out and get all of our 3rd string lineman thrown out of the game. Yep that sounds smart we only have like a 10 percent chance of winning that game with the guys we had out there anyway. I thought Saca, Ace_Aladdin, and some others started some crappy threads but this might have just went near the top of dumbest one ever!
  13. Man looking back at all these crappy draft picks, Gettleman really fugged us over.
  14. steven8989

    Vent is over much more calm

    Yeah we didn't take care of all the advantages against Atlanta. We can't beat them or the saints. We have to do that to have a chance. We have to win the division and get a good seed in playoffs. If have to play on the road on the playoffs we are done. Not a good start for division and we had a perfect chance yesterday.
  15. Yep and it was to Torrey Smith who has brick for hands.