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  1. steven8989

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    More fed up with ur mouth
  2. steven8989

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    No Cam hater here, just think it's ridiculous he had to use all that bad language. Actually I'm really tired of your crappy posts!
  3. steven8989

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    So nobody asked if he would take that shield out of the middle of the field and put a damn panther there?
  4. steven8989

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    Tried to tell y'all statue wasn't going anywhere!
  5. ICorn Elder, Ian Thomas, Doss, backup QB because that probably is most important thing they need to look at. If these guys are not hitting on much we have to go get a FA so if anything happens to Cam. Either way we are screwed if he goes down though.
  6. Dude Hardy is never playing again for anybody get the hell over it. That's what happens when you act like a dumbass. Glad he is gone and will never be a panther again.
  7. Dude quit worrying about how people write poo on here. It's a damn forum and people just type fast and might not get their point out that great. Damn go be a damn teacher or professor. All you worry about is how people write a post and not about the topic. If you don't have something smart to say then keep your mouth shut!
  8. Hey how about you just worry about changing that ugly looking picture beside your name or maybe just delete your account while you're at it.
  9. Hey this shows up on more than Instagram dummies. This has been posted on many sites.
  10. It's always your threads that start the bs anyway. I don't care what anyone says but it's not a good look for him.
  11. How bout you go back and keep your mouth shut!
  12. Yeah tell that to all the kids who watched his Nickelodeon shows. Some people on here are just idiots.
  13. It matters to all the young people that look up to him. He didn't have to add all that cussing into it. Just something else for people to call him out. He needs to think before he says and puts stuff on video.