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  1. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    I grew up 15 minutes drive-distance from Foxboro Stadium (Gillette). I never became a Patriots fan because I was always a Panthers fan. I see a lot of "I Hate Patriots Fans" postings here and I guess I dont quite get it. New Englanders have a VERY dry sense of humor, and most Pats fans (Boston fans in general) will dish out verbal jabs and tell you about how the Patriots are the greatest of all time. But at the end of the day, it is all in good fun (and they expect you to dish it back at them). I have a running joke with most of my buddies about Spygate, and they make fun of me for loving a team that has a linebacker for a QB. But at the end of the day, we grab a beer, take jabs at each other, and talk in sarcasm until it is time to call a cab.  Anyone else from New England that gets the sarcasm?   Anyway. Top hated fanbases: 1. Dallas, 2. Skins, 3. Jets, 4. Phili, 5. Atlanta
  2. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Rivera has Cam and Stew in his fantasy lineup this week. I bet he is losing by 6 points.
  3. The best part about this whole situation: Cam is in our opponents' heads. Football just like chess: you can make all the right moves, sacrifice your pawn for a bishop, etc. and you may win. But when you can play with your opponent's psychology - when you force them to focus on something other than the play at hand...well that is when you know you've won. Think about how dominant the Panthers will be when other NFL teams are playing ONLY to stop Cam from diving into the endzone. Over-pursuits, missed assignments, stupid penalties...all to keep one guy from dancing. Cam may just be the smartest QB to play the game. Keep dancing Cam! Keep dancing!
  4. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    Does Cam even do the Superman pose anymore? I feel like his new dance makes him look like a puppet on strings. 
  5. when the other team is running suicide blitz

    Ok. We are winning because the TEAM is playing together well. I am good with that
  6. when the other team is running suicide blitz

    Agree completely. I propose a compromise: we are winning because of Cam AND Schula working together.