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  1. Not sure if anyone has posted this (I cannot find it within myself to read all of this back and forth), but read the official report. This situation was DEFINITELY NOT malicious. He was protecting his girlfriend. Numerous witnesses corroborate that. If someone was going to hurt my family (girl or guy) I would do much worse than push him or her away.
  2. Hahahahahaha hilarious!
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    For most of us this is a nutty football pick. Keep in mind, for Gettleman this is a business pick. This may give him financial leverage going into next year.
  4. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Honestly, we have one of the best front seven cores in the league. Unless Josh goes to Denver or New England, he is gonna end up useless.
  5. Funny thing is, we might get him in the draft. Why would we trade our best player for someone we most likely will be able to get anyway.
  6. Tolbert returning for two more years

    Perfect. I realize many did not care if we retained him, but I am so happy to have him on the team! This was the one deal this year that I really wanted to work out. I love Tolberts personality and I think he brings more to the team than just the on field stuff
  7. Thomas Davis wife thinks TD is a super hero

    Sweet. TDs wife and I have something in common now
  8. I love you ESPN

    So ESPN is trying a different tactic to prevent the wildfire-like spread of HGH and molestation allegations. Look in the mirror America, this is your problem not Peyton Manning's.Love how when Cam gets the attention, he is a whiney brat, but when Manning gets in trouble it is America's fault for digging too deep and connecting the dots http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14778342/reaction-peyton-manning-allegations-cam-newton-press-conference-nfl
  9. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Hey NFL: I bet you are now rethinking the refs in Superbowl 50. Probably should have called that Cotchery catch a catch. The Golden Child will fall hard all because of his stupid sexism and your ridiculous desire to please Archie Manning. Maybe you should file a lawsuit against the Mannings for constantly making you do things that you know are wrong.
  10. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Agreed. I like Jon Stewart's rule of journalism: consistency. Whether you like Stewart or not, he is right about the inconsistent standardsmany hold public figures to. If we criticize Cam for being upset during a press conference, but Manning has done something similar, then we should use it as precident. This is why people think the media is racist, or fox news is terrible, or msnbc sucks... we need consistency in our reporting and criticism or else you come across as an ignorant orracist a-hole.
  11. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    I get my news from the only legitimate news source: The MF'ing Huddle!
  12. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    If you need another reason to disregard the media's critique of Newton, just take a lool at their treatment of Newton and Brady compared to Peyton and Aqib Talib. No evidence against Brady, Newton was crucified for being upset after the biggest game of his career. Peyton rapes a girl and takes HGH, and Talib INTENTIONALLY tries to rip Philly's head off. What were the two biggest stories? Newton and Deflategate.... and that is why the media is a hoax
  13. Cam shows off his trophies

    UPS now delivers babies? I am outraged!
  14. Joe Webb and Aqib Talib Received Fines

    We could adopt Hockey's 5 minute misconduct penalty. If you think football is fun to watch now, imagine a guy dressed in a greenman costume throwing popcorn at Talib while he is in the penalty box.
  15. Boldin is a free agent

    If we can forgive Harper for the hit on Smith during bountygate...why not forgive Boldin