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  1. Cheek added a post in a topic Y'all need to hear this. The KB injury sucks, but...   

    On another positive note, Funchess will be forced into the number 1 spot now and gain a ton of experience this year, maybe even facing some double coverage if he performs at a high level. Assuming KB comes back next year healthy, him, Funchess and Olsen will be a scary trio. 
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  2. Cheek added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    Steph is my favorite player right now so I'm definitely rooting for the Warriors. Him winning a ring and finals mvp would be an incredible year for him, or for anyone for that matter. 
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  3. Cheek added a post in a topic According to Chad Ford we're showing early interest in Cam Payne   

    Don't like it personally...I'm praying for Devin Booker. 
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  4. Cheek added a post in a topic Who's Your Choice?   

    This draft is really exciting me, one of the more deeper ones I have seen in a while. I feel like even in the 6-9 range, we can draft a player that could impact the team immediately. Only thing is you know about Clifford and his whoever we draft you can except 10 mins a game if were lucky. Devin Booker is a player that is flying under the radar for me, I think he has the nicest jump shot in college basketball and could help our perimeter shooting a lot. Kaminsky is also growing on me, a stretch 4 that has a pretty nice handle for a big guy and can drive to the hoop as well. Both will probably be available when we pick, so at the moment those are my top 2. I originally went with WCS just because of his defensive value, but we have Biz who is a similar type player and need scoring much more imo.  
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  5. Cheek added a post in a topic Get Ready   

    I personally would rather have Towns than Okafor, but both of them will be elite centers at the next level imo. 
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  6. Cheek added a post in a topic Starting a team from scratch   

    If you gave Anthony Davis the pieces that Duncan or Lebron have/had do you not think your franchise would win rings? 
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  7. Cheek added a post in a topic Starting a team from scratch   

    No...that's what I'm saying. He doesn't even have to win a ring to be the 2nd greatest PF of all time. Malone and Barkley didn't get one...and his production at 21 years of age is just as great as any season they have ever had. This dude is the real deal. He is now currently competing for a playoff spot in the west with a mediocre Pelicans team. He is the only reason why they are in the spot that they are in. If you don't think that he will ever even compete for a ring though, you are delusional. It's pretty simple, If New Orleans doesn't put the pieces around him to be successful, he will walk and choose a team that will just like Lebron. 
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  8. Cheek added a post in a topic Redo Stephenson Signing   

    I wish the Gordon Hayward offer would have worked out. Imagine how much better we would be.
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  9. Cheek added a post in a topic Starting a team from scratch   

    Ok, you can pick Lebron and get that great 5 years left in him, but I'm going to pick Davis and have him run my franchise for 13+ years at a high performance. I understand how great Lebron is, but we are talking about someone you can build a dynasty with. Lebron doesn't have that much time. And when it's all said and done I think Davis will be at least the 2nd best PF of all time. Need to see how many rings he wins to compare him with Duncan. 
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  10. Cheek added a post in a topic Westbrook is the best PG in the NBA   

    You guys are crazy talking about trading Durant, they compliment each other so well. Yes, Westbrook is a beast, but he still has some nights where he has trouble shooting the ball. The thing that makes him so good is his intensity, athleticism, and his ability to distribute the ball even when he's going on a rampage. If his shots aren't falling though, Durant is that perfect player to create his own shot and take over the game for a little. Because Westbrook can contribute in all categories, especially defensively. I don't think they would ever trade Durant, and please don't say Westbrook is better because of these recent games. They are impressive, but you gotta realize Westbrook has also taken a lot of heat for taking more shots than Durant, resulting in a lot of Ls in the past. He is definitely playing on a whole other level this year though. 
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  11. Cheek added a post in a topic Hornets at Nets 7:30 (PLAYOFF GAMES!) ... not really   

    I really don't understand how we are supposed to develop our young players if Clifford won't even play them in situations like this. 
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  12. Cheek added a post in a topic Hornets at Nets 7:30 (PLAYOFF GAMES!) ... not really   

    I know it's just one player, but it seems like Lance's role is going down more and more each game. And I'm loving it. It's amazing how much better we are when we don't give him 25+ minutes.
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  13. Cheek added a post in a topic Core players vs non core players list..   

    Exactly. I mean, to be honest Zeller will never be the defensive player Noel is, but he will still be solid defensively. What does our team need right now though? Scoring. Zeller will be a much better scorer than Noel will be. Post game, Mid range jumpers, and a big thing is Zeller can hit his free throws unlike Noel. And you have to remember these are Noel's stats playing 30+ mins on a pathetic 76ers team. Imagine if Zeller was in that situation... might be average like 16 ppg 10 rbs for all we know. 
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  14. Cheek added a post in a topic Core players vs non core players list..   

    You guys are being too hard on Cody man, he is playing solid for his 2nd season in the league and he improved a hell of a lot in a one year period imo. He is only 22, he has at least another 4 years until he starts to hit his prime. I'm pretty sure he'll turn out to be a fine NBA player. 
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  15. Cheek added a post in a topic The Official General NBA Discussion Thread   

    Continuous severe injuries just like Sam Bowie. There's no denying that we will probably never see the MVP Rose ever again. Could have been one of the best PGs of all time if it weren't for the injuries imo...definitely the most athletic and exciting to watch.  
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