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  1. Media Fatigue...

  2. Super Bowl Roll Call

    So some people will definitely be at Red Lot 4?
  3. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/10992273 Delete if already up.
  4. Super Bowl Roll Call

    same with you @thebigcat
  5. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Huge congrats, what are your plans on gameday?
  6. Super Bowl Roll Call

    I just downloaded it, looks good to me.
  7. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Sign me up for this.
  8. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Red Lot 4 seems to be the move. 
  9. SB50 Tailgate Tickets (2)?

    I second this.
  10. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Anybody know where to get a ticket protector lanyard, really want to keep this ticket preserved through the whole trip.
  11. Super Bowl Roll Call

    So, you'll for sure be in the lot tailgating?
  12. Minnesota a possibility, I mean they were a playoff team. 
  13. Reminder that it wouldn't be a TOP TOP TIER game IMO because it will sell itself, but not many options...Arizona? Reminder on games: ATL, NO, TB, SF, ARI, KC, SD, MINN  
  14. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Just got my tickets in hand this morning, so damn excited!  417 row 20, just happy to be in the building.
  15. Is there a thread for all who are attending the SB?

    Was thinking about that. Was the 55 for round-trip?