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  1. I saw Rivera and Gettleman and "flashing" in the thread title and and was like
  2. It says on their review of the game that because we pulled our starters early that had an impact on their grades.
  3. Cardinals/Seahawks Game Thread

    I think Arizona is our competition for the NFC this year.
  4. We may have to play the Packers again. I really don't want to give them - literally - bulletin board material.
  5. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    There are a lot of Hurricane fans here lol.
  6. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

  7. Second Half Season Predictions?

    We lose to the Giants in N.Y. and finish the season 15-1. The Giants make the playoffs, beat Minnesota or Atlanta in the wild card, then play us in the divisional round and get stomped in a revenge game. We beat Arizona in the NFCCG to make it to the Super Bowl against the Patriots.
  8. Our Color Rush Uniforms

    This season continues to be surreal.
  10. Carolina Panthers #4 Scoring Offense

    What is most encouraging to me is that 1) we're getting C.J. back soon so the defense should be better, and 2) the team as a whole tends to play better in December under Rivera, which is VERY encouraging at 8-0.
  11. 24-13 Panthers. Ho-hum victory.
  12. He can say that all day long, but no team is paying any CB top QB money.
  13. So... I'll be the one to start this thread...

    I mean, how crazy is it that we're even discussing this after week 9? Who would have thought this after KB went down in camp...
  14. 4th quarter collapses

    Well, when you get up big on teams in the 2nd half they tend to start throwing out of desperation. It's almost as if the defense wasn't prepared to play against that sort of offense. Overall, this defense in general hasn't played up to its full potential, which is both frustrating and exciting. Considering that we generally play our best football in December and will get C.J. back in a few weeks, we could actually get a lot better just in time for the playoffs.
  15. NFL Standings

    Arizona scares me a little. Not sure I'd want to see them in January, though I'd rather it be them than a re-match with the Packers.