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  1. 30th Pick

    My list of needs: 1. CB: Regardless of whether we tag Josh Norman or re-sign him, we still need help at CB. I feel like Bene' is a much better outside corner than he is a nickel back, but Norman is probably here for one tagged season at best, so we need to find someone to play nickel as a rookie and move outside to replace Norman in year 2. I wouldn't mind a double-dip at this position. 2. DE: Kony Ealy balled out in the Super Bowl and is a major breakout candidate in 2016, but Charles Johnson is clearly not worth his cap figure at this point. We desperately need an upgrade over him, both in the short and long term. 3. OT: The OL is catching hell for its Super Bowl performance, but I still feel our interior OL is solid for years to come, pending Kalil's contract situation. The right tackle spot will likely be upgraded by Daryl Williams and while I expect Michael Oher to remain the starter at left tackle in 2016, we definitely need to draft someone with an eye toward replacing him in 2017. 4. RB: Stewart isn't getting any younger and while CAP showed a lot of promise as a rookie, if the opportunity presents itself I can definitely see us taking a RB early in the draft. I know we really liked Todd Gurley last year, and while we likely can't count on anyone that good falling to us, it's a position to keep an eye on.
  2. Cam Newton disappointed me

    This. This. This. This. THIS. I've always said it's a good thing I'm not famous because I have zero tolerance for people and would probably be the biggest asshole you can imagine if I had to deal with constantly being asked for autographs/photos while in public. The OP's story sounds bad, I admit, but I imagine it's very awkward for Cam as well. He's been poked and prodded every which way these last two weeks and was probably just out trying to blow off some steam. He certainly seemed rather peeved at today's press conference I noticed.
  3. If we win on Sunday, Matthew McConaughey must narrate our America's Game episode.
  4. Broncos to Wear All White

    FWIW, teams wearing white are a combined 31-18 in the Super Bowl. The last team to win wearing 'home' colors? The Packers after the 2010 season over the Steelers.
  5. Eagles hire some no-name coordinator from K.C. Still a chance the Lions fire Jim Caldwell, according to reports, however.
  6. Remmers

    Yeah, I think Daryl Williams was drafted as the long-term answer at RT.
  7. Pro Bowl Results!!!

    My predictions for the Panthers Pro Bowlers: LOCKS: Cam Newton Mike Tolbert Greg Olsen Ryan Kalil Kawann Short Thomas Davis Luke Kuechly Josh Norman LIKELY: Trai Turner Kurt Coleman Michael Oher Joe Webb OUTSIDE SHOT: Jonathan Stewart Andrew Norwell Star Lotulelei
  8. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    I'd sell them to buy Super Bowl tickets.
  9. Some things to consider:  - Minnesota plays @ Green Bay in week 17, a game that will likely decide the NFC North winner. If Green Bay wins that game, they will then very likely host the #6 seeded Vikings the very next week again at Lambeau. I'd generally take the Packers in that scenario once, but twice in two weeks? It's definitely possible the Vikings end up being the team we face in the divisional round.  - It's possible that we will end up in a decent position to decide if Seattle makes it to the playoffs or not. If Seattle wins out through week 16, but loses to Arizona in week 17 AND the Vikings beat Green Bay to win the NFC North, then it will come down to Tampa Bay vs. Seattle for the #6 seed. If the Bucs run the table through week 16 (not unlikely) then a win over us coupled with a Vikings win and a Seahawks loss at Arizona would have Tampa making it in over Seattle - IF they beat us in week 17, that is.  - If we do play Seattle, let's consider that they do not have Jimmy Graham available this time around. With Josh Norman locking up Doug Baldwin, that will leave Wilson with very few receiving targets (only Kearse and the backup TE really) and we almost always do a good job of containing their run game, so I'm not sure they're going to be the threat to us that many in the media will no doubt proclaim them to be in a playoff rematch scenario. Plus, they've relied heavily on homefield advantage the last 2 years in the playoffs. Having to fly cross-country to play us on Charlotte is a different animal come playoff time.
  10. I saw Rivera and Gettleman and "flashing" in the thread title and and was like
  11. It says on their review of the game that because we pulled our starters early that had an impact on their grades.
  12. Cardinals/Seahawks Game Thread

    I think Arizona is our competition for the NFC this year.
  13. We may have to play the Packers again. I really don't want to give them - literally - bulletin board material.
  14. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    There are a lot of Hurricane fans here lol.
  15. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula