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  1. Yes, I fully considered Cam Jordan when I typed this post - I could be wrong but believe Okafor leads Jordan in pressures which in my book makes him the more effective pass rusher overall. Cam Jordan is good, but protection can slide to him now that Okafor is gone.
  2. Good news is the Saints got taken to the wire at home by a sub-500 team with a tissue-paper defense and they lost their best pass rusher (Okafor) for the rest of the season in the process.
  3. Redskins shouldn't have put themselves in a position where that call cost them the game.
  4. They know Philly and would rather see what Clay can do.
  5. Alex Armah

    Replacing KB with speed has opened things up and created space to run the ball.
  6. The Saints caught us off guard in the first matchup, we'll be ready for them next time. Our # 1 ranked defense can keep them in check and with Cam finally healthy our offense is rounding into shape.
  7. Concessions are cheap but ticket prices went way up... too high for the mostly fairweather, frontrunning fanbase.
  8. I want a guy who is unhappy about not being "the guy" but he shouldn't be talking to the press about it.
  9. Can we lose to Jay Cutler?

    Well, we lost to Trubisky so I would have to say anything is possible... that Dolphins defense is pretty good so we have to get our offense going and create some turnovers on defense for easier scoring opportunities.
  10. Assuming those tweets are from a legitimate source, man that sucks for the kid and boy did we dodge a bullet! I would imagine this will lead to a complete overhaul of the Colts training staff.
  11. Wild Sunday

    I'm not a big fan of Deion but he's right, Romo has no business taking shots at him.
  12. True, but we got them first so.... #Winning
  13. You could ask Charlotte Steelers and Cowboys fans about Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.