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  1. CatMan72

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    The simley face has me thinking the service sucked.
  2. Great breakdown and sadly none of it was surprising. I think Shula's inability to take full advantage of CMC was ultimately his downfall and thank God for that! Norv knows how to use a talent like CMC, I'm licking my chops for what we're about to see.
  3. CatMan72

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Easier said than done, for sure. The fact that JR has not acknowledged his mistakes and apologized makes it that much more difficult to accept (and forgive). So, if they take it down I'll understand. Can especially understand Tepper not wanting to take heat over a statue that has nothing to do with him.
  4. CatMan72

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Cosby is way more than complicated. If someone I cared about was a victim I would encourage them to forgive and move on, it's the only way to heal... and it transcends a statue.
  5. CatMan72

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    So you think what JR was comparable to Bill Cosby? LOL It was bad and hurt people, but let's not get totally carried away. I'm not arguing for keeping the statue, just giving my opinion which is what this thread was all about. If they take it down I'll understand why and if they leave it up I'll understand why.
  6. CatMan72

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Understand that, just speaking for myself. I completely understand the gravity of what he did, but I don't think it erases any of the good he did and I'm personally grateful to have an NFL team in Charlotte to root for. One of his accusers acknowledged she has seen him change lives with his generosity. In the end, JR is like the rest of us... complicated. If they ultimately decide to take it down, I'll understand why.
  7. CatMan72

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    I can seperate the bad stuff he did, from my gratitude for bringing NFL football to the Carolinas which is what the statue was meant to commemerate.
  8. CatMan72

    No minority partners

    The deal is he agreed in principal to be responsible for the whole 2.275 billion, with at least 30% of that down. He could have asked the existing minority partners to help him fund that, but he's decided to pay the whole 2.275.
  9. CatMan72

    Uber/Lyft on game days

    This is honestly your best bet and it includes free entertainment.
  10. CatMan72

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Figured there was more to it.
  11. CatMan72

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Used too but 46 now, might have a few snaps left in the tank LOL
  12. CatMan72

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Saw him in person a few weeks ago and he's lean but still a beast... I'm just shy of 6'7" and we were looking eye to eye
  13. CatMan72

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    This is awesome, punk kid got treated like a punk. Easy to talk when his back his turned, not so easy to talk when he's 3 inches from you nose asking you to repeat yourself.... LOL
  14. CatMan72

    Scary moment at practice today...

    Sigh... c'mon Matt!