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  1. Met him at Dan Morgan's pizza place his rookie year, really nice kid - hate that it didn't work out for him.
  2. The Klein Factor

    We know him too...
  3. Daryl Williams trips over his own feet just as the blitzing LB hits the gap... at that point the playcall doesn't matter, it's over. Cam has to step up to get away from that and is sacked. Trai stays with the most immediate threat and Williams is still on his ass while the stunting DE runs by him. Between plays like this and the holding calls Williams was a liability on Sunday.
  4. No because the only thing worse than a bad Thursday night game is no game at all. These bad match ups are going to happen either way, I still find it interesting to watch even if the score and overall quality of play is low.
  5. Super Bowl LIII - Atlanta edition

    ATL...our anus is prepared, will yours be?
  6. Super Bowl LIII - Atlanta edition

    Superbowl LII: Prepare your anus
  7. Gettleman's picks weren't as high in many cases, but do we want to compare his performance to Marty's in the 1st round?
  8. Funny reading about all this "intel" the Bills have on us... like we don't know McDermott better than he knows himself. With Tolbert, just hit him hard a few times at the start of the game and he'll start making business decisions. BTW Mike, poking fun at Thomas Davis is a poor business decision...
  9. Tobert: "Now if this guy whiffs on his chip block we lose the superbowl"
  10. What Bills fans are saying ...

    So the Bills only manage to score 21 against the Jets and they're laughing at us for scoring 23 on the 49ers?
  11. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    Yeah, because contact is so limited in practice these days. I played OL for a long time, you run drills and walk through blocking schemes all you want but you don't learn anything until you go live.
  12. He obviously didn't have that much intel to share... LOL
  13. Not a pancake, but a nice job by Turner of staying in front of the much quicker Thomas and finishing him.
  14. Is cam still dual threat qb?

    Yeah, we're just being a little smarter about it... save those hits for the postseason.
  15. This is true, same true for corners.