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  1. Would love to see JNo come home and pair up with Bradberry, at the right price.
  2. Scatback? LOL Landry would instantly be the best WR on our roster. I don't like the 16 mil price tag but we would negociate a deal before trading. Landry led the league in catches this year with Cutler throwing him the ball...
  3. Good, I love Stew but it's time to move on.
  4. I remember the Jags being worried about brand recognition when they changed uniforms the first time... hard to establish any brand recognition when you change every 5 years. I like our new logo, hope our uniforms don't change - they are a modern classic.
  5. Why any business man would leave this market is beyond my imagination.
  6. Sounds like these are false accusations so this sucks. Not saying Hurney is the best GM but people shouldn't lose jobs over false accusations.
  7. So why wouldn't they just inactivate him?
  8. Yup trade him. BTW does anyone have a bigger monkey on their back than Wentz now??? He has to win a SB and be mvp to reclaim his team.
  9. I thought they were embracing the suck? LOL
  10. Butler's skillset is more like Short and less like Star.
  11. Ryan Kalil To Retire in 2018

    Man... sucks to lose both these guys at the same time. This team will be motivated to see these guys off as champions.
  12. Wow, what a douche! LOL If that was my girl Marc would be missin a few teeth.
  13. It's safe to bet this sort of need vs. BPA conflict takes place between every GM and coaching staff in every draft room every year. Coaches look at what pieces they need, GMs look at value. So basically... nothing to see here except Gettleman using us as an example of this natural conflict of interests. Still don't understand why we rescinded the tag and let Norman walk for nothing... hopefully he gets around to explaining that some day.