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  1. Is it me or has CMC bulked up?

    Hard to tell from that pic but wouldn't be surprised if he added 10 lbs in the offseason.
  2. We got mothers problems week 1

    I hope they plan to try and run the ball on us... Dak doesn't scare me as a passer.
  3. Bucs gonna Buc... they are the masters of cheesy gimmicks in the NFL.
  4. This could be a really good thing as long as it doesn't divide the locker room. Competition between the D and O is good but can boil over quickly. I think Rivera has a good enough handle on the team and established captains on both sides to keep things on track and I don't see a power struggle evolving between him & Norv.
  5. Dallas, at home, week 1

    If there was any justice you would have had to do it last year like we did the year before.
  6. Cam Newton's 911 call

    OMG he called 911 after a car accident??? LOL
  7. Worley Arrested

    El Oh El, can be a problem when you put a guy back in his home town... but still mind numbingly stupid behavior.
  8. Towards the end, but for most of his years as an owner his was one of the most accessible in the league. I emailed the team a rant during the 2010 season and the man called me. He would regularly visit tailgates and take random psl owners out to lunch.
  9. Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    We can still wear ours cause all we did was add blue pants to our blue jerseys and the league doesn't care what color pants you wear.
  10. Navarro because he's local and has football in his blood.
  11. Tepper NOT out

    All depends on how involved he has been and it's not safe to assume any level of involement based on a 5% ownership stake. I only mention it because I keep hearing how his Steelers ownership experience makes him more qualified and I think that's kinda silly. Navarro or any other owner can hire a team president who has intimate knowledge of how the business of the NFL and successful franchises work.
  12. Tepper NOT out

    Right, just like Haslam and that hasn't translated into success.
  13. Tepper NOT out

    I don't think a 5% ownership stake in the team guarantees he has anything to do with how the org is run or would intend to run the Panthers the same way. Haslam was a Steelers minority owner and he hasn't turned the Browns into a copy of the Steelers org or enjoyed much success. Not sure the guy that has made billions in debt collection can be cast as a "nice guy". Tepper has a more outgoing personality but I don't think that means Navarro has any less killer instinct.
  14. I would imagine JR favors Navarro for being from the Carolinas and having a strong background in football from his dad. I'd imagine JR is looking for a younger version of himself and Navarro fits the mold much more than anyone else.
  15. I'll give it a watch but the quality of play in any non-NFL league always turns me off.