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  1. 5 things to know about James Bradbury on
  2. Panthers quoted one of this guy's tweets in an article, so he must have some credibility.
  3. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    You sold yourself, he's a rotational player on a defense that believes (with good reason) rotating interior DL with no drop off allows them to put consistent pressure on the passer while stopping the run and allowing our all-pro LB's roam free and make plays.
  4. About those corners...

    A-men @Zod we got great value with all these guys and the position group is set for years to come. Easy to forget we got Norman in the 5th out of a FCS school and developed him (kicking and screaming) into one of the best at what he does.
  5. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    And he wasn't going to say this before the draft because it would have tipped our hand.
  6. And one the few who has actually been paid by an NFL team to evaluate talent.
  7. Cam makes another wish come true.

    Got something in my eye... that's my Quarterback. F*ck a press conference, this is character.
  8. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    DA isn't getting any younger and Webb isn't really a viable 2nd string QB.
  9. Butler insurance in case in takes a little longer to develop? OR... and I hate to say this, but we're negotiating with KK's agent and are so far apart that we're preparing for life without him? OR all of the above OR none of the above OR nippleshorts really can't help his hog molly self, so deal with it.
  10. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    "You build a football team from the inside-out and up the middle" - said no one in Atlanta ever
  11. Kony is turned loose.

    Yeah, I'm expecting big things from Delaire - how many practice squad guys get 2 sacks in their first game? He did that on raw talent and now he's learned our system and honed his skills.
  12. Meanwhile, Skins have 26th ranked rush defense and select a WR = A+ If these pinheads ever liked our draft picks I would be worried. LOL
  13. Draft or Hornets?

    Hornets on the big screen, draft on the small screen.
  14. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    Hahaha, a safety coverage sack!
  15. Yup, Gettleman has demonstrated a willingness to move up if we get within striking distance of a value pick on our board. We did this last year to grab Funchess. All depends on how high someone is on our board and how far they fall towards us. I think if Dodd, Ogbah, Derrick/Hunter Henry or McKenzie Alexander get in range we'll pull the trigger and move up.