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  1. Based on his own background I would expect Gettleman to be pretty good at hiring scouts, so... #IGIT A little new blood in the scouting dept every once in a while is probably a good thing.
  2. Not sure if you mean from a human perspective or a football operations perspective? From a human perspective, the answer is obvious. From a football operations perspective, the answer is up for debate. I would say passing on McNair in favor of Collins had "tragic" implications for this franchise.
  3. Good point, I think Cam has finally transcended the "black quarterback" stereotype. The perceived similarities to Winston last year were almost as absurd as the automatic comparison to Jamarcus Russell leading up to the draft.
  4. ...drop the mic Basically, a QB who has demonstrated any degree of athleticism in compared to Cam these days. On one level it's flattering to be the standard by which all comparisons are made. On the other hand, comparing anyone to Cam is laughable. There has never been anyone like him and there may never be, he is a singular talent.
  5. He said he wanted to be here but wouldn't sign his franchise tender. We rescinded the tag and he signed with the Skins less than 48 hours later for 75 mil. So yeah, it's a business.
  6. If the price is right, sure.
  7. Gettleman eating

    Pretty cool that a GM will sit down and eat lunch with a bunch of his players, not nearly as common as you might expect.
  8. When a player doesn't fit your system

    This is exactly why a guy like Bradberry can have a 2nd round grade for us and a 5th or 6th round grade for someone else, neither is wrong - it's a question of system fit.
  9. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    I think we plan to start Dean Marlowe at SS, but we want him to earn it in TC so no announcements will be made. According to Eugene Robinson, we're VERY high on Marlowe.
  10. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    We groomed 2 DT's to start next to each other at the same time a few years ago with a lot of success. We have Boykin to play the slot and Bene penciled in as a starter outside so we only really need to focus our grooming on either Bradberry or Worley to start. We'll let them compete for the job in camp and go from there. We may carry a higher # of CB's for one year while we develop our next generation of starters. I don't think any of that is silly. We need to rebuild the position group, so like DT a few years ago we might as well stock up on guys we like and get started. We drafted BPA at a position of need, which is what we've always done under Gettleman.
  11. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    We can't assess the value until we see these guys play. Gettleman obviously believes in them, so that's good enough for me for now. Deciding "this draft blows" before we see any of these guys play is silly.
  12. 5 things to know about James Bradbury on
  13. Panthers quoted one of this guy's tweets in an article, so he must have some credibility.
  14. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    You sold yourself, he's a rotational player on a defense that believes (with good reason) rotating interior DL with no drop off allows them to put consistent pressure on the passer while stopping the run and allowing our all-pro LB's roam free and make plays.
  15. About those corners...

    A-men @Zod we got great value with all these guys and the position group is set for years to come. Easy to forget we got Norman in the 5th out of a FCS school and developed him (kicking and screaming) into one of the best at what he does.