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  1. We need a DE... so whom?

    If Mario Williams is cut, I think he's our target and it makes sense for him from both a scheme fit and a chance to win a SB before he hangs it up. 
  2. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Gettleman and Rivera both said we value chemistry above all else, so it won't happen. 
  3. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    It was subtle enough with all the chaos for me to understand why Blakeman might have missed it, he almost became part of the play himself, but I'm surprised the replay officials (I know the guys wife is a Broncos fan, but Blandino was there too) didn't pick up on it since all turnovers are automatically reviewed. Maybe the replay officials did pick up on it, but decided there wasn't clear enough intent demonstrated to rule it a batted ball?  Oh well, changes nothing now and the Broncos might have recovered it and/or won the game anyways... c'est la vie (that's French for "poo happens").  What this did provide was a few more angles Cam's attempt to recover the fumble. It's clear to me that 1) he was initially beaten to the ball by Ware and was in terrible position 2) if he hadn't jumped out of the way he could have suffered a severe injury to his left leg and 3) he was playing for the "rebound" as Rivera said. The ball did squirt out but shot right past him, oh well.   
  4. Another blown call for sure, but refs tend to swallow their whistle in big games on stuff like this. Gano needs to make that FG regardless of the missed call. 
  5. So I guess the Pats are allowing Belichick and Brady to act like babies based on some of their press conference behavior?  It's a press conference... guys like Voth rely on press conferences to put food on their table so I understand the sensitivity, but it's a press conference. I really enjoy Voth's work mostly because he's an exception to the hot take sports media, but this is a classic hot take and I'm severely disappointed. 
  6. Cam got caught out of position (over-stepped as Zod pointed out) and at that point his only choice was to risk getting his leg snapped in half for the sake of attempting to recover the ball from a very poor angle OR get his leg out of the way and hope the ball would squirt out.  He made the right choice as far as I'm concerned. 
  7. This is crazy

    I agree to an extent, but they weren't able to do any live blocking drills on the field and that's the only way they could have truly anticipated something like this. I've been watching the NFL for a long time and I've never seen anything like this. 
  8. When we finally do win it all, this loss will make it that much sweeter snd more satisfying.
  9. Great read, we haven't come nearly as far in this country as we think we have.  I forgot Peyton tea-bagged a trainer in college, can you even imagine if Cam did that??? So apparently, being in possession of a stolen laptop is a greater offense than misdemeanor sexual assault?   As a middle-age white male, having a black quarterback has really opened my eyes to the racial double-standard that is still alive and well in this country and it makes me feel ashamed. In my own personal life, my support for Cam has made me aware of a few racists I associated with and I no longer associate with those people. I went as far as kicking one of my neighbors out of my house for making a racist remark directed at Cam while we were watching a Panthers game, that's the example I want to set for my children. 
  10. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    He committed the mortal sin of offending the press by not giving them a hot take quote to riveting questions like "how do you feel" immediately after losing the most important game of his career. The press is a vengeful and spiteful little bitch, he can congratulate Peyton at mid-field with a big smile on his face after a frustrating and disappointing loss all he wants, but if he doesn't answer their stupid questions he's a poor sport and a terrible role model.  Could Cam have handled it better in others eyes? maybe... but he handled it the best way he could based on who he is and he took full ownership of that. I expect the press to continue admonishing him for his behavior, because they didn't get the quotes they wanted right after the game. In the meantime, he gave them 8 mins worth of quotes today when he was under no obligation to do so, where is the praise for that? 
  11. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    It was an AMAZING season and I can't wait to get the 2016 season underway!  I truly believe we will build on this and have another opportunity to win it all very soon. Like the Broncos loss two years ago, we had a key player out with an ACL (KB) and some big game jitters. This game showed us very clearly where we need to improve and I have no doubt Gettleman and Rivera are the right guys for that job.  #KeepPounding
  12. Remmers

    Keep him as depth and give Daryl Williams a shot.
  13. This proves to me that Cam cares more about winning than individual honors. If he was the self-absorbed "me first" player he's routinely made out to be he could have sat there with a grin knowing he just won MVP and OPY.
  14. Thank YOU 2015 Carolina Panthers!!!

    Yup, it ended on a sour note but 2015 was a great season! Like the Broncos a few years ago, this super bowl showed us where we need to upgrade to win one and I have no doubt G-man will get to work on that. We have the coach of the year, an MVP at QB and the best LB in the game. We'll be back in the big game soon and I have no doubt we'll bring home the hardware next time we have a chance.  #KeepPounding