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  1. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Congrats...after rewatching...maybe the most boring superbowl ive ever seen. both offenses just poo themselves and literally it was a penalty parade on the panthers side. football is whack as fug. sticking to combat sports from now on. bye bye NFL
  2. shula is developmentally challenged 
  3. that's catch interference on the punt....not called no surprise there
  4. I'd still fug helen mirren....break dat hip gurrrrr
  5. Oline lost this game....if they lose that is
  6. 1st down has been a throw away down all game
  7. jesus christ these tackles are shitting the bed so hard
  8. that's why josh plays defense. nice breakup doe
  9. Star just mollywhopped anderson
  10. imagine if mcclain gets a pick six
  11. Thats PI SMH. Denver D is crazy overrated. They been getting these kinda calls all year?