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  1. players are calling each other racist and homophobic terms all game every game
  2. i mean it did kind of turn out that martin was a head case as well
  3. they should let the women he harassed and the men he used racial slurs against do this to his statue
  4. RJK

    Our projected LG from NFL.com

    incognito is available and don't @ me about bully gate. he'd be a great pickup
  5. RJK

    CJ Anderson Film Breakdown

    yep, the panthers Oline should watch this tape
  6. this is classic hurney, get a starter in the 1st round, reach for every other pick and none of them will be on the roster in 3 years
  7. oakland got bryant for 79
  8. so in this draft the panthers will get DJ Moore, and that's it. Hurney 101
  9. he weighs 5 pounds more than me
  10. here go the safeties...still need to protect cam
  11. he puts on??? 5 pounds. still only 183. prob still has that pop. another 5 lbs? still under 190 i bet he starts losing some speed and that vertical. he'll never be a 200 pound #2 CB. hurney reached like he always does in the second