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  1. Randolph Panther

    Picks 55, 85, and 88

    I personally would not want to trade Bradberry yet. I still think he will be good.
  2. Lamar is very talented but very inaccurate when in the pocket.
  3. Hey man what marathon are you running?

  4. I said from the beginning I would go with D. Henry. Dont see how we can pass on him
  5. Randolph Panther

    Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    I would love to pick Derrick Henry. Just think he will be a hall of fame RB in the NFL
  6. Proud of these guys, but damn it hurts
  7. It hurts. Lots of drops and questionable calls.
  8. need a 3 and out. Aint over.
  9. Feels like we should be down 24-7. Gotta protect Cam and recieveers need to get open. Id still like to slap Tolbert.
  10. We are fine. Weve fuged up beyond imagine and we are only down 6 points.
  11. atta boy. That was a dangerous facemask.
  12. Still in this. Come on guys.