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  1. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    Maybe you guys should trust a coach that helped us get to 10-0.
  2. Finally, an episode of Inside the NFL that doesn't suck

    "He can't even drive home. He gotta get an uber" LOL
  3. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    Pablo wasn't a drug dealer. He was a smuggler. Texas education dawg.
  4. Palmer's crotch thrusts

    That was Stanton. Nice try though.
  5. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    You take things too literally.
  6. Packers against QBs that can run

    I like the sound of this. Lets run it down their fuging throat.
  7. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    She could get it.
  8. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000167664/article/carolina-panthers-going-nowhere-with-ron-rivera-cam-newton
  9. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  10. Your mothers a spoon Wat.

  11. There is no spoon.