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  1. Happy birthday Julius!

    Love that man! Panther4Life
  2. Dorsey interviewing for Falcons QB Coach

    Interesting...maybe the view on Dorsey is, “you had to work under the ineptitude of a Mike Shula-ran offense and you didn’t lose your mind?! Must be a good QB coach!” In all seriousness, good for Dorsey and I hope he gets the job!
  3. Fans of the Panthers from inception (myself included) remember Jags fans having some sort of inferiority complex and I never understood why. But, it made for a mini-rivalry and they were overly obnoxious in the late 1990s when they were pretty good (Brunell, McCardell, Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor) and we struggled through the Seifert years. I hope they lose to the Pats so they can continue to exist without ever knowing the feeling of going to a Super Bowl. The Patriots are already a dynasty and one more SB appearance doesn’t affect me as a fan.
  4. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    Offseason gonna offseason...
  5. Titans part with Mularkey...

    He must’ve told ‘em F U
  6. 2017 Case Keenum reminds me of 2003 Jake Delhomme

    Thus, being unheralded. I believe he got 2 starts in New Orleans, probably due to injury, and Keenum definitely got more opportunities to start for the Texans and Rams. Still, there’s something about these two QBs that feels eerily similar. If the Vikings and Pats play in the Super Bowl, it’ll certainly be reminiscent of SB38 for me.
  7. Both were unheralded as previous starting quarterbacks (Rams/Saints respectively), both weren’t supposed to be starters on their “new” teams, both play with stud defenses, Stefon Diggs = young Smitty, both have that gunslinger mentality...what say you? Here’s hoping the Vikes can get to Super Bowl LII. Would love to sit back and cheer while being reminded of my 2003 Panthers team!
  8. to the vikings and eagles....

    +1 for Vikings all the way, but really don’t want Jags. I like having some bragging rights over the “sister” franchise.
  9. it's time to add a new reaction option

    Some Falcons fan posted a game clock with 10 seconds left. I like that! Simple and effective.
  10. This 1000%. I think it’s got a good shot of happening.
  11. Turner's Staff

    Ahhh yes, forgot about that. Oh well, I would love to know how Taylor is viewed but he didn't have a lot to work with this year.
  12. Turner's Staff

    Not sure who would be available but I wonder if Proehl would ever come back? It'll be interesting to see if Norv is comfortable with Lance Taylor/Cotchery teaching his style to the WR corps. Also, I don't think Ray Brown or Jim Skipper are going anywhere.
  13. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    I thought the exact same thing. If he plays like he did this year again, he won't be taking any snaps away from TD.
  14. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    The more I think about it, I could get on board with this. Allen Robinson is my pipe dream signing, but why not Pryor as a backup plan? He will definitely be a much cheaper option than most others we'd look at. At 29 years old come June, it's now or never for him to step up and show he can be a legit WR in the NFL.
  15. Is Josh Gordon the answer at WR?

    http://amp.si.com/nfl/2017/11/28/josh-gordon-interview-cleveland-browns-nfl Check out this article and see if it changes your opinion, either way. It's a definite NO for me. Too much risk vs. reward.