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  1. Panthers Fanatic

    Guess who Russell Shepard signed with

    WTF?! Gettleman sure doesn’t like to admit failure, but signing him to the Giants?! Just speaks to how stubborn he is. Shepard is a straight bum of a WR
  2. Panthers Fanatic

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Pass rush project...at a need position...in the 5th round...broke Greg Hardy’s sack record...I’m good
  3. Panthers Fanatic

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    I’m excited about this pick! C’mon Hurney! Do some serious work today, Son!
  4. Panthers Fanatic

    Greg Olsen will age gracefully?

    Sanjay got that second TE!
  5. Panthers Fanatic

    Hurney's Gaulden comment

    Definitely a counterpoint. I just think back to the things I’ve heard about scouts having to talk him down off of certain players, and I’m more worried about his influence in the war room after round 1. I’m thinking he has final veto on the pick, especially with JR out of the way. With regard to talent evals, I believe Hurney excels when given 32-40 top players and has to fill our immediate or most pressing need. It’s as the draft gets deeper and talent/fit is harder to identify that I lose trust in his decision making. FWIW, I don’t classify myself as a Hurney hater and GM’s just aren’t going to nail it every time. I just feel there is someone out there that’s a better candidate to manage all aspects of this franchise, particularly drafting after the first round and giving out contracts to vets. Hopefully, ‘ol Hurndog will prove me wrong in rounds 4-7 today.
  6. Panthers Fanatic

    Hurney's Gaulden comment

    As much as Hurney is good in certain areas of being a GM (relationships, accessibility, etc.), talent evaluation is never going to be among them. A former beat writer can evaluate NFL talent just as good or bad as the rest of us.
  7. Panthers Fanatic

    Dez Bryant expected to be Cut

    Oddly enough, I wouldnt be mad if he came in here on a prove it deal. I think he and Cam could be a good fit if he leaves most of that Diva stuff in Dallas.
  8. Panthers Fanatic

    Our Visits so far. Who do you want?

    I thought we had met with more than 2 WRs?! The kid from Notre Dame (St. Brown)? I’d love for Sony Michel to last to one of our 3rds.
  9. Panthers Fanatic

    FA CB - Ross Cockrell

    Thanks for the write up...I’m in!
  10. Panthers Fanatic

    Jersey numbers for new players

    Yeah, I wonder why he didn’t pry the famed #82 away from all-pro Chris Manhertz?!
  11. Hope and pray he gets right. He was an absolute beast at ECU and I wanted him to be a Panther in the 2nd round. That was last year...
  12. Panthers Fanatic

    Norv Turner checking out TE Hayden Hurst

    Gimme please!
  13. Signing Hurns would allow us to focus the draft on safety, corner, TE, etc. I’d be in favor of it at the right price
  14. Panthers Fanatic

    Looking like a six receiver kind of roster

    Man, you never know but I just can’t see Byrd not making it on the 53. He really showed out for a couple games last year when we were begging someone to step up
  15. Panthers Fanatic

    Potential late round TE

    I’d be ok with him at around the 6th/7th round, especially if the Willson/Ebron signing doesn’t pan out. Hopefully, we get Hayden Hurst earlier though.