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  1. Josh Sitton could be a nice replacement for Norwell if we have to let him go. Also, who is making the decisions right now with Hurney on leave? JR?
  2. Just so yall are aware, this contract is incredibly front loaded with guaranteed money. The Niners can cut him next offseason and save money. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/jimmy-garoppolo-14472/ 2019 cap hit- 4.2 million.
  3. I do this in Madden all the time. Cam wanted some absurd contract as an 87 overall QB. You gone, son. Much much harder to do this in real life though.
  4. Marty won't release them at all and Gman would release all of them and then bring in veteran FAs at 1/10th the price that couldn't really fill their shoes and then the Huddle would brag about how much cap space we had.
  5. I would far rather go down swinging than go down looking.
  6. You do it on his terms, you owe him that. You ask him where do you want to go and then you do everything in your power to get him there.
  7. TEs play won Philly the SB!

    Absolutely some amazing catches.
  8. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Browns/Lions it was, the game that everyone thought would be the toilet bowl and ended up being an amazing game.
  9. If Ridley makes it to 24 I'll eat my hat.
  10. So you seriously think all the players/coaches are in on it too? Really? If the Saints were given a SB because of Katrina and not because Payton is a piece of poo who launched a bounty program to hurt Brett favre- among others- then why were they not given it the year after, when they were in the NFCCG with the Chicago Bears? Why wait three more years? People who believe the NFL nudges things a bit, I understand. I disagree with them, but its not unfeasible. People like you I don't get at all. It's like you can't comprehend basic math. You can't keep a secret with that many people involved, its simply not possible. There is a storyline EVERY single fuging year, you just cherry pick which ones you like. What about the Raiders? Lynch goes back to his hometown team... and the Raiders utterly suck.
  11. It was Brandin freaking Cooks he could have made it there. I do agree it wasn't DPI imo, though. Just great coverage. A bad call by a ref does not equal intentionally trying to screw the Jaguars.
  12. This is why no one takes you conspiracy theorists seriously- you can fit any narrative into your storyline. When we got knocked out it was "Oh the NFL wants Brees/Brady." When the Saints went down it was "Oh the NFL wants a hometown team for the storyline." And now that the Vikes are gone its this. You can't be proven wrong and this makes it a horrible "theory". All good theories have ways you could be proven wrong, you just constantly move the goal-posts over and over and over again.
  13. You seriously think the NFL couldn't have fixed the end of Vikings/Saints if they wanted to? Cmon man. Literally turned on one play. Call holding. I guarantee you someone was holding on that play.
  14. If the NFL was tinkering with storylines and thought Patriots vs Eagles was a more compelling one than Patriots vs Vikings, or Patriots vs Saints, they are high on some poo that I want to get ahold of.
  15. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    All you conspiracy theorists who were convinced it was Vikings/Patriots please explain this one to me.