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  1. happy birthday Drew Brees

    Taysom Hill is loved by Sean Payton, I guarantee you he gets a shot at the starting job.
  2. Same here I cant believe this.
  3. Eh they have Nick Foles, Eagles doing good here. You win or lose this game on the strength of your defense, not Nick Foles and the offense.
  4. Last time we hired a coordinator that everyone said sucked was with Sean McDermott and that turned out pretty okay. :P
  5. Panthers Offensive Coordinator in 2019 after a year out of football. :P
  6. Should I Quit?

    Eh I would like it if my job did something like this, if you can't take a bit of ribbing from coworkers idk what to think, lol Definitely give back as good as you get, how about sending the gif of Cam's run vs the Patriots a few years back? This one:
  7. Replacement Possibilities

    Jack Del Rio for DC and Norv Turner for OC.
  8. How I Felt After the Game

    Agreed. I did not think we had much of a shot and the boys played their guts out. We just simply aren't as talented as the Saints, but nearly beat them anyway. Take away a very questionable IG call and we had a real shot there.
  9. Got no idea if we would have been in the same position. You think Payton goes for that 4th and 2 if we just need a FG? I mean, Gano pretty much redeemed himself by hitting that 58 yarder. That's not something you expect from a kicker. Look, we could have won that game, absolutely, but the Saints flat out outplayed us. Again. We don't have the talent to consistently win against them and needed a few breaks and nearly got them. Sean Payton going for that 4th and 2 was dumb as poo, Mike Adams shouldn't have tried to intercept that, cost us 16 yards of field position. I know, I don't know if he really intercepted it either, but he certainly tried to. Just bat it down and its not a question. We need to reload, we need to have a draft next year like they did this year. And we need to fire Shula. I know a lot of people are badmouthing Wilks atm, but honestly I thought the defensive gameplan was as good as it could be with our starting defense. Make Brees beat us, that at least gives Cam time to do things. Letting Ingram and Kamara run all over us again wasn't going to happen and it didn't.
  10. We're picking 24th in the 1st round

    How is the answer anything other than WR?
  11. The NFL wants Brees vs brady

    All you conspiracy theorists man. First it was Ludwig saying it would be Panthers/Patriots. (I noticed he or the mods deleted his topic.) Now its Saints/Patriots. After one of them loses, if they lose, it will be someone else. And so we go.
  12. And another conspiracy theory bites the dust. Guess he didn't want people calling him out on his bullshit.
  13. Grounding?

    It can be past the line of scrimmage and still be grounding if he's inside the tackle box. Please learn the rules.
  14. Grounding?

    They were saying he was inside the tackle box, it sure didn't look like that to me.