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  1. Samuel was hurt lmao, didn't even play in this game.
  2. Aikman called it, and knew it was coming, lol.
  3. I don't like going RB in round 1. I don't feel the position is worth the value, unless you are for sure getting an AP type of guy. I especially don't like Derrick Henry. Trent Richardson had the same type of hype. Edit: I also don't agree that the area we drafted for was an area of great need for the past three years. In 2013 (Star Lotulelei), most people didn't expect us to go for DT because we had just drafted a couple DTs the previous two years, (Sione Fua I remember, I don't remember the other), and people expected us to let them play a bit more before throwing in the towel on them. 2014, (Kelvin Benjamin) was an area of need, I grant you, but I think it coincided with the BPA. 2015, (Shaq Thompson) was certainly not an area of need. We drafted Shaq to eventually replace TD, I think, but it was by no means a glaring need. Championship teams are built by drafting BPA, with the exception of the QB spot, (not gonna draft a QB before round 4, as it makes no sense given that we have our franchise QB). If two players that are close together in overall value are both available, then maybe you take the guy you have rated a tad lower if he also fills a need. Overall though, you don't reach on prospects over the top of players your scout team has rated higher just because they fill a need.
  4. There's no RB on earth that would take the hit from Wolfe on Stew's ankle and not come out limping.
  5. It's over. Everyone is fuging playing like poo. No idea why that flag was picked up.
  6. Thanatos

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    No they didn't. Jeremy just didn't find it. There are multiple threads on their front page going off on our SoS.
  7. Don't you know? The Hawks are so good, we have to beat them twice to prove we're the better team. Oh wait...
  8. Thanatos

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    It was, maybe, half an inch shy. That isnt getting overturned ever.
  9. Thanatos

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    Also since when has Russell had two rings? Did the Hawks win another SB when I wasn't looking?
  10. I'll throw in a stat here, though. CAP had 5 carries for 49 yards. Why in the everliving fug do you only run the man five times if he averages 10 yards a carry?
  11. We need Tre Boston. It is time. He has been learning all season long, it is time for him to start. We need speed, Gettleman says. Well we have it. Put him in, give him reps next week so he has time to learn more before the playoffs.
  12. Yall are the sorriest ass bunch of pansy, fair-weather, no good, woe is me, sky-is-falling chicken littles I have ever read. Go jump in a lake. This team is FOURTEEN AND OH. Even if we lose here, we are FOURTEEN AND ONE. How many of yall motherfugers would have taken that at the beginning of the season? Go jump off the bandwagon please.
  13. The guy is an eligible WR. It's a heads up play by Ryan. Not everything is the refs being bad.
  14. fug that. Go for history. Go for 19-0. It's your only shot most likely, don't pussy out and give up. Play like the Patriots did, not like the Colts did.