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  1. fug Bill Cowher! That mother fuger won a Super Bowl with a rapist at QB. What a hypocritical piece of poo. Your actions speak louder then your words Bill!
  2. Like others have mentioned Ron Rivera seems to be a great person, and a real likable guy. With that out of the way, I'm sick and tired of Pussyboat Ron. He's such a conservative bitch. I can't wait for both him and Shula to be kicked the fug out.
  3. Thoughts on Cam not throwing today?

    I won't be concerned until it is closer to Week 1. Cam is a tough mofo, so I know he'll fight to be on the field. At that point if he is still having soreness would it be better to continue to rest him for the sake of the rest of the season? I don't know, and hope it doesn't come down to that.
  4. Nice article, I enjoy reading your breakdowns and observations. You get a hard time around here from some posters for not being as objective as they would like, but I tend to be overly optimistic about the Panthers too and it doesn't bother me. Even if you see things through blue colored glass you still know a lot about football, and I always learn from reading your posts. Keep up the good work my man!
  5. I wonder if Cam is held out of preseason this year except for the dress rehearsal game 3. Might be part of the plan limiting his throws but having him ready for Week 1.
  6. Thanks @KB_fan for posting all the updates from twitter today! I tried to send a litle pie your way.
  7. I saw this on NFLN, brings a smile to my face. All the discord in the front office for now is slowly fading from my mind. Football is back!
  8. I loved watching Cam dance on the practice field on NFLN. He is just having so much fun out there. How anybody dislikes him is beyond me.
  9. Deflection...

    This makes no sense. Do you think when he was talking about over the cap in '18 he was thinking if they tried to sign Star, Norwell, and Olsen to new contracts? I think he's just talking out of his was, but that's the only reason I could come up with that he said that.
  10. I'm trying to remain positive myself. I hope Marty is back only temporarily and on a short leash. I could live with that.
  11. Yes I'm disheartened. All signs before this had pointed that Richardson was finally stepping back and letting the professionals run the show. With Gettlemans firing today I fear a return of a meddling owner, one who has never been able to being sustained success to his franchise in over 20 seasons. Near term I'm hoping for the best this season. This is a talented roster with an experience coaching staff. Hopefully they ball out this year. For the future the best case maybe Jerry brings in another football man who has Gettleman's eye for talent and managing the cap, but who deals more tactfully with the players. I'm trying to stay positive.

    Just look at Gettleman flexing on top TD's unconscious body in the middle of the ring! Damnit Dave that's enough! Won't somebody do something? Despicable! ... Wait?! What's that?! Bah gawd that's Marty Hurney's music and he's storming to the ring with a suitcase full of cash!
  13. I've grown up with this franchise, I was 10 years old in '95, so I've seen the good and the bad. This reminds me of the franchise I had hoped Gettleman was helping put in the past. I agree with you Philly, and it makes me sad to think our only hope is JR's eventual removal from the franchise. I hate this because the big cat seems like a great guy, and I love fairy tale endings for our franchise icons too. At the same time I like winning even more. This isn't how you run a successful franchise.
  14. Who is in charge of the panthers right now?

    Unfortunately it seems to be the players, as it was under Hurney. While having player input and them feeling a vested interest in the team can be a good thing; it doesn't seem like the Panthers know a middle ground under JR. Huge contracts to aging veterans coming up! Future success be damned!