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  1. Video games are dead *rant*

    I'm a huge Star Wars fan (read all the novels and comics) but I refuse to support Pay 2 Win. I wont buy the game and im glad gamers are taking a stand and hurting EA for this foolishness. From the reviews I've seen it sounds like EA made the progression system as random and grindy as possible to force frustrated gamers to buy loot boxes. I'm sick of this trend in gaming, it's why I don't have any games on my phone. I'm looking to get a Switch for Christmas. From what I've researched Ninentendo hasn't gone to the dark side yet and I'm excited about Zelda and Mario.
  2. The Last Jedi

    Rogue One is made immensely better by reading the companion novel 'Catalyst'. Knowing the back story of Galen Erso and Orson Krennic helped enhance my enjoyment of the movie. That being said you shouldn't have to read a novel for character development for a movie. The pacing and lack of shallow characters hurt, but I still think it's a good movie. If all the future stand alone movies can be as good as Rogue One or better I'll be happy.
  3. Is Ron Rivera a good head coach?

    No. Ron has the same shortcomings as a Head Coach as he did 7 seasons ago. Horrible game management, questionable loyalty to veteran players with clearly younger/better options behind them, plain outdated thinking about the current game of football, and a stubbornness that allows for no change that goes against his conservative nature. I had hoped with experience to see some growth, but the only time he's grown a pair has been with his ass on the line. I'm tired of watching his unprepared teams play without any emotion. This team mirrors his stoic personality with their lackadaisical play far too often. It's time to end the Rivera tenure. I just wish I had any faith in ownership or the GM to find a competent replacement.
  4. fug Bill Cowher! That mother fuger won a Super Bowl with a rapist at QB. What a hypocritical piece of poo. Your actions speak louder then your words Bill!
  5. Like others have mentioned Ron Rivera seems to be a great person, and a real likable guy. With that out of the way, I'm sick and tired of Pussyboat Ron. He's such a conservative bitch. I can't wait for both him and Shula to be kicked the fug out.
  6. That still doesn't explain why now. It's looking more and more like this is over butt hurt players mad we aren't handing out crazy contracts anymore. This is no way to run a successful franchise...
  7. This is shocking, one of our better GM's in franchise history fired after the draft and right before the start of the season?! The Panthers have a lot of explaining to do. I really hope the reason is better than he hurt players feeling by not handing out crazy Hurney contracts for past successes. I hoped our franchise had turned the corner and was on a path toward sustained success. This is not a good look.
  8. I love the Panthers and been a fan since 95 at 10 years old. I've been to every playoff home game except Dallas '96. I would love to go this year!
  9. Philly awesome work as usual! I just laughed out loud while eating at work, got a few stares. The painting is a true masterpiece. You should seriously send it to Cam. I can just imagine it hanging in a place of honor next to his Heisman.
  10. I hope Panthers fans in Fayetteville give this guy tons of poo for acting like a whiny little bitch. I wish Cam would have saved the pieces of the torn up sign so the Panthers could have mailed it back to this guy along with a copy of BoA's rules on opposition fans banners and a signed picture of Cam cheesing with the dedication of "Deal with it"
  11. It looks a lot better then I thought it would. I think our best uniform is the black tops / silver pants. Wish we would stick to that more often, I understand there is concern about the heat early in the season though.
  12. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    How can you not be excited by this move? Even if Allen is a shadow of his former self, he's still much better then anyone else we have outside a healthy CJ. Moving back to a 4-3 DE should help his production too. We also didn't give up much to Chicago to acquire him. I'm excited to see how this pans out on the field!
  13. Ronde Barber announcing today will lead to my newborn son hearing profanities hurled at the TV throughout the game. Hope you can sleep at night FOX, do the right thing and fire Ronde!
  14. Panthers - Jaguars Gameday Thread

    fug the Jags, fug Ronde Baber, and fug the Refs. Panthers win anyways! Gotta take a nap before work!