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  1. Game ball, who gets it?!! Turkey edition!! 11-0

    Luke with Coleman running second.
  2. Answered in another thread that I'm far more worried about the defense right now than the offense. That said, I think Cam's mechanics being.. uh unconventional.. is something that's always going to be a thing because he's so fuging big he can get away with it a lot of the time. Not sure if Dorsey sucks or if the coaches are just in "let Cam be Cam" mode or something, but he falls back a little once he gets wound up. Just quoting his accuracy % isn't completely fair. He's no surgeon and I think will always hover a little below 60%, but we ask him to throw longer/lower percentage passes that some other guys too. If he wins more than he loses and keeps propping up the run game while doing it, whatever. He lead the offense on a tear the last two weeks. It's the focus of our team, the defense, that have been collapsing and trying to piss the game away.
  3. Threw for 300 and 3 td on the pack while hanging 37 points. More worried about our "top tier" defense blowing massive leads than anything else.  
  4. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    The NFL claimed they hadn't seen the camera footage (lol) when they made the initial Rice ruling and used that as reason for changing his suspension. This is all poo that they got from the police and it's on record that they got and reviewed it before issuing his suspension. They'll be sued right away if they try and change/add to his punishment I think. Hardy is worthless trash. So is anyone still trying to blame Holder because they wanted their football team to be better.
  5. Jeremy Lin signs with hornets

    Didn't expect you to land him, especially not at 2m/year. This really looks like a best case scenario for you, especially considering who was left in FA. Congrats guys!
  6. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Honestly, the only reason you guys aren't the worst run franchise in the league is because the Knicks exist.
  7. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    Why do you guys suck so badly at drafting?
  8. Thanks for checking out my mock draft! Feel free to leave any suggestions, or positions you feel I missed in the thread. I'll probably be doing a mock with trades in the near future....