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  1. Sloth added a post in a topic The Negativity of Our Fans   

    If you'd have told people before the season started that we'd be without Benjamin for the year and Keuchly until after the bye, most folks would have been thrilled with a 2-2 record. Love Rivera or hate him, there are two constants with him: we start our seasons slow and we finish really strong. That bodes really, really fuging well for us. We're also winning games that we used to piss away and recovering/toughing things out when we shoot ourselves in the foot like the good teams do.
    Also, to add some perspective to how awesome it is to start off on a tear, we only need to win four of our final twelve games to beat last years record and to end at .500. We're going to win more than that.
    This is badass and I feel really fuging sorry for anyone who can't lean back and just fuging enjoy and admire what the team has done.
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  2. Sloth added a post in a topic Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"   

    In 2012, I didn't want us to draft a LB in the first and argued quite a bit with P55 and CRA about why it would be a mistake. I wanted Dontari Poe, Michael Brockers or Fletcher Cox.
    Additionally, I was upset when we chose a hybrid Safety over Derrick Johnson in 2005.
    I obviously know wtf I'm talking about with Linebackers and deserve to be handsomely rewarded.
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  3. Sloth added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    So after sleeping on this, I'm still pretty upbeat.
    We got a guy with good hands that we liked coming out and can develop if he shows anything. We spent a conditional 7th in a draft two years away. If he doesn't pan, at worst we lose that sweet D2 special teamer from South Northwestern Technical in the 2017 draft.
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  4. Sloth added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    I wonder about that too.
    I think that talent-wise, Boykin is probably better than Bersin but not by a large enough margin to screw with chemistry. Plus, Bersin isn't horrible, he just shouldn't be returning punts if we can help it. Boykin wasn't going to save the WR group this season.
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  5. Sloth added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    Every one of our receivers is the personification of JAG, except Funchess where it's too early to tell. So I'm pretty meh about Boykin getting the axe. Whatever. Our passing game with or without him was going to fuging suck regardless because we don't have much talent there with KB being out.
    Anyways, barring picking up an actual established/good WR that's let go, it seems we're looking at some mix of Ginn, Funchess and Cotchery as our prime group, with Brown, Bersin and Norwood rounding out the bottom of the pile.
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  6. Sloth added a post in a topic Would you trade for Eric Ebron and put him at WR?   

    Nah. Tore his acl and pcl once already and the only way to reliably motivate him is to use cocaine instead of chalk for the end zone lines.
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  7. Sloth added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    So I guess I'm crazy but I actually like the move. I mean yeah FU GETTLEDOUCHE and all that if we'd traded a lot for him but it's a conditional late round pick on a guy that we were interested in and went in the 4th just a year ago. And get this, he doesn't have tennis rackets for hands.
    Regardless, I think people need to come to grips with the fact that our passing game is probably going to be sucktastic this year no matter what we do. We're probably capped on how far we can go. Most teams who lost their #1 and were relying on a rookie 2nd rounder would be in the same boat.
    We also may not be completely done.
    But anyways, yeah. I like it. Welcome to Carolina Mr. Norwood.
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  8. Sloth added a post in a topic Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin   

    Not really.
    In all honesty, this probably caps our season at 7-9 wins, unless Funchess absolutely explodes or we trade for someone good. I don't think either is happening and it's not fair to expect that from a raw, second round WR. Look at this poo:
    Byrd/other dude we just signed/tackling dummy
    That's brutal. We'd be laughing at Tampa if that was their lineup. We need to hope we have a running game that doesn't require piggybacking from our QB this year.
    Feel terrible for Kelvin and I really hope people don't shred Funchess if he doesn't have a KB-like rookie season.
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  9. Sloth added a post in a topic Trades for WR   

    We all know we're going to roll out the corpse of Jerrico Cotchery as our #1.
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  10. Sloth added a post in a topic Jeremy Lin signs with hornets   

    Didn't expect you to land him, especially not at 2m/year.
    This really looks like a best case scenario for you, especially considering who was left in FA. Congrats guys!
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  11. Sloth added a post in a topic Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    Honestly, the only reason you guys aren't the worst run franchise in the league is because the Knicks exist.
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  12. Sloth added a post in a topic 2015 NBA Draft Thread   

    Why do you guys suck so badly at drafting?
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