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  1. Clete Blakeman to ref Super Bowl

    Clete Blakeman was the head ref in the MNF football, Panthers vs the Pats.  The infamous 'picked up flag' call on the Kuechly/Gronk pass at the end of the game.  I'm glad to hear he's the head ref!
  2. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    I can't think of who it could be.  I don't think Shaw, or Cowher are that unprofessional to go to an NFL network reporter and proclaim this.  It wasn't Gruden because he'd let ESPN leak the news first.. Cowher works for CBS, so I'd guess it wasn't him.     
  3. Why can't Cam play like that more consistently?
  4. I wonder how many Teddy Bridgewater threads there will be after this game.
  5. I think we could have Urlacher/Briggs thing going on with Keuchly/Beason..
  6. Yea, I appreciate you following through on your end of the deal!

  7. did you get your 5 +reps from my entourage yet?

  8. I checked out Devin mccourty.He looks good.Someone I would like in the 3rd. I am hoping Dewayne Harris from ECU comes out I would like to take him