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  1. potential ownership groups?

    the diddy love is ironic nobody cares if diddy wants to buy the "north carolina panthers"
  2. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    abso-fuging-lutely. CK > DA
  3. Cam "Caucasian Invasion"

    Cam thanksgiving is over
  4. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    he won me over with that video. buy the team
  5. potential ownership groups?

  6. potential ownership groups?

    Cam would be the new Biggie where Diddy is just standing in the background behind him going "Yeah! Yeah!" and raking in hundreds of million dollars off his talent
  7. potential ownership groups?

    how about a Diddy/McMahon coalition
  8. potential ownership groups?

    i mean maybe JR will want to be like "see i'm not racist" on the way out and sell it to him to save some face.
  9. potential ownership groups?

    i mean if this is true then you're pretty right that people who know but were complacent shouldn't get the team
  10. potential ownership groups?

    he's actually banned from owning a team, he has been since he bankrupted the USFL with disastrously poor ownership.
  11. whoever he sells it to it's going to be super boring, some suit who is already partial owner or investor who won't make many meaningful changes.
  12. that would be pretty awesome tbh
  13. he knew he would resign at the end of the season so decided to spend the season just dropping N-bombs at everyone
  14. fools to play Rodgers before he's 100%. thanks for the gift. 10-6 at bare minimum, 11-5 or 12-4 possible. never would have thought with some of our downswings this season that we'd finish with this record.
  15. after they showed it in slow motion it was clearly a catch. the whole of his butt was down in bounds before he rolled out