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  1. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    nobody will ever be a better draft duo than Cam and Sione Fua
  2. Falcons wanted ASJ. They'll sign Wilson then
  3. after Poe we have about 10 million on the cap left which would cover Crabtree's 7 mil contract. probably not enough on its own, but Crabtree would allow us to cut at least one, maybe two WRs. i forgot about Breeland. yeah Crabtree rumor is dead
  4. Ya... that’s going to go over real well.

    withdrawing US troops is a condition in NK's 'peace treaty' that they are issuing Trump, which he wants to accept to be known as the guy who made peace there. he'll need justification for withdrawing the troops, so he's looking for it here.
  5. Wentz is one of the worst deep ball throwers in the league https://theeagleswire.usatoday.com/2017/09/26/carson-wentz-has-to-start-completing-deep-passes/
  6. good stuff. he's gonna be as good or better than Ginn for us. some people aren't impressed with his last few seasons, but he didn't have Cam then.
  7. you can be pro gun without being a tool of the NRA. Sanders has a pro-gun and pro-common sense gun control platform.
  8. Sanders has a pro gun voting record, overall.
  9. Steelers Release S Mike Mitchell

    yeah i'd take him back if he wants to come back, for sure.
  10. Short-Butler-Suh-Peppers

    i'd try him out with an easily dumped contract. there's potential there, he might be really good in our rotation