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  1. Whitney Houston lip synched. Gaga looked live.
  2. Absolutely fantastic performance.
  3. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    35-17 Panthers. Von Miller gets super frustrated in the second half and is ejected after a sack where he holds down Cam, who shoves him off, and Miller throws a punch. Kuechly has another pick 6. Stewart has a huge run. Cam is MVP.
  4. Awesome, future welterweight champ.
  5. I think he means the NFL knows how Republicans felt with a black dude kicking all their asses.
  6. He was a Ram for 7 years, Panther for 3, Steeler for 3.
  7. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Good idea and honestly I would test this Josh Norman guy too. He hasn't had a pick in like 10 games he's so overhyped. Pass at him. Please.
  8. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    It's seriously hilarious to claim Denver has the #1 rushing defense now that the teams who used to have the #1 rushing defense played the Panthers and lost their #1 rushing defense status afterward.
  9. Watching that kinda reminded me that we didn't blow people out all year. We came on so strong at the end and in the playoffs that we seem untouchable now, but seeing how many times were were playing from behind brought me to Earth a bit about the SB. Still certain we'll win in dominating fashion though.
  10. Cam Defenders

    3 days before the Super Bowl and this motherfuger is wringing his hands about how much he hates Cam. There's something wrong with you.
  11. today's press conference tweets

    It's sort of like Picasso. You have to learn all the rules of painting and become good at it before you can get away with breaking them all. Only by having maximum swag can Cam break the rules of swag and make unswaggy things swagged.
  12. Just a stupid random thought

    I know for a fact one of the pro-gun Tinderbox threads was visited before Hardy said 'hmmm that gives me an idea.'
  13. Media Fatigue...

    The only thing that sort of rejuvenated me was watching Greg Jennings have to sit on a media panel and talk about the Panthers in the Super Bowl after he decided to sign elsewhere. I never get tired of free agents who reject us ending up in shitty situations.
  14. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    The only bold prediction I've felt brewing is Von Miller getting ejected after he gets too frustrated over the blowout.