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  1. You should send that to the guy's wife it would be hilarious
  2. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    Number of gun violence incidents in 2013: 117,427 Number of transgendered molestation incidents in public bathrooms in 2013: 117,428 probably I bet
  3. What's unfair was how utterly garbage he was, and how he dragged down the performance of the entire o-line. Our offense as a whole performed far better even when Velasco got subbed in for Amini.
  4. Trump stands a completely equal chance of being convicted of a felony at any moment.
  5. Yeah Trump is a douche but he is a far better person than Cruz.
  6. I feel like Jarrett kinda gets the shaft in this conversation. He was failed as much by the team as he failed himself. He had Keyshawn ecstatic to mentor him, only to be cut 3 days after the draft. This left him with just Steve Smith as a mentor, under whom we never developed a single quality rookie WR and who (though I don't have any inside info into it) was notorious for doing everything he could to wreck any young WR we acquired. On top of that, Jarrett was on the team through Delhomme's meltdown and then a revolving door of terrible QBs until he was cut for DUIs. Despite all of that, Jarrett managed to catch just about all of the few passes thrown to him and scored a pretty sweet TD on the Saints. I feel like if Jarrett was drafted in 2014 instead of 2007, and joined this team with this QB and this leadership, he could have developed into a pretty damn good WR instead of a burnout drunk.
  7. Amini was garbage when he was healthy too.
  8. Yeah Cordy Glenn, or imagine if we had Gettleman and his tendency to double dip that year. Kuechly in the first and Bobby Wagner or Lavonte David in the 2nd.
  9. Fanspeak draft simulator

    These were dead on as always
  10. Just so sad

    Hey Johnny earned that, stop being a socialist
  11. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    That was freaking great
  12. Well they lost more games than the Panthers did. The game that clinched the title for them was a draw.
  13. GOP 'Family Values' Is Hypocritical Bullsh*t

    I don't know, that was a reach.
  14. GOP 'Family Values' Is Hypocritical Bullsh*t

    Ban the trannies from the bathrooms because they're the ones with balls enough to say something when they catch us molesting a kid in there
  15. Wow Garrett ate his lunch in that game. But we won't be lining Sanchez up outside with a 15 yard cushion most of the time. Hopefully.