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  1. this show has the worst fake beards i've ever seen. wtf was that barbie hair looking poo they glued onto Rick's face for that bed scene?
  2. Cam Not Talking to Media

    If you made national headlines with some conflict with Matt Ryan then it would be pretty relevant to find your posts and be like why the fug is this guy covering the team when he clearly can't stand our players? Look at it as an overall pattern of her behavior. Called Cam a turd in 2013, but continued to mock his clothes all the way up until this year, including taking photos of him with her phone while doing her job as a reporter to post on her personal twitter to mock him. Then look at what she said on the day of. She said it "got even worse" when she talked to him privately afterward, but "I have a job to do and Cam isn't going to stop me from doing my job." So how did it get even worse? She told the full story later, and it turns out she pulled the "Don't you know who I am" and he said "No," and that pissed her the hell off. I'm just saying X out the racism on her part and the sexism on his part, and what's left is her still looking like a super shitty person.
  3. Since there is no White History Month we have our own here in the Tinderbox to celebrate the richness of white culture. here is the mascot for this thread please don't tread on him.
  4. this would have been perfect for the cultural appropriation thread. compare his accent and manner of speaking in this compared to his actual speaking voice i mean the song is essentially a minstrel show
  5. The Walking Dead season 8

    i don't know what a shitard is but i might be one cause i liked the episode a lot. they started the war off so big i'm curious to see where they go from here. if it's "negan and the priest talk quietly for 3 episodes while rick has daydreams about his future with a fake beard" i'm gonna threaten to give up on the show like i do every year
  6. Cam Not Talking to Media

    for the sexist comment? no. for refusing to give interviews to Jourdan? absolutely. i hope the team blacklists her entirely. we don't need reporters who think our players are little turds, they can find a job somewhere else.
  7. Cam Not Talking to Media

    she did lol that's what this is all about. she called him a little turd.
  8. a lot of people just repeat poo the senile announcers say. next they'll be echoing him that the fumble was from an "errant toss" from Cam instead of hitting Samuel in the chest and being dropped.
  9. "I'm just waiting on any offense from the Titans or Browns." - Bill Cowher gosh you mean Brandon Weeden isn't delivering? if only there was a dynamic playmaker they could have signed.
  10. Cam Not Talking to Media

    i know it because of the evidence that i cited and you edited out of your quote
  11. Cam Not Talking to Media

    it most certainly does. when her past is one of Cam bashing and hating. when Jourdan said it "got even worse" after the sexist comment, then it turned out by "even worse" she meant that she said "Don't you know who I am" and he said "No not really," it became clear this was all born out of her personal hatred of Cam.
  12. Shula you could just say "punt it on first down" to save some time if you just plan to keep running every down
  13. Something ugly happened in Niger

    there were 11 congressional hearings held by Republicans that found no wrongdoing re: Benghazi. how many do you think they'll hold over this?
  14. we're going to war. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/10/20/presidential-executive-order-amending-executive-order-13223
  15. the white culture in that story is both the sociopathic cruelty to animals, and the weird over-personification of animals by the activists.
  16. Again, live turkeys tossed from plane at Arkansas festival "We rescued four turkeys -- one who was trussed by his legs and tossed onto the concrete where he lay panting as spectators walked over him, and another found bleeding from her neck and legs," Vaughan said. "Both are being rushed to a veterinarian for their injuries. Anywhere else, the participants would be in jail, and officials' failure to prosecute those responsible makes Yellville synonymous with cruelty to animals." "The turkey drop is a throwback to a sorry time when human beings were bone-ignorant of animals' feelings," she said. http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2017/oct/15/again-live-turkeys-tossed-from-plane-20-1/
  17. Navy Seal Trump fan actually More Fake News

    within the past 6ish months they've had a fake Navy SEAL, fake CIA agent, fake Antifa, and fake terrorism expert. people at Fox are too busy raping the ladies to fact check anything.
  18. AHS- Cult

    ah ok. i only half watched this week, kinda gave up on the show.
  19. AHS- Cult

    the twisty thing was literally just a scene of the comic book the kid was reading in the opening scene
  20. AHS- Cult

    every season of this show gets worse. i thought hotel was the worst season ever, then i thought roanoke was even worse, now this is 10x worse.
  21. i'm spotting a trend here. they're literally about to start pooping their pants to stick it to the libs.
  22. what kind of saves him is that he doesn't have anyone around him smart enough to come up with a passable war justification. he wants SO BAD to start poo with NK but he is at "insults him in the media" level and not "manufacture consent with cia cooperation" level.
  23. i mean he's slashed elderly veteran benefits and is doing his best to dismantle the VA, so this should surprise nobody.