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  1. So, who is at fault

    you haven't given any facts. also are you seriously a teacher with grammar and punctuation like this? jesus christ.
  2. Thank You Trump!!

  3. Thank You Trump!!

  4. So, who is at fault

    doesn't matter if you corrected it, you were stupid enough to make the mistake in the first place. you won the fake news award.
  5. So, who is at fault

    you wanna school me in history after you just posted a photo of a fake Guatemala border wall lmfao
  6. So, who is at fault

    where did i do that?
  7. So, who is at fault

    we need immigrants more than we need you
  8. So, who is at fault

    we've had a barrier for like 100 years. you just posted a fuging picture of it and said it's what we need hahaha
  9. So, who is at fault

    if Europe is being destroyed by migration, why does Trump want more immigration from Norway?
  10. So, who is at fault

    that's a picture of the US border in Arizona, taken by Matt Clark for his wildlife blog. http://defendersblog.org/2013/06/on-the-line-walls-waivers-and-wildlife/ you are exhibit A for why Trump won. you believe any bullshit fake news they shove in front of your face.
  11. So, who is at fault

    there's no such thing as illegal immigration. any human has the right to go wherever they want. borders are fake.
  12. So, who is at fault

    you deserve to be insulted when you post fake bullshit. there is no southern Mexico border wall. this is the border:
  13. Eagles are gonna get their asses kicked in the Super Bowl.
  14. remember when most people here sided with Hochuli over Cam and said there was no way he said that
  15. So, who is at fault

    they won't be. so you want to actively hurt others because black people haven't been treated well. that's honestly a sick mentality.
  16. So, who is at fault

    erm @TPanther920 why are you pooing me for quoting our President http://edition.cnn.com/2013/01/22/business/opinion-donald-trump-europe/index.html
  17. So, who is at fault

    getting rid of the jobs that immigrants do doesn't provide any benefits to black people, unless you propose we fill the slave labor jobs with black people, which is not exactly a step up. if we kick every single immigrant from this country, institutions aren't suddenly going to treat black people better. you're intermingling two pretty unrelated issues and trying to use one to justify ignoring another.
  18. So, who is at fault

    We will have to leave borders behind and go for global unity when it comes to financial stability.
  19. BRADY OVERTHREW GRONK how can this happen only Cam overthrows people
  20. Since there is no White History Month we have our own here in the Tinderbox to celebrate the richness of white culture. here is the mascot for this thread please don't tread on him.
  21. So, who is at fault

    https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4710181/senator-mcconnell-objects-military-pay-protection it just happened on the senate floor. Dems asked to put in military protections. GOP said no.
  22. So, who is at fault

    Democrats tried to fund the troops during the GOP Shutdown. The GOP objected and refused.
  23. is possible to have a majority party?

    it can be said and should be said, because it's been illustrated over and over again. racial hostility was the #1 predictor of a Trump voter by far. https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/12/15/16781222/trump-racism-economic-anxiety-study