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  1. Since there is no White History Month we have our own here in the Tinderbox to celebrate the richness of white culture. h
  2. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    nuts that he was finally caught. i've read about this case for a long time, and listened to the audio recordings of him calling his victims. creepy poo.
  3. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    that's because you're not a smart person. again, i'm not talking about polls, i'm talking about elections that have happened. democrats have beaten republican incumbants in 40 elections since 2016. many of these districts were won by up to 40 points by trump. the average change in all elections that have happened since 2016 is 19 points in favor of the democrats. hardcore republican districts are electing democrats because of donald trump.
  4. Net Neutrality ended?

    watching a trumptard try to understand net neutrality is like watching a sea lion try to tie shoelaces. e cat has absolutely no idea what net neutrality is, he just knows that his cult leader installed a Comcast lawyer as the head of the FCC to kill net neutrality so that must be best for everyone. repeatedly bringing up fuging google search results exposes him as functioning on a grade school level with this poo.
  5. Net Neutrality ended?

    you literally don't know what net neutrality is. you thought it had to do with google burying conservative search results. you're not qualified to have a conversation about it. go back to your tiki torch rally.
  6. Net Neutrality ended?

    if you want to know why they "would" all you have to do is look at why they did. this isn't new. the rules were created in response to the ISPs already throttling traffic.
  7. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    i'm not talking about polls, i'm talking about actual election results. there's been a 19 point shift away from republicans in nationwide elections.
  8. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    this one is real.
  9. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    woops good eye, i just googled and didn't pay attention to what account i was on
  10. Net Neutrality ended?

    none of this, whether it's true or not, violates (or has anything to do with) net neutrality. you have absolutely no idea what net neutrality is, which is common for right wingers. you just repeat what you're told and don't care if it's the truth or a lie.
  11. Net Neutrality ended?

    ISPs had begun blocking content before net neutrality was implemented. some services like bittorrent and VoIP were blocked by the major ISPs, and connections were being throttled to customers and various websites and services. the ball started rolling on this regulation in 2007 when Comcast was busted throttling service to services that they didn't like. the FCC ordered them to stop and to treat all traffic equally, and that's where the first set of net neutrality rules started. this regulation was born directly out of the ISPs censoring internet traffic. now that they're removed, the censoring will resume.
  12. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    clearly they share the same audience
  13. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    true lol. but losing 9 million followers the day after announcing all these albums he's producing has got to have a lot of people upset
  14. Props to Kanye and Chance!

  15. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    Racial hostility is the #1 indicator of a Trump voter. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/06/06/racial-anxiety-is-a-huge-driver-of-support-for-donald-trump-two-new-studies-find https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/1/4/14160956/trump-racism-sexism-economy-study
  16. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    Kanye has lost 9 million twitter followers today, but gained a following of white supremacists who have never purchased a single hip hop album. let's see how that strategy works out lol
  17. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    not even close. a 19 point swing is historic.
  18. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    races since Trump came into office have swung on average 19 points toward the Democrats.
  19. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    Chance hasn't changed his stance, he's a hardcore liberal who wants Trump removed from office. all he did is say black people don't have to be Democrats. this is true. most people should be much farther left than the Democrat party. you don't have a free thought in your head, you're completely brainwashed.
  20. Props to Kanye and Chance!

  21. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    i know Nas has got to be cringing that he's having this meltdown immediately after announcing he produced his new album
  22. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    it's a hand sign that crypto-fascists adopted. they do it to have a "thing" with each other but also so that when people who know they're being crypto bring it up, they can say "LOL this person things the 'ok' sign is white supremacist!!!!! aren't they ridiculous!" it's the same as when they drew the Pepe thing in nazi uniforms waving swastikas or killing black people, so when people brought it up they can say "haha they thing a frog cartoon character is racist! they're so out of touch!"
  23. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    the parkland teens caused an unprecedented tide pod meme overload among the 60+ crowd (which ironically is the age group that had the most people eat tide pods)
  24. yup. he's literally the only senator who endorsed moore who refused to retract his endorsement after he was exposed as a pedo. he stuck with him to the end and tried to bribe his accusers. basically he played saha to moore's milo.
  25. rand paul attempted to bribe the lawyer of roy moore's accuser $10k to call his client a liar by the way