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  1. Toomers

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    Not any of the remaining 14.7M guaranteed money that still must be accounted for is. Most of it is bonus money. But the trade off for these “reasonable” salaries is huge cap hits next year.
  2. Toomers

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    That number doesn’t include the 14.7M we have already paid him and must be accounted for sooner or later. What kind of roots does that FACT have?
  3. Toomers

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    Another year, another “I’m finally healthy” article. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailynorseman.com/platform/amp/2017/3/5/14820490/matt-kalil-100-healthy
  4. And Cam is the perfect example of you have to evaluate each player, individually, instead of grouping them altogether with an ignorant blanket statement. It would have been simpler to just say “I hate the SEC”.
  5. Collins went through the regular draft. He was never part of any supplemental draft.
  6. Now this is legit 1-2nd round talent. Was surprised he went back. Curious about why he’s coming out now?
  7. Yep. His only playoff win in that span is a victory over a Brian Hoyer led Texans team.
  8. So was the previously mentioned Ronnie Harrison up until the combine and deep film study showed he can’t cover. There are a lot more than 32 players that have “first round ability”.
  9. Exactly. If we were willing to use next year’s 3rd, should have traded up for Justin Reid and had a Safety ready to play day one. This is too big a gamble for top 100 picks. That being said, I would do a lot of work on him. As others have said, he’s a Safety. He’s going to put on more weight. I can see a 215 lb. SS who can eliminate TEs. But it all depends on his football IQ and many things we don’t know. I’d throw a 4th on the ability but that’s without knowledge of his red flags. A late 4th has very little value anyway.
  10. Toomers

    Matt "Speed bump McGee" Kalil..

    You have to eat the cap hit if you trade him. We already paid him that money. It’s not going away.
  11. Well, earlier in this thread you proclaimed Donald and Cox as elite DTs. KK wpas a ring below. I was assuming McCoy was at least in that tier, or did he just become elite for agenda purposes? And by the “better, longer” theory, we just opened a huge gap between Poe and Vea. Vea hasn’t even played. With the solid edge at DE that I showed earlier, and you have conveniently ignored, and at worst a push at DT, I’m failing to see how thinking we deserve that spot as much as TB did is a “homer” who needs a reality check. From the “FREE GREG HARDY!” committee chairmen, that’s hilarious.
  12. Didn’t mean any of that towards you. My apologies. Just needed the article you posted to compare. I was agreeing with you.
  13. So there is the one advantage for TB. One backup DE. Great. How about the rest? If TB signs Hardy, they would shoot past us at light speed.