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  1. Joe P's Roster Projection

    Lee has been one of the best punters ever. Palardy has been below average for half a season. No GM is going to give a 6th for a below average P.
  2. Forget the Safety position...

    Let's see. Peppers will be a pure passing down edge rusher. Not concerned with how he plays in the power run game. He won't be in there. But CJ will. And he can still set the edge. His lack of ability to get to the QB anymore(that is true) won't be as much of an issue as he shouldn't be in game in passing situations. Having those two rotate should help them both stay healthy and active late in games. Addison was playing the run effectively last year. Is it a strength of his? No. But, like many teams, the RDE in a 4-3 is becoming more of a DE/LB pass rusher or LEO. And Horton has proven effective(at the price) of setting the edge on that side even if that is all he does well. And Hall is a backup in case Pep or Addison get hurt. Even a raw rookie can rush the passer from the edge. Not to mention if Butler is healthy, both he and KK can(and have) play DE on 1st or 2nd down. Almost every DE in the NFL is better at one or the other. Ones that excel against the pass and run are rare. At a position where there has to be some rotation, no matter what, why not try to play to each players strengths? And since all of these DEs are "flawed", which one getting injured would cripple the unit? And how is acquiring a equally(if not more) "flawed" player make things all better. Tank makes Kony Ealy look like an All Pro. He's a pass rushing specialist who can't get to the QB, and is poor against the run. Please explain to my "midget mind" how he would fix all our "issues".
  3. Forget the Safety position...

    So we don't get a "pressure" on a whopping 8 pass attempts, and it's an indication that the DL is going to suck. Sounds logical. About as logical as trading for a player with 4 career sacks instead of using the DE we just drafted who is very similar to the player you want to trade for. Brilliant!!!
  4. CMC definitely has me ready to eat a little crow for stating he wasn't worth a top 10 pick. Knew he was very good, just didn't think he was worthy of that high a draft slot. Of course, I didn't think anyone else was at our pick either. Manage his touches, and hope he can stay healthy( like any player) and he can change this offense dramatically. I will enjoy the crow. CMC is a beast, no doubt.
  5. Norwell hired Rosenhaus

    Getting him for 9M/yr would have been fair and probably reasonable enough to pay, even with paying Trai that much. But I don't see how he gets anything less than 10M/yr at least on the open market. Only way to get him at a reasonable rate would be to sign him before the season. Sets Norwell up for life before he plays another game and risks injury. He has another solid to very good year and he could top , Trai on the open market.
  6. Bucs Release 2016 2nd Rd Pick

    Just a horrible decision from day one. I still wish we had spent our 6th on Zane Gonzalez. Going to be a top 5 kicker for the next decade.
  7. Amen on Trai and playing OT. Ever. Ever. Ever.
  8. The KB move has logic behind it from a "measurables" point of view. It's why it's been brought up plenty of times over the years. But his subpar blocking at WR, and lack of "toughness" at times would suggest otherwise. And I doubt KB would be happy at all with it, given the financial ramifications of such a move. Now, turning Funchess into a "Jordan Reed" type of move TE, could work. Get him away from CBs he can't get separation from. And he hasn't had enough success to complain about any position move. Jeremy Cash is not an NFL safety. He went undrafted because of his lack of coverage skills. Now he's much bigger. Shouldn't ever be considered. I see no issue with Butler playing some early down snaps at DE. Let him play when Mario needs a rest. He could play 20% of those snaps, plus his rotation at DT, and get close to starter snaps. I see a huge leap from him coming.

    No he didn't...lol. "Don't get flags anyway"
  10. Could we "double dip" again?

    It was about the two players named. What Im saying is that it's sad that we just took a RB top 10 and still need another one for the future as well. That shouldn't have to happen with someone worth that draft pick.
  11. Could we "double dip" again?

    What's sad is we took a "RB" with a top 10 pick and there is still legit questions about having to Actially choose another one. I thought that was supposed to fill all our needs?
  12. Some notes from my source

    Please be true....Please be true.....Please be true.
  13. Why? He's not a LT. As a RT, how is he different from Williams? Power blocker who struggles with speed rushers. And even if he is a better fit at OG, he sure isn't better than Norwell or Turner. Why reach for a player who has shown nothing more than what we already have? At the cost of missing on a quality player somewhere else.
  14. Some notes from my source

    That was a pay cut and restructure with nice wording so it sounds good in the press. We are not paying Stewart 5.25M next year. He will not be brought back at 1.5M cap hit. It's amazing how much better JStew has gotten since the season ended. He's went from 30 year old average and injury prone starter to a top back in the league.