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  1. Horrible. My biggest issue with him and the FO for years.
  2. Gruden has that antiquated Safety thinking. Bigger is better. I just don’t see that in today’s game. Joseph hasn’t been great, but decent when healthy. Gruden barely played him. This ain’t Mack. I’m only talking a 4th. Which probably wouldn’t do it.
  3. I don’t care if it happens or not. Just showed that the money wasn’t as unreasonable as you made it out to be. And if I could a Pro Bowl caliber Safety for the next 4 years for 10/yr, you better believe I would. And cutting a useless Torrey Smith, before the season, and saving 5M would have been a nice start. Our only semi-legit Safety is 37years old. I don’t know what the FO will do? I know I would explore my options including Thomas.
  4. I literally thought I posted this.
  5. Well, that’s his cap hit for SEA. His base salary is 8.5M. Minus 3 game checks, that leaves around 7M. With about 3.7M already there, it’s not hard to call Cam and get that little bit.
  6. So that’s two years removed from the position you want him to play. One year from any football activity of any kind. A benching. Concussion issues. How much are you willing to risk to find out if he even wants to play again? That’s the issue. He could get hit and quit at any time.
  7. Another huge problem. Well said. I would rather try a CB at FS than run another slow FS out there. You can’t hit anyone anyhow? A decent tackler with coverage skills.
  8. Toomers

    week 5 returns

    I never said anything about anyone. Just posted direct statements from Olsen himself that disputed your claim. Is Olsen a “they”? Did I say a word about Samuel? I know living in reality is tough.
  9. What shape is he in? Does he even want to play or just acting like he does? And we were never talking about an elite Safety. He was solid, which would be fine, but that was a year ago with no football activity since. Get Karl Joseph instead. Depending on how hurt he is?
  10. Toomers

    week 5 returns

    Those words with these “. “. around them, they are called quotation marks. That means those are Greg’s words. What source would you prefer? You? Who is proven to make poo up on a daily basis?
  11. There is no savings. His 5M salary was guaranteed after week 1. It’s gone. Which is why this should have happened before then.
  12. I would rather Torrey just joined Reid’s current team instead. 3 weeks ago would have been better.
  13. Toomers

    week 5 returns

    This was posted by David Newton last night. Can’t get link. Panthers' Olsen 'way ahead of curve' in recovery Panthers tight end Greg Olsen says his recovery from refracturing the foot that kept him out nine games last season should be quicker this time. "We're optimistic," he said. "Hopefully, it's sooner rather than later.'' Couldn’t even make it until Noon before being full of BS again. Well done.
  14. OK....here is the EXACT stipulation, in the original contract, only took 2 minutes to find. 2018 Option Bonus: $10M (must be exercised by 3/19/2018) If not exercised, the $10M converts to salary, and $11M 2018 salary fully guarantees What this means is Hurney had two choices. Take all 10M against the cap THIS year. Or spread it over the next 4 years. Which he did. There is not a GM in NFL history that would have made a different choice. So, there it is. Now, explain what he did wrong? Considering you are the one that brought it up, this better be good.
  15. He’s bigger than Mario was at his age. And is ridiculous strong. So he could handle full time DE. He......ah hell. I’m pissed again.