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  1. That was a pay cut and restructure with nice wording so it sounds good in the press. We are not paying Stewart 5.25M next year. He will not be brought back at 1.5M cap hit. It's amazing how much better JStew has gotten since the season ended. He's went from 30 year old average and injury prone starter to a top back in the league.
  2. While I agree with the premise of the article, I have one question about the teams he mentioned. Agree on most, but in what way is Ohio St. running a "pro-style" offense? Not arguing the results of their players. Just that their system is far from similar to the others. Also, Alabama OL really hurt this theory, to a degree. Still valid points he made.
  3. Next time maybe leave the "Sigh" and the out of context info out of your stance?
  4. What metrics are they using? What are the parameters. How is Gano anywhere near the top K? Or Nortman the top P? For example, how is NE behind us with a 91% FG and exact same P avg. if we were that good, why would we go after Andy Lee, when Nortman was cheaper and didn't let us a pick? Stats without context mean nothing. Please explain what these represent in any way.
  5. Please show me any information that states that Gano and Nortman were anywhere close to #1 in the NFL in 2015. Or the team was. I would be very curious to see this.
  6. And that number would put that K in the bottom third of the league last year. Not to mention 3 misses on XPs last year as well, by Gano. All while being having the 6th highest cap hit in the NFL going into 2017. Sure is some good value there. What body part are you speaking from?
  7. Try that same exercise with top 10 QBs over the past 10 years and see what the ratio is. Hint: It ain't good.
  8. P. Frontrunner made a comment. I just asked for the proof he claimed there was. Things got ugly from there. Then I'm still trying to figure out what the other point was. I guess that USC has a lot of Scrubs in the NFL.
  9. The problem is you jumped into a debate about conferences, and listed a few random individual teams. What did that have to do with the debate? And HOFers. Again, what relevance did that have with anything recent. And the discussion was about "stud" players and how the SEC failed to produce as many as others. Not total number, active or not. Because as you stated yourself, the SEC is far ahead on that by any metric. All I asked was where your info came from and you repeatedly answered with insults instead of any sort of facts or links. Now you say..."I googled Trojans in NFL" . Why would it matter what one school had? Why not PAC 12? What was your purpose with your original post? None of this makes any sense to the topic that was being discussed and never did. I defy you to find one person on here that finds anything you stated as relevant to what was being discussed. Anyone. Even the guy who took the shot at the SEC gave up on it. But we are the ones who don't understand? Good luck with that.
  10. Oh the humanity if they take Cam Robinson at #4. Is it possible to have a seizure from laughing too hard. Please let it be.
  11. Considering the topic was "stud" players, you adding PS scrubs was moronic, at best. And yet, you still haven't provided one shred of proof to back up anything...again. Just go back to the kids table and leave the turkey carving to the adults. As shown in Top Dawgs post above, there is plenty more to back up my statement. I'll let what we have posted speak for itself. The thread has been hi-jacked enough. Now you're just looking for attention.
  12. I already did. Right away. From a legit source with a provided link. Unlike your "cause I said so" reasoning. You need to stop. This has become like pistol-whipping a blind kid for me and isn't even fun anymore. It's just sad.
  13. No ones making rules. Just asked him and you to post anything to back up your statements. Which you obviously can't. Or you would. And wouldn't have to resort to attempting to attack me instead of backing up your BS theory. It's called being a rational adult. Keep dodging the question. Don't blame you. If I proclaimed my ignorance like you have, I would try to avoid the issue too.