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  1. How in the hell is saying one player is very good but not top ten pick caliber, an condemnation of the entire organization? You picked the wrong guy to pull that cop-out on. I have never once called for Rivera or Shula to be fired. How many on this board can say that. Not that it would make me unhappy if they were fired either. I’ve defended many moves and picks that people hated. Until this year. And it’s not like a bust scenario. Keep your drama to yourself. Or at least stick to the point of the conversation. And the FS is Malik Hooker. He would be our FS for the next decade. And snaps counts also involve being able to handle them.
  2. I would argue many other RBs could have had the same impact given the same opportunities as CMC.
  3. So what is so wrong about saying it? People lose it like you just said their son was only the 3rd best player in his Little League.
  4. A 1000 YFS RB is not hard to find. You think any GM would trade a shutdown corner, or an elite free safety, or a Solid DE for a RB who could only get 1000 YFS. 23 RBs did it last year. Not a goal to shoot for if you’re a top ten pick.
  5. Maybe? Won’t argue against it but the gap is small. But you would have to give them the edge running the ball, at this point. And both could have been had for 4M or less. Not a top ten pick. How about James White? Reddick? Vereen? You will notice where theses guys went in the draft and current salaries. I’ve been watching since 1975. One thing I learned long ago was you don’t take a RB in the first who is not capable of being an every down back. And until I see otherwise ..... he isn’t one.
  6. Cheaper? He’s already got a cap hit that is as much as vet 3rd down backs make. And this is his cheap year. And Woodhead has been hurt all year. Butkhead has 448 total yards and 6TD in 8 games. About the same as CMC. Pick any of them. Reddick? White? Bottom line is he was an awful VALUE at 8. Until he lines up and takes 15-20 carries as our lead back, he won’t. Can he? I don’t know. But everything I’ve seen(not stats) says he can’t. None of this means that he is a bust in any way. He was over-valued But is still a good ball player and can help this team. There is a huge difference in saying he wasn’t worth a top ten pick and saying he is a bust. People can’t seem to come to grips with this.
  7. How much different would that new dimension be if we signed Woodhead or Burkhead or any other readily available pass-catching RB. There is a good reason these “important” pieces to any offense only make 4M a year, at most. And then drafted a legit top 10 pick?
  8. I would hate to know I displayed my ignorance this proudly. Well done.
  9. It's time to bench Kalil

    Back- loaded? I thought we could cut bait and eat 9.6M after this year but we are actually stuck giving him 12M more for next year and still eat a 7.2M cap hit after 2019. Once again. “A dark day in Panthers history”
  10. Those aren’t all LTs. Conklin, Gilbert and Schwartz are RTs. Who’s the last good LT that lasted past pick 20. Heck...15?
  11. If we are going that route, I would much prefer TY Hilton. Better fit, price and attitude.
  12. That would be great. But he hasn’t gotten the chance yet and until he shows he can handle that role, he is what he is.
  13. Yes. If he had shown anything resembling an “every Down” who can handle 20 touches every game, this wouldn’t be an issue. But he hasn’t. He hasn’t done anything we could have gotten out of Woodhead/Burkhead/Reddick/White or any other 3rd down back in the NFL. All UDFA’s and making 3-4M/yr. But we take one with a top 10 pick. It’s just like signing D-Lo and J-Stew to big money contracts when the rest of the league was reluctant to pay even one. Didn’t mean either was a bad player. Just that the value isn’t there no matter how good they performed.
  14. Well. It was an attempt to show you what VALUE truly is but once again you took it as a shot and are trying to play the victim card. No sense in trying to discuss it further.
  15. And some folks can’t tell the difference between criticizing the value of the pick and the player himself. Answer this question for me? Would you take a PK in the 1st round. He will be one of the best ever...guaranteed. You taking him? Why or why not?