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  1. How about you read the rest of the thread before you post. Once again, he should just ask the question and report the answer. What purpose is served by leaving that out there for 2 hours, other than stirring up the fanbase? Intentionally or not, The OP wasn't close to the only one who interpreted it that way. Panther fans all over hit the panic button. Shouldn't have even been a question asked as it was common sense to anyone with knowledge of the situation that his option would be picked up.
  2. I can see most of that. And love the way you put it. I just think this could have all been avoided by just reporting the answer and not putting the question out there for no reason. But that's media these days. And Voth, as you said, is usually above that and probably didn't realize the reaction it would have.
  3. Why make any statement before you ask? Just ask the question and report. What's the point of bringing up something that wasn't even debatable? It was for attention. And he got it. The reactions are all the proof you need. The uninformed went nuts and into witch hunt mode. The informed were pissed because it was a no-brained decision that wasn't worth bringing up until answered.
  4. "If picked up"? That's all it took. See how many fans went ballistic on this issue. Like it or not, he put something out there that wasn't considered a decision at all. Would have been nice to give some information about the option if he's going to put it out there. Look at the reactions just here, and around twitter( also reported on here that twitter verse was whining about picking it up). Maybe he didn't realize it, but he left it out there and ignorance took over. Current state of media. Say very little and watch what happens. Just ask GMan the question in 2 hours and report the facts. How hard is that.
  5. I disagree. First, it shouldn't have been a question in any rational person's mind. No one with any understanding of the 5th year option process would even consider it a question. Posing it as a question, like he did, raised doubt all over. What if GMan wanted to wait to announce it May 2? Now he had to do it so this didn't become an issue with KB, and the fanbase, for the next month. Why not just get an answer before posing an open ended statement?
  6. There's a big difference between where those guys will go, and 6th rounders, which are far from mid-rounders. Much higher chance of success. I want Fournette for any of the reasons you already stated about others. I'm not impressed by this so-called "deep" class. But I feel that we pick up someone in rounds 1-3. I like Jamal Williams but wouldn't take him before our 3-4 pick.
  7. He was a 5th round comp pick. And he's done what is expected out of one. Be better than the string of UDFAs we trotted out there in 2014. And he has. But now it's time for an upgrade that can be a starter. Throwing darts at 5-6th rounders is exactly investing in the position. Something that we weren't in position to do with large cap hits from existing RBs and other more pressing needs.
  8. Ignorance is bliss. Most fans, as has been proven on here this morning, have no clue what the details of a 5th year option are.
  9. No. The whole idea that it was even a consideration. Which is what everyone questioned. You were the one who "lol" at people who called it nonsense. And we saw, in no time, it was nonsense.
  10. It wasn't. It makes no sense in any way. What part of it was valid. Sure didn't take long for it to be debunked. The laughable part is anyone that gave the story an ounce of credibility.
  11. It was common sense. Voth should be embarrassed for even suggesting it. Or believing it.
  12. Quoted wrong post. Sorry. Wasn't intended towards you at all.
  13. It's more of a statement of my man-crush on Budda. And Obi is very raw. Potential is nice, but I'll always take a player whose natural instincts are his biggest strength. Size and speed are nice, but mean very little if you don't know where to go. That 4.4 becomes a 4.8 when you take one wrong step. I wouldn't be upset if he were chosen. But if we passed on Budda for him, that would not be good. But that's just my opinion. Nothing more.
  14. ITS NOT GUARANTEED PEOPLE!!!! Only if he gets seriously injured this year. If he proves worth it, you keep him at that. If not, you let him walk with NO penalty at all