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  1. RealBitsOfPanther

    NHL Draft 2018

    For the first time in a while, it's exciting to be a canes fan
  2. RealBitsOfPanther

    Today’s media BS

    Lol. Cowherd is a chode.
  3. RealBitsOfPanther

    Deadpool 2

    Saw it last week and I liked it but I thought the beginning kind of drug a little bit. It picked up steam in the middle and the ending was good though.
  4. RealBitsOfPanther


    Probably going to go see it this weekend or next week. Wife is pregnant and she isn't about those crowded theaters. Lol. Nice to see that it's getting some love though, as the reviews/reception haven't been the warmest.
  5. RealBitsOfPanther


    I'm excited to see it, even though some of the reception has been luke warm on it.
  6. RealBitsOfPanther

    looking to lease an suv

    We just bought a Rogue and we're really liking it.
  7. RealBitsOfPanther

    Black Ops 4

    Same. It looks a lot like BF1 which did not hold my interest at all.
  8. RealBitsOfPanther

    Black Panther

    I'm a little biased, as BP is prob my favorite Marvel character, but I loved it. I watched it again the other night and still enjoyed the hell out of it.
  9. RealBitsOfPanther

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I know absolutely nothing about soccer other than the fact that you use your feet to put a ball in a net, but if a MLS team came to the Carolinas (CLT or RDU), I'd prob check them out. I think MLS is way more likely to happen than a MLB team.
  10. RealBitsOfPanther

    Curtis Samuel ....

    He'll be on the roster this year. He will be our version of Nelson Agholor
  11. RealBitsOfPanther

    Carolina Panthers OTAs - Photos and Notes

    Solid as always!
  12. RealBitsOfPanther

    Black Ops 4

    Battle Royale with COD gun play could be crazy fun. I'm still on a wait and see approach, as I want to see what BF:V has cooking up. I'm only getting one of these games, as my video game time is almost non-existent during the school year lol. I wonder if this COD will allow split screen online? That was always a plus with COD, as my wife and I can play at the same time instead of taking turns.
  13. RealBitsOfPanther

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    As much as I would love for it to come to the coast, I don't think they're going to move it. If they do move it, it's going to be somwhere in CLT.
  14. RealBitsOfPanther

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    Lol nah. That used to be a thing? The thing with EOG scores is that it doesn't take in the demographic of the schools and the kids themselves. Also, I'd be highly upset that my pay is being doctored from an 11 year old who, despite my best efforts (tutoring, parent contact, conferences etc) refuses to do work all year (therefore doesn't learn the material) and does bad on the EOG. Also saw the idea of tenure being abolished but it already is. I'm in my 6th year teaching and have signed a one year contract with my school every year since I started.
  15. RealBitsOfPanther

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    Looks like it. Would explain Cap in his Avenger's suit. I think I saw a picture of Thor in his first Avengers suit as well. Might be something like they use the time stone to go back to the battle of NY with everyone and beat Thanos that way?