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  1. Dae Dae

    lol seriously?
  2. Clemson is right down the road and just won their first national championship in forever. Also, the qb that led said team to championship was playing last night.
  3. What is the most random Panthers item you own

    I have the Cam and Luke pop figures in my classroom.
  4. I remember when half of y'all wanted him in the draft lol.
  5. New Hurricanes Uniforms

    Love that the warning flags are back. Feels like us again. The only thing I think it needs is a patch on the shoulder (secondary logo) but other then that I really like them. Can't wait to see the whites.

    "When Captain America throws his mighty shieldddddddd" No Arkham series? List invalid.
  7. 2016/17 Carolina Hurricanes

    No major changes expected with the jerseys, which is a shame. I've never been a big fan of the new ones.
  8. 2016/17 Carolina Hurricanes

    Stemp is most likely gone. However, the Pens have a bunch of talented forwards and defensemen available as well (Rust, Kunitz, Ian Cole, Daley). They will prob still take MAF though.
  9. The Canes Blog

    Would ya'll be interested in podcasts before/during certain parts of the season? I.e. the trade deadline, playoff pushes etc. Like lightsout said, we're trying to get a gauge of what ya'll would be interested in.
  10. 2016/17 Carolina Hurricanes

    Welcome aboard man! NHL seasons are crazy fun. I know @lightsout and myself loved doing the blog and hopefully will do it again next year the views are there. As far as canes prospects/young talent go, it starts with Jeff Skinner, Sebastian Aho and Noah Hanifin. Skinner went off the last quarter of the season and ended up with 36 goals and 26 assists. Prob the purest goal scorer the Canes have and is still a young guy (only 25) Aho just finished his rookie season with 24 goals and 25 assists and at 19 years old. Just a smart player. He will be good for years to come. Skinns and Aho stand out but there is a bunch of young guys already on the team, or in the system. Rask is a solid two way center that can net 20 and can lead in +/-. Teuvo as well. Lindholm has shown flashes of brilliance (his passing game improved greatly this season). There is also some guys in the pipeline like Gauthier, Kuokkanen Fillpe that we can get excited about, although they are years away. Hanifin is going to be solid. It takes a little longer for two way defensemen to adapt. He's only 20 years old as well. Really strong breakout pass The rest of the defense is crazy young and has tremendous upside as well. Slavin and Pesce especially. Look for Haydn Fleury to push for a roster spot this year. Jake Bean will be a name to remember as well. @lightsout did I forget anyone?
  11. Thieves Avenue

    Thievery never sleeps!!
  12. Wonder Woman

    It's just crazy to think that there has been an Ant-Man and Dr. Strange movie before a Wonder Woman movie. Shes easily top 3 most recognizable superheroes.
  13. Wonder Woman

    Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are the best DC movies, but they're not a part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Those movies are Man of Steel, Bats vs Supes, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman.
  14. Wonder Woman

    I really enjoyed it and imo, is right on part with Iron Man 1. It's easily the best DCEU movie for me.
  15. New uniforms

    This thread. LOL. Also, black helmets and logo at midfield.