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  1. Game etiquette

    I think it depends on the situation and the game itself. The Seattle playoff game in 2015, no one sat down the entire game. Regular season games, you usually see people stand up on 3rd/4th downs
  2. who backs up Mayo?

    Well poo. lol
  3. who backs up Mayo?

    Or Shaq moves inside and Cash comes in?
  4. Should we bench Worley?

    But guys, he makes tackles!!
  5. Rivera post-game presser

    *Shula looking in the playbook for a call" "Button hook? Gay. Slant? fuging gay."
  6. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Lol this guy...
  7. Hubby needs a favor.

    Cat bros...
  8. KB to TE

    Have you seen KB block? Lol.
  9. The Triple Option

    I'm a sucker for the triple option, so seeing Cam make the right read everytime makes me happy. However, Stew should be that up man.
  10. How many TDs will Brady throw

    I came in this thread to say this, but you beat me to it. Lol.
  11. Is this really a Panthers fan forum?

    It's not that anyone on this forum doesn't want the Panthers to be good. It's just, we've seen this before. We're 2-1, yes, but have you felt very good/confident in this team's ability at any point this season so far?
  12. South Park Season 21

    The wife and I lol'd pretty hard at the confederate flag waving lol.