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  1. How would you feel if...

    Id rather see JAX win it over a lot of other teams. Catbros!
  2. The Walking Dead season 8

    I mean, when they killed off who they killed off, it just seemed random. Like they closed their eyes and pointed to someone.
  3. Cams 62 Yard Run Gif

    The little stutter step inside that gave him the running lane was a thing of beauty.
  4. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Cause if we did take Lattimore, ya'll would be bitching about how we did not give Cam weapons.
  5. At Bojangles for the First Time, Right Now

    Cajun Filet biscuit combo and the chicken supreme combo is fire.
  6. Destiny 2

    I have a group that still runs the raid multiple times a week. I'm still enjoying it and am psyched for the new DLC.
  7. Avengers infinity war trailer

    I think Vision and Hawkeye are biting it. Maybe Bucky/Falcon as well. I also think that the ending of this movie is going to be when Thanos gets all the stones and then kills someone big.
  8. The Walking Dead season 8

    At this point, I'm just waiting for Rick to duel wield M60's or take a helicopter out with a rock.
  9. The Last Jedi

  10. Avengers infinity war trailer

    Speaking of SS, did anyone catch the nod to the Infinity Gauntlet with Hulk falling into the Sanctum Sanctorum? When he punches Iron Man with the gauntlet? MAH GAWD. Things we need to answer/discuss until May. Lol Where is the Soul gem? (my guess is Wakanda and will be introduced in Black Panther) Who dies in this one? I wonder how many stones Thanos gets in this one. I doubt he gets all of them, as this a two part story. It looks like he has the Power and Space stone already (GOTG and Tesseract).
  11. Avengers infinity war trailer

    Well that was awesome
  12. Justice League

    I think an aquaman movie in general could be really cool if it's done right. Imagine how cool the visuals cou of potentially be with Atlantis and under water fights. Wan should really look into the New 52 run of the character (Trench and King of Atlantis arcs) as those would translate well into a movie.
  13. Justice League

    IMO, Marvel was smart in how they handled their more obscure characters. They took their time establishing their universe and then peppered them in. Theres is no doubt in my mind that people would go see a Flash or an Aquaman movie, it just needs to be good