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  1. New Infinity Wars Trailer!!!

    This movie is about to be amazing.
  2. The Walking Dead season 8

    The comic has some really interesting stuff going on atm. Getting away from the source material was the worst thing they could do.
  3. Sammy Watkins expected to sign with KC

    We had no chance lol
  4. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    People liked Worley like that? Lol.
  5. Black Panther

    In the comics, White Wolf is a white dude that ends up being adopted and is T'Challa's half brother. He becomes the leader of the War Dogs. Will be interesting to see if they fill that role with Bucky after Infinity War (if he makes it).
  6. Comic book collectors

    Also, have ya'll heard about the new Marvel creative teams? Some of these sound really good! AVENGERS #1by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinnessBLACK PANTHER #1by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Daniel AcuñaVENOM #1by Donny Cates and Ryan StegmanTHOR #1by Jason Aaron and Mike Del MundoIMMORTAL HULK #1by Al Erwin and Joe BennettCAPTAIN AMERICA #1by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil YuDOCTOR STRANGE #1by Mark Waid and Jesús SaizTONY STARK: IRON MAN #1by Dan Slott and Valerio SchitiTHE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1by Nick Spencer and Ryan OttleyDEADPOOL #1by Skottie Young and Nic KleinSENTRY #1by Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto MINI SERIES: MULTIPLE MAN #1by Matthew Rosenberg and Andy MacDonaldCOSMIC GHOST RIDER #1 by Donny Cates QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #1by Saladin Ahmed and Eric NguyenANT-MAN AND THE WASP #1 AND #2 (OF 5)by Mark Waid and Javier GarronLIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1by Margaret Stohl and Carlos Pacheco Synopsis of each book: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/02/20/every-comic-announced-for-marvels-2018-relaunch
  7. Comic book collectors

    Slott made Peter Tony Stark light in a lot of ways and it never really appealed to me. It's been his status quo for a while now. Like ya'll have said, I like my Spidey (and I think most do as well) when he has to juggle real life stuff while also being Spidey. Slott has been on Spidey forever, so this is all that we've had for a while. Hopefully, Spencer gets back to the basics with Peter. At the very least, we'll get to look at Ottley's art which is fantastic. I've never actually read Kraven's Last Hunt. Is it worth checking out? I'm always skeptical about some older books because they don't always hold up over the years.
  8. Comic book collectors

    Who is writing the current Moon Knight? I LOVED Ellis' run (like 6 issues lol) and Lemire's run was fun.
  9. Black Panther

    I mean he never really went anywhere. He just went to Wakanda and then was frozen again until Wakanda Scientists could figure out how to undo the Hydra brainwashing. I'm assuming that the after credits scene is confirming that Shuri fixed Bucky. Speaking of that scene, did anyone else catch the White Wolf easter egg? That would be a very interesting thing to happen.
  10. Comic book collectors

    So not a fan of any ASM? I'm not the biggest Slott Spidey run, but The Gauntlet was awesome.
  11. Comic book collectors

    That was Slott's run right? I've read some arcs here and there none of it really appealed to me.
  12. The case for Billy Price....

    Well yes, of course. Lol.
  13. The case for Billy Price....

    I'm all for us taking a linemen in the first, esp with us picking late in the first. I don't think a day one impact WR or S will be there.
  14. Comic book collectors

    I didn't. That sucks. Honestly, I'm kind of over the Fox movies. I'm ready for X-Men in the MCU, but we're quite a few years and movies away from that. Anyone else see the new Spider-Man creative team? Nick Spencer and Ryan Freaking Ottley are on it!! That book is going to be so good. Ottley is the perfect artist for Spidey. I mean, just look at this art. Speaking of X-Men and Spider-Man, I shamefully admit that I haven't read as much of them as I would have liked over the years (loved both cartoons as a kid though). What are some of the better stories I should check out?
  15. Comic book collectors

    I saw that. Should be interesting, although Fox Marvel movies have been very hit and miss for me.