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  1. This may be the preseason thread to end all preseason threads
  2. Your boy Steven still being a troll
  3. Next year he'll give us black helmets. Then they'll rename charlotte Tepperville
  4. Tell @steven8989 that
  5. uncfan888

    Guice is done!

    This thread is lame. No one wants CAP
  6. I mean.. One preseason game is basically a preview of someone's career
  7. uncfan888

    Charles Johnson, Benjamin, and DeAngelo = Trash

    Well this is an interesting meltdown from an unlikely source
  8. 100% something happened between them. We'll never know what though
  9. KB is a clown for that
  10. uncfan888

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    Bersin the GOAT chasing a ring
  11. I agree with him.. poo happens
  12. He's pooed some of my stuff. And there's another alt that I think is his too
  13. I think rayzor took out the trash haha