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  1. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Ebron is a bum. I'll just stick with my peppers jersey
  2. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Tells me hurney isn't overpaying for average talent. Good to see
  3. OP said we'd win two games last year and then bet @AggieLean and I that cam wouldn't be the starting qb midway through the season.
  4. Don't make anymore threads, retired college racist. We know you hate cam and have split personalities. You aren't welcome here
  5. If Shepard makes it and Byrd doesn't, hurney should get his head examined
  6. REPORT: Panthers exploring CB FA market

    He's always that guy
  7. I'll cross out Shepard and write him in
  8. He'll have us saying "Norwell who?"
  9. Gaines and Reid or Parker
  10. Yeah. Just sign a safety and look for CB help in the draft. Pray that corn can give us some depth
  11. It's a psycho named igor that keeps signing up. He lives in a house that looks like a crack den
  12. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    Why won't they IP ban him? He can't be smart enough to get around it. @Jeremy Igo?