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  1. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    Go to Google and type "computer room and guns"  haha
  2. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    No, he's #1 out of all tackles haha 
  3. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    Very true.  And again, I'm not saying he stinks or anything. Just don't think his play warrants pro bowl consideration. But none of our guys will be able to play in it anyways 
  4. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    You honestly think he's been pro bowl good? I disagree. Doesn't matter though 
  5. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    So how many Panthers fans have flooded the polls? Oher as the #1 OT is comedy.  And I'm not hating on him..  He's been good, but not best in the league good
  6. Game Day Menu:

    Can't believe he said not to make the thread..  
  7. Game Day Menu:

    Probably just @Mr. Scot
  8. Game Day Menu:

    Yeah.  @Dex better still make the thread tomorrow
  9. Why is the huddle so slow?

    I've had no problems today. Nice and fast 
  10. HTTCP (Hail To The Carolina Panthers)

    Agreed, but he was trash talking a redskins fan, so it's allowed 
  11. HTTCP (Hail To The Carolina Panthers)

    Or just HTTP  That's an abbreviation no one uses...  Haha
  12. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    Something told me "just stay up a few minutes longer.. ." 
  13. No need to be a smart ass. I'll explain it to you.  First tie breaker is win/loss record in conference games.  They lost to Pittsburgh which is an AFC team.  Since we no longer have any out of conference games left, that means if we lose two of our remaining six and they win out,  that our two losses came in conference. So that's how they have the tie breaker.  Next time do some research before trying to be a bad ass..  That's not really like you
  14. We need the Cardinals to lose another game or two.  If we finish with the same record, they have the tie breaker 
  15. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Really hope they're done announcing drug suspensions