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  1. The Walking Dead season 8

    I feel like they're setting up Carl's death. Rick was crying, then the opening credits, then the next scene is Carl with that guy that quotes "my mercy prevails over my wrath". Then we get to the end and go back to rick crying and he says those words. Seems to me like something is going to happen between that guy and Carl
  2. Thank you Mushin Muhammad -- 3 plays

    Nctarheel's negativity would have made his head explode
  3. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    On the ignore list you go.. Do therapy on yourself, weirdo
  4. There aren't many people left that need to be taught that
  5. Break down the 2015 nfc championship game and take us back to happier times
  6. Thank you Mushin Muhammad -- 3 plays

    Be careful or that troll will come in here and start trying to offer you life advice
  7. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    There is literally nothing you could tell me that could help me. You're an idiot
  8. Shula is a fuging idiot
  9. True.. I can't believe he made Samuel drop that pitch and told KB to not box out the defender so the ball would get popped up in the air. He's sabotaging our team.
  10. Thank you Mushin Muhammad -- 3 plays

    Rivera focusing on those 3 plays instead of all the others is so idiotic. If everyone else sees it, why can't he?
  11. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    OP at his real day job @xav8tor
  12. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    It's not like I'm listening to anything he says anyways. It's just good for a laugh since he's more optimistic than Saca when it comes to the team. He's got his head in the clouds
  13. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    Please stop bugging me. You're getting to the point of being obsessive. Writing me messages and posts on my walls is ridiculous. The fact that you think I'm so negative is the funny part when there's plenty of people on here that are way worse than me. And if you think a sport affects any part of my life, you're crazier than you appear to be already
  14. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I remember when he went crazy on here. He can only keep it together for so long.
  15. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    Haha. Are you certain this is a new guy and not an alt? He's over here trying to be the fanhood police