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  1. uncfan888

    Burberry Bradberry

    I miss @mjligon ripping on sanjay
  2. uncfan888

    Burberry Bradberry

    I love how sanjay gets pissy whenever someone disagrees with him and starts typing in a big font haha. Like that is more convincing
  3. uncfan888

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    To be fair to Kalil, he sucks
  4. uncfan888

    Thank you Big Cat!

    He shouldn't get a pass just because he's rich enough to be able to make things go away. Those things still make him a pretty lousy person
  5. If Cam goes down, we're fuged regardless..
  6. uncfan888

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Good riddance
  7. uncfan888


  8. Sounds like the type of owner you want. Spend whatever it takes to tell the rest to go fug themselves
  9. You love talking about the fupa
  10. Tepper will replace Bojangles with some poo like KFC.. There will be revolts
  11. I like that this dude has such a big head that he refused a pay cut and asked to be released. Sounds a lot better than being cut because you are overpaid and aren't very good
  12. Oh, they said on the radio that he posted on Instagram saying his goodbyes. He needs to go haha