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  1. No he's not lol. Mike Evans does a much better version of it. There are a bunch of receivers I'd throw it up to before Benjamin.
  2. That's ridiculous and I'm somewhat surprised that kind of overrating is still going on, being that he's been traded. He was never any more than average in any facet of being a receiver.
  3. saints4lifeagain

    DJ Moore is smoove

  4. saints4lifeagain

    DJ Moore is smoove

    My god. This post made me realize how long it's been since you guys had a decent receiver.
  5. saints4lifeagain

    Cam Newton Ranked #25 on NFL Top 100

    If Cams trash talk is trash, why does it upset Teh Huddle? And why is he a trashy player?
  6. saints4lifeagain

    Matt "Speed bump McGee" Kalil..

    LOL! Yeah. Cam was getting worked on Kalils side. He didn't move to the other side. Cams predominantly a LDE. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000904024/Cameron-vs-Cam-Jordan-sacks-Newton-for-b
  7. saints4lifeagain

    Playoff Thread

    This, my friends, is the very definition of a hater lol. If LeBron drives, what is he looking for? A layup or FTs. The pass he threw was going to land Hill a layup or FTs, much easier than the triple team that was going to be waiting for him in the lane. He made the right play. Hill missed a FT and Smith made one of the single dumbest plays I've ever seen in sports. There's not a single part of the game you can put on LeBron. Not one.
  8. saints4lifeagain

    Josh Dobbs for a 7th

    I finally understand the Barnett love!! You damn Vols homer you!
  9. saints4lifeagain

    Playoff Thread

  10. saints4lifeagain

    NFL Logos Ranked

  11. saints4lifeagain

    How would you rank D-lines?

    Oh FFS.
  12. saints4lifeagain

    Carolina Panthers OTAs - Photos and Notes

    I'm not saying his sack numbers won't be the same. I'm saying he won't convert at that high of a rate. If his sack numbers are the same, his pressures will have went up.
  13. saints4lifeagain

    Carolina Panthers OTAs - Photos and Notes

    I mean, possibly, but I doubt it. Peppers has always been an above average finisher. He converts pressures to sacks at 19% for his career. 41.9% more than doubled that lol. It's like you said, law of averages.
  14. saints4lifeagain

    Carolina Panthers OTAs - Photos and Notes

    On average, NFL DEs convert pressure to sacks at around 15%. Anything over 25% is pretty ridiculous and fairly unsustainable. Peppers converted at a ridiculous 41% last year lol. That's insane.
  15. Yeah, I noticed that as well. Thought maybe it was carries, but Hundley hits that number too. Not entirely sure. Usually they had a minimum number of attempts to their tweet, but didn't in this case.