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  1. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Perfect example of feasting off the rest of the dominant Dline. He did nothing but have Wilson turned to him. He wasn't even in the play. 99% of QBs never allow him to be in the play. Meanwhile, Shon just locked horns with the best WR in football, and did well.
  2. Why didn't we draft this guy?

  3. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Yeah, no.
  4. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    In what world is Bradberry better?
  5. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    @Nails @Nails @Nails @Nails
  6. The difference between Kamara and McCaffery?

    To be completely fair to CMC, Kamara is playing at best back in the league level right now, so the comparison is tough for CMC regardless, because Kamara is playing at an unprecedented level for a rookie. You don't expect this kind of production. Having said that, I completely understand what you're saying, and don't understand why the only rebuttle is "Payton and Brees!!!". Kamara is forcing the most missed tackles in the league per touch and averaging the most YAContact. CMC is near the bottom of the league in both. Your OC doesn't affect that.
  7. My plan this off-season..

    I think there was certainly a need for a playmaker on offense. Which is why CMC and Samuel were selected back to back. Especially with all the assets sunk into the defense over the years.
  8. My plan this off-season..

    You don't draft for need. You draft BPA. Drafting for need gets you CMC instead of Lattimore, Barnett or Hooker. If players are close, you draft the need, but you never go away from your board for need.
  9. Time to rally.

  10. Time to rally.

  11. We've lost to 3 teams

    The blatant disrespect of the Vikes, throughout the football world, is truly astounding. People just don't watch a lot of football.
  12. My brothers and sisters...

    Sorry man. I really wanted to meet up. Tried to send some Panther fans your way to Mannings after the game. They were in town from Charlotte for a bachelor party. Good luck tonight!
  13. My brothers and sisters...

    Katrina was a Cat 3 at landfall, just for future reference.
  14. My brothers and sisters...

    Eh. Panthers will still make the playoffs.
  15. My brothers and sisters...

    I was at the game, so it's always hard to see injuries, outside of guys that stay down for a while. Didn't notice Shaq or TD banged up.