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  1. What is the saying? Homophobia is a man's fear that someone may treat him like he treats women?
  2. That's what I don't get. Conservatives love to blindly fund the biggest rape factories in America (prisons, churches, and the military), but now they're all about rape prevention?
  3. uber gets regulated out of existence in austin tx

    Austin has decided they're not going to get rolled by Uber. The 12% thumping in the election gave them more life.
  4. Conservatives have been letting rape factories like the military and prisons keep status quo for decades, making sure each have pools of cash to continue, but now they're suddenly all about fighting the rape culture? Seems legin.
  5. uber gets regulated out of existence in austin tx

    Also this has happened in Midland (DFW area) and Corpus too. Austin's just getting the press due to its elevated tech status:
  6. uber gets regulated out of existence in austin tx The plot thickens (and becomes more difficult to pigeonhole)
  7. uber gets regulated out of existence in austin tx

    Speaking of bumbling, hamfisted arrogance from outsiders with oversimplified views...
  8. uber gets regulated out of existence in austin tx

    Uber and Lyft basically killed themselves with their awful campaign. Basically it went down like this: 1. A few years back Uber/Lyft start operating illegally, with the idea that it will become popular enough that they'll gain the upper hand in negotiations (common and effective tactic). 2. Austin agrees to temporarily let the TNC's operate without regulation. 3. A year later Austin imposes regulations in an 11th hour meeting of the city council. These regulations basically are: - Fingerprinting of all drivers (NYC and Houston have this) - Some type of signage on all cars identifying them as a rideshare (police, fire, and EMS wanted this) - No more stopping in the middle of traffic to pick up/drop off riders. Must pull out of traffic. (police, fire, and EMS wanted this) - Record keeping of the paid rides given within city limits (surely for possible future taxation). 4. The TNC's state that the regulations were untenable and they could not operate. They petition for a public vote on the matter. Sympathy is on the TNC's side due to the manner that the city enacted the restrictions. A special referendum is set for May. 5. Uber and Lyft proceed to run the most expensive local campaign in Austin history at $8 million plus. (The opposition spent about $45,000). The campaign blanketed the city in flyers, emails, phone calls, commercials, push notifications, and even personalized texts. Some of the "ads", like offering free ride credits to and from polling stations, were of dubious legality. The heavy handedness of the campaign is seen locally as a big reason for its failure. 6. The city, in a higher than normal turnout for a May referendum, votes convincingly to keep the regulations. 7. Uber and Lyft pull out two days later. Note that none of the regulations would go into effect until next February, meaning these companies are leaving completely on their own accord. I'm fairly certain that if Uber and Lyft had run a campaign stating why the regulations were onerous or even offered a good faith compromise, they would have won the referendum. Instead they bombarded us with "Vote against Prop 1 or lose us forever" messaging. Austinites didn't take kindly to it. Also of note: the city offered to pay for the fingerprinting.
  9. Locking threads in the Tinderbox

    Geez Panthro. Locking all my threads GOOD GOD
  10. Trump vs. Hillary

    People still do that? I thought everyone on this board that belittled people's sexuality had offed themselves already.
  11. LINK WAS INCORRECT. This really happened in Vegas (of all places) in December. Lockered.
  12. Economic Freedom Zones

    Fast forward 15 years to when businesses are backing out due to shitty infrastructure and poorly educated local workers and police are overzealously pursuing the poor and underserved for minor crimes to make up for the shortfalls in tax revenue.
  13. Harriet Tubman

    Genocides a pretty tough one to come back from for me, sorry.
  14. Musician Prince Dead at 57

    America just lost its greatest living singer, songwriter, and guitarist all on the same day. All of those people were Prince.
  15. Harriet Tubman

    Now doing a line with a rolled up 20 can be called "going down the Underground Railroad"