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  1. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    Guys relax. JR just wants a family friendly atmosphere with Hurney in place. Everyone deserves a second chance, third chance, fourth chance, and on and on. At least till they win it all. Other teams do it like that. Sikeeeeeeeeeeee.
  2. First Pick Mock

    5 round mock draft.
  3. Sobering Reality

    Worse than the Browns smh.
  4. Jason La Canfora reporting new GM hire

    They are letting Hurney go guys. If they do not do it then how is Rich Cho going to take over as GM. We need a reliable drafter, and Cho is our man. Jordan is buying the team soon. Just moving over the tras........ the key pieces.
  5. Mitch Kupchak our new GM?

    I am okay with it
  6. Looks like the right move to me. Hornets are going nowhere even with Kemba who is not getting younger. As currently constructed this team is going to get another 10th pick and give fans little hope for the future. Something has to be done. I do agree that Cho and Clifford should be shown the door. However, Jordan has to hire a good GM. The team as it is is not impressing fans in a historically enthusiastic basketball market.
  7. Hornets vs Nuggets

    We move Monk and I am done with this franchise. For real. No bluffing this time. This franchise is already a dumpster fire they do not need to add more trash to the fire.
  8. Hornets vs Pacers

    Right on schedule for that 11th pick. Keep it up guys. We love this as a fan base. Keep the cycle up. Smh.
  9. Will cheating be included? If so, then yes. If not, then no. #Facts
  10. Either this guy who sounds impressive and was born in my hometown (Fayetteville, NC) or Ryan Cowden. Both are great candidates.
  11. State of the Union

    I am no supporter of Trump. I have never voted for a Republican president in my 3 chances to do so. However, his State of the Union speech was good IMHO. He made his case well. I do not agree with everything he says or does. If he acted more like he did last night, instead of an immature brat more independents such as myself would not dismiss him as simply an A hole.
  12. Hornets *crickets*. They like picking 10th each year. It gets us fans excited. Smh
  13. JN24?

    If Norman would come back on a solid deal for both sides I would love to see it happen. Him and Bradberry with Worley as 2nd unit would upgrade the secondary by quite a bit. Still need a SS.
  14. Plug in two TVs and watch both our SBs at the same time with Broncos and Patriots fans.
  15. I am sure it will be a fair search.......... Sikeeeeeeeee