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  1. Vikings

    Man in the High Castle is incredible as is Westwood. Both in my top 10 for sure along with Blacklist.
  2. Vikings

    This show is good. It doesn't hurt that I descend from a lot of the people portrayed in it. This show, GOT, TWD, The Orville, and Stranger Things are my top 5 favorites right now. If you have missed any of them then it is time to binge some episodes.
  3. Well, nothing got fixed then, sadly.
  4. Anything about firing Cho? Steve Clifford being let go?
  5. Hornets vs Bulls

    Bulls on a 10 game LOSING streak, and beat Hornets in Charlotte. Changes are needed, badly.
  6. 30-10 VIKINGS. Can you guys say SHULA FOR THE L?
  7. Anyone in the mood for MNF?

    No, not until Panthers win again lol.
  8. I heard some things about his attitude at Tenn. I could be wrong, but it is the reason I changed my mock on Catcrave.com from Kamara in the 2nd to CMC in the first on the final mock. Kamara was mocked early on as a potential late first round/early 2nd round pick.
  9. Good coaches win BIG games. Good front offices win BIG games. This team does not deserve playoffs. Good thing we passed on Kamara to create a family friendly atmosphere. It isn't like we could of used him or anything. This is why the Saints have a SB win, and we are still searching. They take risks to win the big games. That is all.
  10. Saints win at all costs. We passed on Kamara because of character concerns, the Saints did not. Well, guess what, good feelings and people do not win games. Good players do. Just stating facts. Franchise will not win a Super Bowl with good feelings and people. The best teams win at all costs.
  11. Miami vs Hornets..

    Well, according to many on here, this team is fine. No need to panic. Again, wishful thinking. This team is going to struggle because of bad GM, meh coaching, and under performing players.
  12. This team is hard to watch...and the NBA is a monopoly.

    All aboard the homer express, next stop denialville.
  13. This team is hard to watch...and the NBA is a monopoly.

    Been saying this for a few years now, at least most of it. Dilly dilly.
  14. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    Well, if they do repeal it I will vote straight ticket Democrat. Most of the time I vote Repub, Democrat mix at local levels and third party at the presidential level. However, this is very important to not only me, but Democracy as a whole. The FCC leader used to be a lawyer for Verizon, so that says it all there. Guy is rolling in lobby money, and he is part of the problem with the world today.