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  1. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Yeah, not seeing that along with many other hard working white people I know not handed crap and earning what they have. No other white people have came to their aid, or handed them crap. It is what it is though. Stereotyping much?
  2. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Where exactly do I get to exchange this privilege for money at? Tried a few times and just got strange looks.
  3. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    I believe Shula is the worst OC in the NFL currently, and one of the worst all time. Me and a couple of buddies always predict his play calls with surprising accuracy. If I know it is coming, then why wouldn't DCs who get paid millions know? It is a situation where Shula is what is holding back this offense, and the front office is too blind with loyalty to see it. Our offense has success in spite of Shula, not because of him. Blaming CMC for Shula's inability to adjust, and to have a good game plan is stupid. Shula is here to stay though. Expect an extension for Shula at the end of this season for 5 years 20 million from Hurney. SMH. Rant over.
  4. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Zeller and Kaminsky were crap. Marvin got 6 points I believe, and that is worth 14 million a year. Those three have to step it up. Really want to see good NBA basketball in the Carolinas. We shall see how they do Friday.
  5. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Bad showing tonight. It is a long season though.
  6. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    MKG is out with personal issues. I believe someone close to him passed away. He will probably not be with the team tonight or possibly the first home game Friday. The starting lineup may be Kemba, Bacon, Lamb, Marvin, Howard. This may actually be a better starting lineup then what many thought we would have, because it provides more perimeter scoring. That extra scoring will open up more options for Kemba Walker on the pick and roll. The weak link is Marvin and MKG (when he gets back he should be a backup). I would try to find a trade for Marvin if I could this season. Unless he comes out and balls like he did a few years ago. Ever since getting that nice paycheck he has disappeared. We have plenty of depth off the bench, unlike previous seasons. I am curious to see if Johnny O'Bryant gets more playing time. He has looked good this pre-season. He can hit the three, plays good defense, and has a decent inside game. Overall this team is built to be a 5th or 6th place team in the East. If things come together good, then they could be as high as 3rd. If things fall apart, then they could be looking at a top 10 pick. Again!
  7. Shula still has a job lol. That is all I think about watching these.
  8. I say we should start looking towards who can be our coach in 2018, if the front office is cleaned out. Shula will continue hurting this team with awful play calling, the O-Line is meh at best, defense gets gassed thanks to offense struggles, and Rivera makes decisions like he did last night at the end of the first half. You mentioned not inspiring, and I go even further and say no confidence in the coaching staff. Talent can only win so many games when they are put in positions where they should not succeed. Wilks is okay, but he may be too blitz happy. Wilks is about the only bright spot so far, and that is not saying much. Really hope they clean house at the end of this season, and they stop wasting the talent they do have.
  9. Luke Kuechly LOVE and APPRECIATION Thread

    https://twitter.com/Panthers/status/918921175627190272 Um, so you guys know something the Panthers and Wilks do not then?
  10. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    We had our chance in 2015. Shula has always held this offense back, and until he is gone expect more of the same. Basketball season starts soon though so meh.
  11. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Shula is the only weak link on this team, and it shows in big games.
  12. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Why is Shula constantly running screens and tosses with Stewart? It rarely gets more than a yard. SMH, someone get me in there, and turn on Madden. When coaches coach like crap, the team suffers for it.
  13. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    May of been the dumbest decision not to kick the FG there that Rivera has ever made
  14. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    I am going with Star
  15. The Walking Dead Season 8

    They need an end game to the show. A cure, zombies stop being, or an island fort. Something lol.