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  1. Oh no doubt, but as long as we have that freedom.
  2. Again I would like to point out the rest of the world including many countries a lot poorer than ours can cover their citizens. ALL THEIR CITIZENS. Meanwhile we are enjoying all this freedom, and the comfort of knowing health insurance companies have got our back. MERICA!
  3. I feel much better now........... :+|
  4. Our 2017 free agency signings ladies and gentlemen.........
  5. So many sick people in this world. Attacking a concert that was meant for younger people is sick. We have to defeat this mentality. The world will be better off for it.
  6. Yes, let us draft another 7 foot PF. Monk would be a good pick, and I would get rid of MKG in a trade up to get him. However, it is Rich Cho making the draft decisions soooooooooooooooo nope.
  7. NFL- Cam NewtonNBA - Michael JordanCollege BB- Tyler HansbroughCollege Football- Ryan Switzer MLB- John Smoltz NHL- Wayne Gretzky Golf - ........... MMA - Chuck Liddell Boxing- Evander Holyfield Wrestling- Goldberg
  8. There are 17 million people in this area, and a fan base to support them. It is among the fastest growing areas in the country. Would be a dumb move to move the team.
  9. Ran across this gem on twitter......... Hornets stuck in mediocre land. Thanks Cho, and it is good to see you sticking around after all the horrible draft picks. Did I mention the Plumlee trade? SMH it is like they want to lose fans not gain them.
  10. Will be very very hard to make 2 ppg and a rpg at 12.5 million a year look absurd. Is Gana Diop around? Seriously think he could outplay Plumlee.
  11. Trust in Cho......................
  12. 2017 roster is much better IMHO.
  13. Fire Cho. That Plumlee trade alone is a terrible choice, and it proves he will not be able to rebuild this roster. I am not sure how he stayed on after this season, but it is what it is. No hope for the future with this franchise. I cannot find any other team that has such a bad outlook for the future in the entire league. Mediocre future at best. Kemba Walker deserves better. Here is my fixes for the roster. Batum - Good player, and a capable starter on a good playoff team. Nothing to change really. MKG - Trade him for a pair of Big Baller Brand shoes. Plumlee - Anyone got a time machine? Marvin - As a UNC fan it hurts me to say this, but why did we give Marvin that contract? No fix here. He is at best a solid bench player at this point in his career. Zeller - Decent big man on an okay contract. Would not start on a good playoff team. Kemba - Deserves better than what he is getting so far in his NBA career. Plays with heart every single night, and is consistent. The only star caliber player on this team. I would like to see us trade him to a team that actually knows how to build around their star players. It is sad seeing him put up the numbers he did, and still missing the playoffs. Frank - Gained more of my respect as the season went along. He has the potential to be a great six man in the NBA. His defense may keep him from ever being a starter that can be relied upon. Lamb - Bench player. Meh type player. He can go off, and he can be ice cold. Belinelli - He is a shooter, and nothing more. Should only be playing spot minutes. He plays no defense, and has no ability to do anything other than shoot. Did I mention he can only shoot? Sessions - Local guy and a solid back up. That is it. Only players on the roster considered to be contributors on a good playoff team are as follows: Kemba Batum Zeller Frank Marvin The rest of the roster are deep bench players on a good playoff team, or in the case of Plumlee shouldn't even be on an NBA roster. I asked my cousin who is a huge dook fan what he thought of Miles Plumlee, and he said "You mean the Plumlee that sucks?" That was his response not even knowing we traded for him. His contract made him laugh, and it cut deep. Well, here is to another few years of sucking or being a 1st round knock out team.
  14. Outer Banks, Mountains, Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington. Of course I am partial to Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, because I am a beach kind of person.