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  1. I like the defense's response here, nice stuff GO CAROLINA!
  2. OldNorthPowell

    Official Panthers at Bills Gameday Thread!

    Gilbert looks really bad. We need to find another backup QB.
  3. OldNorthPowell

    Official Panthers at Bills Gameday Thread!

    Butler was a bust.......... Smh
  4. OldNorthPowell

    Official Panthers at Bills Gameday Thread!

    Offense play calling is legit. Cam is off.
  5. OldNorthPowell

    Official Panthers at Bills Gameday Thread!

    Boy that was ugly
  6. OldNorthPowell

    The Panthers Logo Challenge

    Yes please
  7. OldNorthPowell

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Is there anyway to watch it online? I know in the past there were ways.
  8. OldNorthPowell

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    Nobody. I would stop watching the NFL if the CAROLINA Panthers did not exist.
  9. OldNorthPowell

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Falcons > Saints > Patriots > Cowboys
  10. OldNorthPowell

    5 Playoff Teams to miss the Playoffs..Surprise Surprise

    I am sure his skin color is not the reason (sarcasm)
  11. OldNorthPowell

    Rocket League

    It takes a lot of practice. As someone who has reached Diamond level, I can tell you that I sucked at everything when I first started and even after I played for a little while. Took a few months before I felt like I was good at it. Just keep playing you will get better.
  12. OldNorthPowell

    2 Summers will tell the direction for the Hornets

    As long as everyone is happy picking around 10th or 11th in the draft each year, I am too........
  13. True this franchise is dead to me. Nothing in return for Kemba who is walking next offseason. Almost guaranteed the 10th pick next season. No direction. No good leadership period. I believe I am really done this time fellas. If I wanted to see horrible decisions I would be a Browns fan. Hometown team has let me down. They will be in rebuild mode in a few years. Smh.