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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/11/panthers-fire-general-counsel-richard-thigpen/
  2. bobsfoodbasics

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    i guess we know someone from cam's camp visits the huddle
  3. bobsfoodbasics

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    good for adam. wasteman was heckling him and got knocked the fug out.
  4. bobsfoodbasics

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    he's calling you sensitive pansies out lol
  5. bobsfoodbasics

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    someone needs to go put a dress on the statue
  6. bobsfoodbasics

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    Tepper will just build a new stadium away from the statue.
  7. bobsfoodbasics

    JR Statue to remain

    He's contractually obligated to leave it as is. Hahahahahaha what a joke
  8. why would a child young enough to be influenced by cams words be on instagram or whatever social media that video is from?
  9. This kid was projected to be a first round pick in 2019
  10. bobsfoodbasics

    Rivera Respect

    good human being but terrible fuging coach
  11. Pretty sure he threw a punch at Cam before being cut
  12. I remember when the experts here on the huddle said he was a terrible pick by DG. Good for Daryl.
  13. bobsfoodbasics

    we deserve a break with Daeshon.

    he was drafted last year
  14. bobsfoodbasics

    todays OTA tweets and news

  15. bobsfoodbasics

    Cam with, Who?

    he can be there and talk to cam but the panthers official twitter should not be approaching him. i think it's stupid, but that's the reason.
  16. bobsfoodbasics

    Cam with, Who?

    The Panthers deleted the tweet. Could face a possible fine for tampering.
  17. bobsfoodbasics

    Tuesday OTA tweets

  18. bobsfoodbasics

    Tuesday OTA tweets

  19. bobsfoodbasics

    Tuesday OTA tweets

  20. bobsfoodbasics

    Derek Anderson...update?

    remember when the genius ron benched cam for not wearing a tie? derek came in and threw a pick on his first pass of the game. good fuging riddance.
  21. Hire a team president