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  1. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    it's fate
  2. potential ownership groups?

    Maybe the Winklevoss twins can use their new bitcoin fortunes.
  3. potential ownership groups?

    I would love Cuban but the other owners would not allow it. He has made a lot of anti-NFL comments over the years.
  4. potential ownership groups?

    Marcus Smith the president of NASCAR.
  5. still can't believe he didn't recover that onside kick
  6. The Panthers are going to lose draft picks because of this.
  7. yes but there will be others who will be interviewed by the nfl who were not paid off.
  8. it was a dirty hit. don't think anyone can deny that. he will probably be fined, deservingly so. arod needs to worry about his own team.
  9. We're going to the PLAYOFFS!!!!

    really need the rams to win today
  10. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck

    thought aikman was fine with his praise for cam. but buck is in love with arod so his nut hugging was expected.
  11. JR called one of Dave's scouts the n-word DG finds out and confronts JR. DG is fired. JR brings back one of his good ol' boys in Marty Hurney who is fine with working for a racist owner.
  12. maybe gettleman thought he was being blacklisted by the other owners because of what happened, so he decided to go to SI
  13. Captain Munnerlyn inactive today

    colin jones with a great play proving me wrong
  14. it's the timing of the firing that lends to it being more of a non-work performance based decision. there was no speculation about the firing before it happened and no one has said a word about it after the firing.
  15. You don't fire your GM the day before training camp opens unless it was not work related. The team has covered up the firing as best they could until now. It was definitely personal in the way Gettleman was fired and no one ever found out why.
  16. team will not be relocated but will definitely be sold.
  17. Obviously Gettleman was fired for standing up to JR on behalf of his scout. Mister can take a hike.
  18. or a coach who knew what he was doing
  19. i think most of us are certain this is a race discrimination issue. with the way this year has gone with race issues in the US, someone's head will definitely roll.
  20. Captain Munnerlyn inactive today

    rons military background and old school mentality doesn't belong in todays nfl
  21. Captain Munnerlyn inactive today

    none of what you said has been proven fact. we're taking the word of reporters who would never criticize the coaching staff over the players to protect their jobs. ron has made questionable lineup decisions in the past. that is the only thing we know as fact.