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  1. 3am, after the team got back from Buffalo
  2. We'd better hope the judge is a Panthers fan
  3. Ryan Kalil should have written something about this in his rookie handbook. SMH
  4. Bet his ears are ringing from coach chewing him out. Thankful he didn't wreck... Lesson learned hopefully.
  5. KB_fan

    Kalil absent again

    Michael Oher. Was a good player for us at LT. That freak concussion messed up everything.
  6. Welcome back Byron Bell?
  7. Note: it should be obvious, but my initial post was written before the news broke that Matt Kalil may be dealing with an injury and wasn't practicing for the 2nd straight day. That could shake things up even more on the offense... but it would likely lead to keeping more blockers...
  8. KB_fan

    Kalil absent again

    Ok, I think I'm about commented out on this topic for awhile. Back to number crunching defense snaps & stats.... I had to call it quits last night when my back started hurting too much to keep sitting at the computer. I tweaked it yesterday.
  9. KB_fan

    Kalil absent again

    Absolute truth. Was just thinking this. Hurney will have us all clamoring to build a statue if he can somehow turn this disaster with Matt Kalil into something positive.
  10. KB_fan

    Kalil absent again

    Man I miss Michael Oher. I hope he's well and thriving in life. Wish he were still playing for us.
  11. KB_fan

    Kalil absent again

    True, but basically there is only Friday's game vs. the Patriots for the starting line to play together with our 1s prior to Week 1 vs. Dallas. The preseason game against the Steelers doesn't count for much....
  12. It's really looking this way.... I mean our tackle depth (or lack thereof) was already alarming even with Matt Kalil "healthy" and starting. Moton at RT looking solid, but very green, of course. But who's behind them? We've been playing guards like Dorian Johnson at tackle in preseason games for goodness sake. Sirles? Clausell? Could either of these start at tackle on either side? I'd rather we keep Moton at RT where he's strong and try to somehow find a serviceable LT, even if it's a very costly trade. We have too much potential this season to risk it all to a disaster due to our OT situation.
  13. Just wondering aloud. Is there any cap relief if a player lands on IR for the season? What implication would it have for our cap situation of Kalil were found to be "injured" and sent to IR?