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  1. Yeah, Aaron might want to ask Tony's advice on this....
  2. Rushing yards, yes. But total yards? No time for me to research today, unfortunately...
  3. Just saw a stat on Twitter. CMC's yards per touch higher than LF. Haven't verified the info, but if true, it's interesting.
  4. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    His knee injury (patella fracture) landed him on IR at the start of the season, apparently NOT eligible for designated return. (Guys had to be on the 53 man roster at some point to be eligble for IR/designated-to-return).
  5. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Never saw Kaaya throw a pass, so I can't honestly say that Gilbert is better, but Gilbert impressed me enough during training camp / preseason that I'm glad we didn't take the chance of having him picked off from our practice squad.
  6. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    The new guy is a special teamer. I imagine it's not really anything directly to do with Luke being out, so much as losing Jeremy Cash, and now Mayo having to fill in for Luke, meaning we need someone to round out LB depth.
  7. Does it seem AJ Klein has been a factor in solidifying Saints D? I've not heard a lot of talk about how he's fitting into the Saints, but saw a tweet or two by him which suggests he's excited about his new opportunities and team. Love to see him do well, but sure wish it wasn't with a division rival!
  8. OK, this is funny. I was so focused on Panthers 4th quarter performance, that I failed to notice that the Eagles are even worse so far this season. But Bill Voth included some stats about 4th quarter in his pre-game stats article: Panthers have allowed 41 4th Qtr points. Eagles have allowed 52. Panthers rank 25th in 4th Qtr defense, Eagles rank 30th. Should be a FUN 4th quarter tonight to see which team gives up more! Maybe our offense will light it up in the 4th tonight!
  9. Clutchiest Clutch Catcher

    Good info. Thrilled to see KB playing like the WR we'd all hoped he could be for the Panthers. Given our 4th quarter struggles, we need guys who make the 4th Q their specialty to ball out. Go KB go! Hope he has a monster game tonight.
  10. Hey Philly... hope some of the stuff I've posted above answers your question. If you wanted to see some other kind of stats, give me a shout and I'll see what else I can find. My data / comments begin midway on page 8 and continue for a page or so.... Overall, Ron's average is slightly better than the league average in winning games when Carolina has led at some point in the game. But that overall average masks terrible years in 2011, 2012 and 2016. 2016 excluded, the trend looks like Ron & the Panthers have improved on holding on to a lead to some extent, with 2015 being an exceptionally improved season in that regard. BUT what the data also shows is that for 6 of 7 seasons so far under Ron, the Panthers have been near the bottom of the league in 4th quarter scoring - both on offense & defense, with defense having a good year in 2013, and offense having a blip good performance in 2014. A 4-1 record can hide a lot of trouble. The fact that we've been outscored 41-13 in the 4th quarter so far this season looks like looming trouble that I'm hoping our coaches will devote attention to now that they're talking about it publicly. You know, actually, I'm SO glad Ron brought up this topic this week. It shows (as best we can tell as outsiders) that he and the team aren't settling. Aren't taking 4-1 for granted. He's identifying areas for improvement. Whether he can actually make any changes that will show up on the field is unclear, but at least he's to some extent recognizing the problem. Can he really deal with the roots of it in order to cure it? Don't know. But I'm cautiously optimistic that we may see an uptick in 4th quarter performance.
  11. How much do people want to see the quarter-by-quarter scoring data and the details of blown leads for the Panthers in 2011 - 2014? I have all the gamebooks downloaded, but I wasn't maintaining a database in those seasons. If people find what I've posted for 2015 - 2017 helpful and want to see the same kind of data presentation for those earlier seasons under Rivera & Cam, give me a shout and I'll see what I can do over the weekend. Got a lot of extra free time on Sunday with no Panthers game on!
  12. By the way, I forgot to comment on something in relation to the 2016 stats. Notice we lost 7 games in the 4th quarter, 4 of them inside the 2 minute warning!!! There is only 1 game that the Panthers won due to a score in the 4th qtr (vs. Rams). Truly, Riverboat was absent... this looked more like the 2011 - early 2013 Ron when Panthers were NOTORIOUS for losing close games. Then Ron and the Panthers TOTALLY turned that stat around from about week 4 of 2013 - 2015. I know at some point we have to worry that these close games in 2017 will come back to bite the Panthers in the butt, but the fact that we've pulled out 3 wins in 3 close games really does thrill me. When the Panthers win close games under Ron & Cam, we make the playoffs....
  13. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    SO TRUE! #PaytheMan!
  14. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Nick, it's fun having you posting on the Huddle! Here are my two thoughts as possible unsung heroes on Offense & Defense: 1. Curtis Samuel. He's not had a chance to show much given all his injuries, Also that means there's not a lot of film on him. I think that could make for a big game for him as Panthers try to get him more involved. 2. Captain Munnerlyn. Feels like he's overdue for an interception... / big game.
  15. Yes, I have to agree with you, that was pretty damning data...! I was surprised we weren't better in 2015 on offense in the 4th given how many points we put up. 2014's improved performance in offensive scoring in the 4th was I think because we had quite a few comeback wins. In 2015 we got leads early and then tried to coast, which is exactly what the concern has been focused on.