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  1. Thanks for looking up the yards. My Internet is so lousy lately that it makes even a simple stat look up quite a chore.
  2. Props to Bersin

    Exactly. And he's got a history of some other very tough clutch catches. Goes a LONG way to explaining why he keeps sticking around and our FO keeps him on speed dial even after he's been cut a few times.
  3. I recall Ginn had 10 TDs in 2015, but don't remember his yards total...
  4. Can you explain this one? Is it because they are assured #1 seed and an eagles win helps our SoS?
  5. Yeah, I thought of Delaire too. Saints won't have much film on Cox, could mean he could have an impact.
  6. Lately we've been playing well in the dome, even when we've not been offensive powerhouses: I keep remembering our shocking win in the dome 41-10 in 2014. We broke a 6 game losing streak... Look at these numbers. In 4 our of our last 5 dome games we've not scored less than 38 points! And we've scored more points vs. New Orleans away vs. Home. Wouldn't it be wild if it were another 41-38 game, hopefully with Panthers getting the W!
  7. 11-5 or 12-4. Going 4-2 in our final 6 would normally be pretty awesome given how tough a schedule we have..., but given how tight the NFC race is, dropping more than 1 could be a problem. So much hinges on Cam's thumb, and also Greg and even Byrd. Our defense can probably keep us in most games, but vs New Orleans and Atlanta we need a solid offense too.
  8. Local holiday here tomorrow. Comes at a good time.. I'll try to make use of the day off to dig up some fun stats. Sorry to not be around here much. Internet access has become beyond atrocious in the African city where I live. Promised "upgrades" have actually resulted in worse service.. . Sigh. But I will do all in my power to help us gear up properly for the Saints game!
  9. Incredible how loud Panthers fans were. In that clip it sounds like we were playing at home.
  10. Heck, Green Bay and close to beating Pittsburgh last night. Hundley looked very solid. I wouldn't count them out!
  11. Excited that the Rams won! So yes, our records are tied, but Saints still in 1st place in division due to our earlier loss to them.
  12. Indeed, that game was so much fun. I don't really mind Panthers not playing on Thanksgiving... Usually too much going on for me on Thanksgiving to do more than glance at any game occasionally. But that 2015 Thanksgiving game was worth waiting 20 seasons for! Great memories!
  13. Thankful to be 7-3. Life is much more fun when Panthers win. Thankful we have a bunch of the best players in the NFL to watch and root for: Cam, Pep, Luke, TD, Greg, KK, Stew, CMC... What an abundance of talent. Thankful too that this team is about so much more than play on the field... so many of the players go above and beyond to serve the community. It's a blessing for sure.