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  1. But wouldn't any extension for Williams only affect future years cap space, not this season?
  2. KB_fan

    random question...

    When I'm next on my laptop with a few minutes and working internet (sometimes hard to get here!) II'll click and see if my links work
  3. Thanks for this. I didn't realize he'd made a pro bowl. Cool. WFNZ had a cool segment today to see if KK could name all the ProBowlers... https://wfnz.radio.com/blogs/midday-wfnz/kawann-short-panthers-otas-i-think-most-important-thing-we-did-compete
  4. KB_fan

    Rivera Respect

    Nice story. I understand some of the concern about Rivera as a coach, but I think he's got some amazing strengths as well that outweigh the negatives most of the time. If we have a winning season this year, I think that will silence the doubters. Ron's W-L record is already very strong. A good season this year will make it hard to criticize him, especially as it will have come following extreme organizational chaos. GM craziness. No front office. New owner, 3 new coordinators... Keeping the players focused in the midst of all that is huge. Of course he's working with generational talents Cam and Luke, and now Pep too. But other teams have elite talent and can't put it together on the field into a coherent team.
  5. KB_fan

    random question...

    Not directly related to the question, but since 2014 I've found it helpful to copy and paste the preseason 90 man roster (including URL links to player pages) into an Excel spreadsheet. (I also always save the week 1 roster and the end of season roster) This way, even after a player is released I have a link and can get into the archives of the player's page at Panthers.com if I want to look up some stats. ( But has been said, the recent webpage overhaul may have messed up my old links).
  6. KB_fan

    So, I asked Gil Brant about Norv

    Nice job calling in and getting Gil's opinion! I was encouraged by the latest Panthers Podcast. Bryan, Bill &Max all mentioned that Norv was very vocal on the field during OTAs / Mini Camp. Much more hands on than Shula who stayed in the background. I think we really needed this change.
  7. KB_fan

    Uber/Lyft on game days

    The bike peddler option to light rail is a good one. My brother has a replacement knee, and so the walk is tough for him. We've done the bike thing and I'd do it again.
  8. Yup. secondary, WRs and to some extent Oline have all held the team back. We've pretty much been blowing up our secondary every year, and WR corps too. On Oline there's been some lack of investment. Bad luck (Oher's concussion), Wishful thinking (Bell, Remmers) and the problem of too many other holes to allow us to keep and pay talented Oline (Gross, Norwell), exacerbated by the league-wide problem of not enough talent. But one other big thing probably held us back too, that's not now an issue. Shula. Our offense was way too stale last 2 seasons. I'm hopeful that the switch to Norv will bring good things!
  9. Thanks for the numbers. I hadn't realized Shaq's contract would jump so much. Appreciate the correction.
  10. ???? I know it's sarcasm. But seriously? Actually, I think this pretty much signals all in. We've invested a lot in some serious talent. With this roster and good health, we SHOULD be serious Superbowl contenders. Hope we will. (Yes, of course we have holes, but so does every team.) Want to see Pep, TD, Ryan, Greg, Cam and Luke win a ring together. That's a pretty awesome group of guys / players that most teams don't get to enjoy on the field all together. Quite an era of Panthers football. Let's close it out with a bang! And I also really want to see the lack of consecutive winning seasons smashed. Doing it with a Lombardi would be awesome.
  11. But it does. We'll be replacing them with cheaper players, so it DOES free up cap space.
  12. KB_fan

    Funchess on Jim Rome today

    Yup, I've noticed this. But to be honest, Funch has stepped up too and embraced the #1/ mentor role. He has a lot more presence / confidence. Excited to see this play our on the field.
  13. Forgive me if this has already been posted. Panthers top the list with 13... And this is even after we lost 2 (Stew and Norwell) I think the 13 players are as follows: Cam, Ryan, Greg, Trai, Matt Pep, Luke, TD, KK, Poe, Adams Gano, JJ *UPDATED*:. CJ Anderson makes 14!
  14. KB_fan

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    I seem to be seeing more pictures and more chatter about Norv being very hands on in practice, tweaking things, in the guys' ears a lot etc. It may be selective memory, but I don't recall seeing Shula doing this alot. Am I just going into automatic Norv good / Shula bad mode, or are we really seeing something different?
  15. KB_fan

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    Ah, see what you mean. Probably the finally is just frustration over all the times Amini saw the field over Moton last year. !