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  1. Haven't seen anyone else comment on the fact that Norv said he watched all our games this season, basically as a fan. That will give him a totally different perspective than the sliced up coaches film. Excited about that. Too often it seemed Shula missed the forest for the trees. He'd come out after a BAD BAD day on offense and talk about some of the good plays and how close we were on others. Maybe he's just an optimist or just covering his butt, but often it seemed he was watching ba different game, never could see the offensive struggles from a macro perspective. I think Norv automatically is starting from a great place if he watched all our games each week in full as he told Voth.
  2. Hurney on WFNZ

    And we've now signed that special exemption ST guy, Obada, to a futures contract. He was flashing in the preseason. Excited about his potential. Plus Bryan Cox. I'm less worried about DL than I expected to be... Biggest issue could be losing Eric Washington if Wilks gets.a HC post.
  3. We will know who should of been our GM

    We have 4 DEs to learn from Pep. Addison and Horton, Cox and Hall.
  4. We will know who should of been our GM

    Obviously Dave's getting another shot at GM, this time for Giants, gives us further opportunity to judge his talent and success. Although I don't really want to see the Giants succeed at Panthers expense as NFC rivals, I believe DG can help turn things around for them and wish him well personally. But there's no way to directly compare the 2018 drafts of Beans, Hurney or Gettleman. Each team has different needs and situations. What DG does in NY with pick #2 will be different with from what he'd do here with the hopefully #32 pick!
  5. I have an answer for that. We make the Superbowl and we likely keep our coaches, as we did in 2015 when Sean McD was a hot commodity. Teams get impatient. Don't want to wait until Feb. to hire someone.
  6. Hey, I don't know how it will work out for the Giants, but I'm excited about this for two reasons. 1. Vindication for DG after his unceremonious, unjustified and unexplained firing by Jerry. He deserved better after helping get the Panthers some solid success. 2. The NFL is better with Dave a part of it. Looking forward to more DG press conferences!!!!
  7. Yeah... what a bust.

    One thing I don't think is talked about enough in regard to CMC is his maturity and pro attitude. His commitment to treatment, good nutrition... Rob and others have been talking about how he is WAY beyond the typical rookie in these things. But, where I think his maturity has mattered most has been in dealing with all the huge changes on our offense all season. 1. Can missing preseason, so no reps together. 2. Cam still limited 1st 3 or 4 games... CMC was used quite differently in those early games. 3. Olsen going down. 4. Samuel out, then in, then out again. Ditto Byrd. 5. Ryan Kalil out most of the season and then back again... 6. KB being traded. Heck, we've hardly had back to back weeks with the same starters on offense. Huge credit to CMC for not getting distracted, but coming in and being productive through all the huge twists and turns!
  8. Yeah, Ron is kind of sentimental and he knows how big the Falcons game is for CJ. I'd expect CJ to get the start, but probably Horton gets many more snaps.
  9. Very true. I'd already forgotten how well CJ played in 2015 post-season. Yes, let's hope for a repeat. So, quick question. Having seen Cox get more snaps, how are folks feeling about DLine next year. Obviously there's Hall in the wings too. But with Addison, Horton and Cox, I'm feeling we have a promising group, even if we lose Pep and CJ. Would want to add a free agent, and perhaps draft another for depth, but Cox has shown good potential in my opinion.
  10. Thanks for the stats update. It's interesting to me that as our offense has improved, our defense has gotten worse, at least in the stats rankings. Any idea where ST ranks? Got to be the highest in the Rivera era. ST indeed has been huge for us this season. Won us at least 3 games.
  11. Well, if it's any help, I've seen lots of folks on Twitter suggesting this scenario, which makes me think there's 0 % chance it will happen! Coaches seem to take a perverse pride in doing the opposite of what #PanthersTwitter is hoping for!!!
  12. Actually, Panthers.com article was a bit misleading. Gano won a player of the week award in 2015, I'm almost certain*. But this is the first award for a returner since 2011. *Ah, just realized Gano won ST player of the month. Dec 2015.
  13. Sounds fun, but I won't have time anytime soon. A few years ago I remember finding a site where you could quickly review various teams' records over certain periods. Will see if I can dig up the link
  14. Had some time yesterday to do a bit of Panthers' stats crunching.... first time in at least 2 months I've been near a Panthers spreadsheet. I had a hunch that this season is the strongest strength of schedule Panthers have played in the Cam / Ron era. That hunch was correct: Here's the table with all the data on Strength of Schedule and Panthers' record vs. teams with winning records, since 2011: What I find particularly interesting is Panthers' record versus teams with .500 or better records in 2016 compared to 2017. In 2016 Panthers went 2-7 vs. 9 such team. 2017 is the total opposite: we're 7-2 against teams that were .500 or better at the time we played them. Here's the 2016 and 2017 details: Finally, I thought it worth digging a bit deeper into Panthers' record in close games. It still shocks me that we had 8 games last season where we won or lost by 3 points or fewer. (We lost 6 of the 8)... This season Panthers are 7-1 in close games (+/- 8 points) Look at those close game records in 2013, 2015, 2017. Magic happens when Panthers win close games. I'm feeling like we're about to see something special.
  15. A Superbowl win would change that equation. Gotta keep believing cause it sure looks like we could be getting very hot and truly gelling at just the right time.